If you closely followed the racing career of the late, good NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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, climate you’ve more than likely heard at the very least a couple stories around his 3rd wife Teresa Earnhardt. If friend don’t understand anything or much about her, then keep on reading, due to the fact that she’s found herself in ~ the facility of much more than one controversy. Let’s simply say the she probably won’t be earning a NASCAR hall of reputation induction at any time soon.

Who Is Teresa Earnhardt?

Born Teresa Houston in Hickory, North Carolina, she’s the biological mother that Taylor Nicole Earnhardt and also the stepmother that Kerry Earnhardt and also JR Motorsports co-owners Kelley Earnhardt Miller and Dale Earnhardt Jr. On peak of that, she’s the previous president and CEO that Dale Earnhardt, Inc. Thought it’s no longer an active racing team, DEI maintains a historic showroom wherein fans can visit to purchase memorabilia and other goods.

Now, Teresa was in reality at the head of the agency for a while. She remained in charge throughout four Busch series championships in ’98, ’99, ’04, and ’05, and two Craftsman Truck collection championships in ’96 and ’98. She very first win together a team owner to be at the Daytona 500 in 2001, when Michael Waltrip take it the win in the No. 15 Chevrolet. Unfortunately, this success was overshadowed by the tragic death of Dale Sr. in ~ Daytona international Speedway top top the final lap that the 2001 Daytona 500.

By late 2006, Teresa rental Max Siegel as the chairman of worldwide Operations because that DEI to help expand more into the to chat industry, and by 2007, DEI had acquired Ginn Racing.

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Following she late husband’s death, Teresa was unable to retain sponsorship indigenous Budweiser and also the United claims Army. Due to the fact that of that, that led the team come a merger v Chip Ganassi racing in 2008. Walk forward, the name would certainly be Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. Lock even regulated to pull off a win at the Daytona 500 in 2010, courtesy of former stock automobile racing driver Jamie McMurray. Teresa’s ownership in EGR was absorbed by Chip Ganassi in 2014, after the bought Teresa the end of she shares. Castle soon went back the name ago to Chip Ganassi Racing. This turned out to it is in a an excellent thing, however, due to the fact that she could now continue to operate DEI in Mooresville, north Carolina.


There were several worries that do themselves known within the company. Because that one, Teresa and her stepson Junior already had a rocky relationship. Well, approximately 2007, he reduced his relationship off through her completely after the announced that he would not be return to DEI because that the 2008 season, leaving the NASCAR team because that Hendrick Motorsports. The reason behind the was the they to be unable to reach an agreement that functioned for both himself and his three siblings, who declared equal civil liberties to the business.

Additionally, there was an ext conflict in 2016, once Teresa sue Kerry Earnhardt for making use of the Earnhardt surname in his business venture. He and his wife were plan on marketing a line of homes and also furniture through the surname “The Earnhardt Collection,” however, Teresa won the appeal. Today, she has actually an estimated net precious of $50 million.

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Needless to say, Teresa Earnhardt has discovered herself in ~ the facility of plenty of debate over the years.