i m sorry of the adhering to painters was most closely connected with the Ashcan school? A. Edward Hopper B. Thomas Eakins C. William Glackens D. Winslow Homer

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Which the the adhering to painters was most closely connected with the Ashcan school? A. Edward Hopper B. Thomas Eakins C. Wilhelm Glackens D. Winslow Homer
increasing action, climax, and falling activity are all part of A. Symbolism. B. Plot. C. Setting. D. Problem
The means to identify a piece of composing as fiction is the it"s A. Composed to administer information. B. Complete of figurative language. C. Based upon an designed story. D. Based on actual events.
benidormclubdeportivo.org: The method to acknowledge a piece of composing as fiction is the it"s based upon an created story. (More)
High school English 5 point out Please assist me.1. What type of personality illustrates numerous of the traits connected with his or she stereotype?A. IndividuatedB. RepresentativeC. ProtagonistD. Antagonist
Representative is the type of character the illustrates many of the traits associated with his or her stereotype.
i beg your pardon of the complying with is considered a genre of fictitious literature? A. Universal B. Scientific research fiction C. Symbolic D. Realism

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benidormclubdeportivo.org: scientific research fiction is taken into consideration a genre of fictional literature. User: The ax realism refers to A. Using as lot descriptive language as possible. B. Permitting the leader to attract his or her own conclusions. C. Make things far better than they actually are. D. Explicate things just as castle are. benidormclubdeportivo.org: The hatchet realism refers to describing things simply as lock are. User: When author Sarah Orne Jewett writes that Sylvia resides "heart come heart" v nature, she method that the young girl A. Mistrusts her "dream of love." B. Operates ~ above instinct. C. Is most alive in the tranquility of twilight. D. Is, literally, a woodland creature. benidormclubdeportivo.org: A. Operates top top instinct. ? Q&A ? culture ? Social scientific research User: In "A White Heron," having made her an option between an attraction the the heart and her bond v nature, Sylvia A. Chooses human love over her commitment to nature. B. Is may be to suffer a lasting inner calm. C. Maintain her commitment to nature and becomes more suspicious of human nature. D. Maintain her commitment to nature as her affection for the hunter grows. benidormclubdeportivo.org: D. Retains her loyalty to nature as her affection because that the hunter grows. User: On page 14 the The contact of the Wild, what"s expected by the expression "The tamed generations fell from him"? A. Buck is losing his civilized characteristics. B. Buck is finding out to love a person being again. C. Buck has lost a most hair in his fight through Spitz. D. Buck longs come return home to the Judge"s family. benidormclubdeportivo.org: On web page 14 of The call of the Wild, what"s intended by the phrase "The tamed generations fell from him"? D. Buck is losing his polite characteristics. < > User: Deciding on the narrative point of view method that an writer must select A. When the story is taking place. B. Whereby the key character is from. C. Exactly how long the story is going come be. D. That is telling the ... (More)