The Colosseum is just one of the greatest accomplishments of Roman design ever built. It is the biggest Roman amphitheater in the world and also despite suffering multiple fires, earthquakes, and other natural disasters –as well as considerable mistreatment at the hand of men– it is still standing today.

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The external wall’s 3rd and fourth levels. Notification the decorate on the optimal of the columns, perform you understand what format that is?

Construction that the Colosseum

The Colosseum was built in between 70 advertisement and 80 advertisement under emperors Vespasian, Titus, and Domitian, the Flavian Emperors. Hence its original name, the Amphitheatrum Flavium – the Flavian Amphitheater.

The Colosseum deserve to be viewed as a populist undertaking by Vespasian who, at least in part, i was delegated it as a way to restore the donate of a citizenry that was restless and also unhappy with the imperial institution after ~ Nero’s reign. Planning started in 70 advertisement and construction in 72, top top the website of the fabricated lake Nero had created as component of the Domus Aurea.

Most that the labor for the building of the building was detailed by Jewish slaves, who had actually been taken as prisoners complying with the first Jewish-Roman war.

The structure was oval-shaped and set on a north-west to south-east axis, through its main axis measuring 189 meters and its shorter one 156 meters. For reference, the is nearly twice together long and 1.5 time as vast as a modern football field.

What to be the colosseum make of?

The Colosseum was built from an approximated 100,000 cubic meter of travertine stone, plus a similar measure of roman inn cement, bricks, and tuff blocks. Travertine is a class of limestone the draws its surname from Tibur (near modern-day Tivoli), wherein it to be mined.

In addition to the different types of stone and cement, an approximated 300 tonnes of stole clamps were supplied to bind the large blocks together. These clamps were scavenged in later centuries when the Colosseum fell into disrepair, leaving large pockmarks in the building’s walls that space still recognizable today.

Style of the Colosseum

The Colosseum to be conceived together a testament to Rome’s might. At the moment of the completion, it was the most complex man-made structure in the world and one that the largest.

The travertine rock used together the major material in its construction was white, and also at almost 50 meter in height (at a time as soon as most structures were single-story) and with a footprint that 6 acre it would have actually gleamed in the sun and inspired awe in anyone that laid eyes upon it. Its impact on an old Roman city hall it for the first time would have actually been the very same as standing at the foot the the realm State building today.

All 3 of the major architectural order of the moment were represented:

The floor floor columns were excellent in the Tuscan style, a roman variation top top the austere Greek Doric style.The 2nd floor featured slightly an ext elaborate Ionic columns.The 3rd floor work the much more intricate and also decorated Corinthian style.

Therefore, from bottom come top, the Colosseum walk from lesser to higher stylistic complexity. Each half-column to be the centerpiece of an arch, of which there to be a total of 80 forming the outside perimeter of the structure on the an initial three floors. These were largest on the soil floor, in ~ 4.2 meters broad and 7.05 meters tall. On the two upper floors they to be the same width but slightly shorter, 6.45 meter tall.

Unlike the very first three, the 4th floor wall surface was not made of arches and also columns, yet rather of level panels, which thanks to recent cleaning initiatives we understand were decorated with carvings and also insets that azurite and also bronze.

The Colosseum had actually two key entrances: the northwestern Porta Triumphalis, which together its name says was the gate offered for triumphal processions and through i m sorry gladiators gone into the arena, and also the southeastern Porta Libitinaria, named for the roman inn goddess that funerals and also burial Libitina. This gate was provided to eliminated the bodies of those who died on the sands.

The 3 orders that columns in roman architecture.

Inside the Colosseum

The Colosseum’s most distinctive attribute was the arena top top which gladiators, prisoners, convicts, and also wild pets fought and died.

It measure up 83 meter in size by 48 meters width.The arena floor was made of lumber panels, extended with a layer of sand i m sorry was attracted from the surrounding Monte Mario hill.There were plenty of trap doors in that is floor, which were supplied to introduce and remove aspects of scenery and for special effects.It was surrounding by a 10 foot wall surface which brought about the very first level the seats.

The arena wall surface was do of red and also black rock blocks, noting a strong contrast with the remainder of the building which was intensely white, and also mirroring what transpired on the arena floor.

Surrounding the arena to be the terraces or bleachers, collectively known as the cavea. The cavea was divided into three tiers that reflected the society strata of roman inn society.

From bottom to top, the podium, gradatio, and the porticus. The seats closest come the arena, the podium, were booked for Romans of the highest possible status, such as senators and also high ranking officials. Together you climbed higher up the cavea you would certainly encounter world of lower and lower society standing, with the optimal tier being lived in still be roman inn citizens, but those that were poor.

Seating was made indigenous travertine stone, and each chair was about 40 centimeters wide. The wealthier attendees would carry cushions v them to ar on your seats. The is thought that the Colosseum can sit as plenty of as 80,000 spectators.

The cavea was also divided horizontally by accesses because that the public; scalaria, stairs, which brought about the stands, and vomitoria, passages resulting in the exterior. Contradictory to famous belief, the vomitoria were no spaces for vomiting. The name describes the activity of spewing soon people, spectators, indigenous a place — yet not the components of your stomachs.

The Colosseum underground

While the Colosseum’s many distinctive feature was the arena, that most crucial was the hypogeum, its secret area.

The hypogeum to be a network of tunnels and chambers distributed in two levels whereby gladiators and animals were kept before appearing in the arena above.It wasn’t component of the original architecture as conceived by Vespasian and also his son Titus. The was added after the building had currently been inaugurated in 80 advertisement on order of their successor Emperor Domitian.80 vertical shafts associated the hypogeum to the arena above. Gladiators and animals could access the arena with these shafts.Some of this shafts integrated a device of big moving platforms, called hegmata. These were supplied to move large beasts such together elephants up and also down.The hypogeum was associated to the external through a network of underground tunnels, such regarding the gladiators’ barracks and to adjacent stables where animals were kept.The Colosseum had actually a private accessibility tunnel because that the Emperor, therefore he could enter and exit the building safely, preventing the huge crowds.With the construction of the hypogeum, it came to be impossible to overwhelming the arena and therefore to organize naumachia (mock marine battles) in the Colosseum. Two were held before its construction.

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The hypogeum’s maze that chambers and also passages is now uncovered and can be regarded from above ground, and visited top top guided tourism of the Colosseum.