Martial arts were among the very first sports the became part of the Olympic Games. Going all the method back to old Greece, wrestling to be a part of the 708 BCE Olympics. Two decades later, a form of boxing described as Pyx (which method “with a clenched fist”) had its debut in ~ the 668 BCE Olympics. In 648 BCE, one of the modern-day mixed martial arts precursors, pankration, was presented as one Olympic event.

There are 6 martial arts at the Olympics. Boxing, fencing, judo, karate, taekwondo, and also wrestling will certainly all take ar at the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, come be hosted in 2021.

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During the years, martial arts favor wrestling, fencing, boxing, budo (Japanese martial arts), savate (french version of kickboxing), and many others appeared at the Olympics. So, let’s take it a closer look at the martial arts (and their corresponding histories) the are recognized as Olympic sports.

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mixed Martial Arts in ~ the Olympics



Wrestling is among the oldest sports known to men. It to be featured for the first time at the Olympics in 708 BCE in old Greece. In modern times, the Greco-Roman layout of rings was included in Athens 1896. Freestyle wrestling was an initial introduced at the Olympics in St. Luigi in 1904. Women’s rings (freestyle) was for the first time hosted at the Olympics in 2004 in Athens.

The score of both styles is to push both shoulders of their foe down top top the mat. The Greco-Roman style allows the consumption of the top body and also arms the wrestlers. In contrast, freestyle allows the usage of any component of the body.

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Men and women will contend in a range of various weight classes:

Freestyle:Men:-125.67 pounds (-57 kg)-143.3 pounds (-65 kg)-163.1 pounds (-74 kg)-189.6 pounds (-86 kg)-213.8 pounds (-97 kg)-275.6 pounds (-125 kg)Women:-110.2 pounds (-50 kg)-116.8 pounds (-53 kg)-125.7 pounds (-57 kg)-136.7 pounds (-62 kg)-149.9 pounds (-68 kg)-167.6 pounds (-76 kg)Greco-Roman (men only):-132.3 pounds (-60 kg)-147.7 pounds (-67 kg)-169.8 pounds (-77 kg)-191.8 pounds (-87 kg)-213.8 pounds (-97 kg)-286.6 pounds (-130 kg)

The Soviet Union was (and tho is – Russia) the most decorated nation in wrestling at the Olympics through 116 medals (62 space gold). The United says is 2nd with 133 medals, of i beg your pardon 54 room gold (yes, the USA has much more medals but fewer gold ones). Japan is third with 69 medals (32 are gold). <4>

Mixed Martial Arts at the Olympics

With combined Martial Arts gift the fastest farming sport globally, I wrote an article around MMA in ~ the Olympics (if we will check out it in ~ the Olympics, and when exactly).