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Bruno Mars" father Peter Hernandez is a Doo-wop hall of fame inductee. Image Source: Tahiti"s Instagram.

If you room here, you should recognize Bruno Mars and know around his journey and also contributions to different musical genres. Well, the ten time Grammy compensation winner’s skilled career as a musician is thriving, yet his an individual life became complex when he shed his mommy to a mind aneurysm in 2013.

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Born to Peter Hernandez and also Bernadette Hernandez in 1985, the was heavily influenced by his percussionist father. Mars likewise maintains one amicable relationship with his father also today.

Therefore, here, us shall talk around Bruno Mar’s father, Peter Hernandez, the guy who inspired the surname ‘Bruno.’ Thus, behold to get your mind blown through Peter, who might too take the coolest father’s award.

Born & elevated In brand-new York, Bruno Mars’ Father, Peter, had actually Musical Influences due to the fact that Childhood

Bruno Mars’ father is as talented as he is, perhaps also more. The half Puerto Rican and fifty percent Ashkenazi Jewish is native Brooklyn, new York. Throughout an interview, Mars revealed the his father to be a Latin percussionist.

Peter Hernandez Sr., born and raised in brand-new York and also grew up surrounding by musical impacts much prefer his son. Moreover, it was in brand-new York itself where his fascination because that doo-wop grew.

Mars’s daddy said that his childhood was like a movie cultivation up musically in Brooklyn during an interview. He added, “I live West side Story there is no the dancing.”

Although born and raised in new York, Hernandez’s fondness because that Hawaii grew in addition to his love for Elvis Presley. Thus, he moved to Hawaii at period 25 and discovered world with very tiny knowledge and also appreciation because that doo-wop music.

As a result, Bruno Mars’ father, Peter Hernandez’s journey together a doo-wop artist, and quest to present Hawaii’s world began.

Renowned Artist & A Percussionist

Aforementioned, Bruno Mars’ father, Peter, relocated to Hawaii to introduce human being to doo-wop music and also successfully instigated his career. He likewise performed through several influential names, consisting of Little Richard, Michael Jackson, etc.

Peter likewise formed the Love Notes, a doo-wop revival team that consisted of 18 ~ above stage, not including those behind the scenes. Moreover, Hernandez credits much of the group’s success to Al Harrington and Tom Moffatt.

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Currently, the team no much longer performs regularly yet entertains at one-of-a-kind events.