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What is a Mirror?

A winter is a reflective surface that bounces turn off light, creating either a real image or a digital image. When an item is placed in front of a mirror, the picture of the very same object is checked out in the mirror. The thing is the source of the incident rays and the image is developed by the reflect rays. Based upon the interaction of light, the images are classified as either a real photo or a virtual image. A real picture occurs as soon as the irradiate rays actually intersect when virtual images occur due to the noticeable divergence of light rays from a point.

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Ray diagrams aid us map the course of the light because that the human to check out a allude on the picture of one object. Ray diagram uses lines through arrows to stand for the occurrence ray and also the reflect ray. It additionally helps us trace the direction in i beg your pardon the light travels.

Plane winter vs Spherical Mirrors

Mirrors room made into various shapes for different purposes.

The two of the most prominent species of winter are:

Plane MirrorsSpherical Mirrors

A airplane mirror is a flat, smooth reflective surface. A plane mirror constantly forms a virtual picture that is upright, and also of the very same shape and also size together the object, that is reflecting. A spherical mirror is a winter that has actually a continual curve and also a consistent radius the curvature. The images developed by a spherical mirror can either be actual or virtual. Spherical mirrors space of two varieties as:

Concave MirrorConvex Mirror

In the next couple of sections, let us learn in-depth about the features of convex and also concave mirrors and the images formed by them as soon as the thing is maintained at various positions.

Spherical Mirrors

Spherical mirrors room the mirrors having curved surface that room painted on one of the sides. Spherical winter in i m sorry inward surfaces are painted are known as convex mirrors, when the spherical winter in which outward surfaces room painted are well-known as concave mirrors.


Concave mirror Ray Diagram

Concave mirror Ray Diagram lets us know that, when an item is put at infinity, a real image is created at the focus. The size of the image is much smaller compared to that of the object.

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S. NoPosition that ObjectPosition that ImageSize that ImageNature of Image
1At InfinityAt the emphasis F, behind the mirrorHighly diminishedVirtual and also Erect
2Between Infinity and also the PoleBetween P and also F, behind the mirrorDiminishedVirtual and also Erect

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