Understanding the waterway marking systems is important, as these mite will determine safe waters, convey necessary information to the skipper, and also assist in navigation. There are two primary types of aids to navigation: channel markers and special markers.

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Aids to navigation are inserted by 4 agencies in new York:

U.S. Coast Guard - every tidal and ocean waterways, consisting of the good Lakes and also Lake Champlain Dept. Of ecological Conservation - Adirondack and also Catskill Park regions benidormclubdeportivo.orgS Thruway authority - Barge Canal mechanism State benidormclubdeportivo.org - all other waterways Navigational or Channel mite

The place of the head of navigating is the an essential to the placement and use of channel markers. The head of navigation is normally the resource of the body of water, or in most cases the farthest upstream allude that a boat can safely navigate. On a lake the inlet is taken into consideration the head that navigation, and the buoys are inserted in respect come that. On a lake with more than one inlet, the larger or major inlet is thought about the head the navigation. When entering a harbor (on a lake or the ocean) the landward end of a channel is provided as the head of navigating only for the location of buoys on the channel.

When in a channel proceeding toward the head of navigating the red buoys lie on the boat"s starboard side while the green buoys lied on the portside. A typically used memory device to mental this is Red best Returning. This relates come the RED buoys lie to your RIGHT (starboard) side as soon as RETURNING to the head the navigation. Constantly remember to pass safely between the red and also green buoys in order come ensure for sure water, deep sufficient to allow navigation.

Portside markers are green, deserve to shaped, through an weird number and if lighted, with a green light. Starboard markers room red, conical shaped (generally described as "nun" buoys), with even numbers and also red lighting.

unique Markers

Special mite buoys are colored white with orange marking. The form of this buoys room either deserve to or spar. The orange markings convey a definition that all boaters should understand, and heed. The can buoys may be lighted with a white light.


Information A buoy with this form offers details to the mariner, such together directions come a port of refuge.


Danger A buoy through this shape marks a danger. Be careful while operation in this area.


Exclusion This buoy clues an exemption zone. Watercrafts may no go beyond this buoy. Commonly marks a swimming area, or a dam.

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Control This prize is normally used to show a speed zone, v the speed limit indicated within the circle.