I wasn’t planning on creating anything this mainly – it’s a liven busy week, as I’m packing and also moving, so I’d given myself a break.

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But then i watched Tangled.

My an inspiration for city hall this movie was, to be honest, thin vanity. Apparently when she to be at Euro-Disney, the girl i nanny for experienced a photo of Rapunzel and said “Hevvah happy!” (Hevvah is her pronunciation of my name).

Now, I try to escape the boundaries of patriarchal criter of beauty, beauty as much as the following feminist, yet if a two-year-old thinks ns look favor a princess, I’m not going come argue!

Whenever ns watch kids’ movies, especially those the the princess variety, I tend to it is in on high alert. It’s pretty much impossible for me to clock without analyzing and critiquing the messages the these movies promote regarding gender.

I tried not to it is in too an essential of the fact that Rapunzel spends her days performing really gendered jobs like baking and also cleaning; she also mentions charting the stars and she likes to read, and also while ns would have actually been excited to view her also performing DIY chemistry experiments in the kitchen, ns did my best not to be harsh.

(I also did my finest not to inquiry her pet chameleon – entirely not a types native to the climate!)

The message the film sent about appearance to be pretty standard; the impossibly narrow-waisted (seriously, through all the cupcakes she bakes?), large-eyed teenager with flowing, blonde hair to represent good, while the curly-haired, wrinkling brunette to represent evil. Effortless beauty and also not caring about appearance (Rapunzel doesn’t even wear shoes!) is to it is in admired, if striving for beauty (supernatural anti-aging treatments!) is to be regarded with suspicion.

Overall, however, I favored Rapunzel’s character. She to be trusting but not also naive, focused but flexible, brave but cautious. The dispute she felt in ~ disobeying she “mother”, if played for laughs, was extremely realistic, specifically given exactly how manipulative her mother was.

I even thought that mother Gothel’s techniques of keeping Rapunzel under her thumb – warning her of the big, bad world, and also undermining she confidence – might be viewed as subtle parallels come real-world societal techniques of controlling women’s behaviors, v victim-blaming rape culture and insecurity-inducing advertising.

Overall, ns was an ext or less on board with the film and the story… till the climax.

*** spoiler ahead ***

If girlfriend don’t remember, the climax of the movie happens up in Rapunzel’s tower. Mother Gothel has actually lured Flynn / Eugene right into a trap and also stabbed that in the gut. Rapunzel wants to use her magical hair to conserve him, yet Gothel won’t permit her.

Rapunzel offers a deal; if Gothel lets Rapunzel cure Eugene, Rapunzel will prevent fighting her. She’ll walk along and they’ll live together they did, with Rapunzel a prisoner and Mother Gothel eternally young.

Eugene nobly protests; he’s watched how amazing the outside people was because that Rapunzel, and the invigorating effect she had on everyone she met. He’s no willing to sacrifice the for his life.

But Rapunzel speak him to trust her, and also begins to work-related her magic.

At this allude I presume (and I’m sure I’m no the just one) the she to be going to heal him and then reduced off her hair, therefore rendering it powerless and also taking far the only thing about her the was valuable to mother Gothel.

Clever girl! Sacrifice her magic for your freedom, all while saving the one girlfriend love and also destroying the negative guy! destroy the physics trait that defines your precious to others in stimulate to maintain your integrity! A princess because that the 21st century!

If just it had actually gone the way.

Because at the last moment, simply as Rapunzel is around to cure Eugene, the reaches around and slices off her hair.




Her hair.

I gasped. Ns felt noble to mine stomach. I was horrified.

The sheer physical violence the the act to be upsetting enough. But the truth that the violence was aimed in ~ the woman he ostensibly loved, the truth that it connected permanently destroying a part of herself the had characterized her, for better or because that worse, for the last eighteen years, and also the reality that that did the without questioning her, suggesting it to her, or also warning her, was, in my eyes, quite awful.

I get that we’re an alleged to check out it as a noble act of self-sacrifice ~ above his part – giving up his life so that Rapunzel would never ever stop fighting against Mother Gothel – but his actions show such neglect for and also dismissal of Rapunzel’s intelligence, courage, and also loyalty, that i can’t yes, really forgive him. For me, his actions entirely tainted the rest of the film.

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Now, having just written two posts about consent and boundaries, I’m no going to go into all of those problems again. Yet you have the right to bet it concerned me to see a film where a man’s “good deed” involved violating the bodily autonomy the the mrs he loved.