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Example: In this image, the filter just shows those whose “Finished” standing is “true” – definition the only responses being presented are completed, not incomplete.


The number of responses indicated over (52) refers to any respondent that made it come an ending allude in the survey.


In the Finished tower of the downloaded inspection data, “1” refers to any type of respondent who made it to an ending point in the survey. Columns F, G, and H are covert to do the screenshot much more readable.

Screening out Respondents in the survey Flow

Methods for regulating screened out responses—such together flagging, deleting, and tallying screen outs—are all taken on in the survey flow. Come use any type of of these methods, you’ll very first need to display screen respondents out making use of the survey flow. This process consists of 2 steps:

To skip respondent to the end of a concern block

Branching Respondents out of the Survey

Now the screened the end respondents have been skipped past the questions they no much longer qualify for, we have the right to use the Survey circulation to display screen them out of the survey.

Click Add a new Element Here under the Branch.

With the steps above, respondents are currently screened out in the survey circulation rather than with simply skip logic. This an approach opens increase the options to flag, delete, or tally these responses. See the following sections for much more information on just how to implement these options.


Embedded data can likewise be inserted at other points in the survey flow to monitor other areas where respondents leaving the survey.

Example that flagging responses

Let’s speak we desire to assign worths of Partial, Complete, and Screened out to our respondents. Our survey flow can look something prefer this:


All respondents at the start of the survey are assigned a “Response Type” the “Partial”. Those who are screened the end after the screener questions have actually “Response Type” readjusted from “Partial” come “Screened Out”. Those that either end up the whole survey have actually “Response Type” adjusted from “Partial” to “Complete”. Those who do not finish the survey will remain with a “Response Type” that “Partial”.

The last step is come make certain you change your embedded data type to Multi-Value message Set.


With the over Survey Flow, a table such together the adhering to visualization can be consisted of in her Reports, outlining how countless respondents autumn into every of the 3 categories.

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Discarding Screened out Responses

In some situations, you might not want to save the responses the those who are screened the end of the survey. Discarding these responses ensures they carry out not count towards any solution limits on her license.