Protection of private property and maintaining law and also order / nationwide defence.Raising taxes.Providing public solutions not provided in a cost-free market (e.g. Health care, education, street lighting)Limit industry failure through the regulation that markets, e.g. Regulation on environment/labour markets/monopoly.Macroeconomic management, e.g. Use of fiscal and monetary plan to control company cycle – recession and also inflation.Reducing inequality/poverty.

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What execute we median by a capitalist economy?

A capitalist / totally free market economy way that many business and consumption decisions space left to personal firms and individuals. The government does no get involved in owning the way of manufacturing or deciding what and also how to produce. However, over there is no ‘pure capitalist’ mechanism without any kind of kind of federal government intervention. In practice, there are levels of government intervention – a combined economy. These space the reasons federal governments intervene in the economy.

Main attributes of government

1. Defense of exclusive property / national security. If a nation has a trouble with crime, then it will discourage investment and the quality of life. The function of the government is to ensure an easy law and also order, through ensuring the preeminence of law. This requires protecting the rights to private property. In a free market, over there is an incentive to cost-free ride on the provision of law and order, as such it tends to be under-provided. A government can pay for policing through basic taxation. A similar role of the government is to carry out for national defence – paying because that an army. It is armed forces spending which regularly was the primary cause of the very first taxes. Majesties raising taxes come pay for his army.

Policing and courts are an instance of a public great – which normally require federal government provision.

2. Elevating taxes. To administer public goods and also public services, the federal government needs come raise tax. They deserve to do this in a selection of means – counting on products (customs duties), count on income, counting on human being (poll tax) and tax on property and land. The federal government has to consider the best method of increasing taxes. A great tax is effective (doesn’t distort financial activity); simple to collection (hard come avoid); fair (may involve taking a greater proportion that high earners). If the government run a budget plan deficit, they will have to raise the shortfall through borrowing and selling government bonds.

3. Offering public services. Public products tend to be not listed in a complimentary market due to the fact that of the totally free rider problem. Therefore, these goods and also services must be noted by the government. Instances of public goods include street lighting, roads and also law and also order. Over there are additionally public services which are noted piecemeal in a totally free market, prefer education and healthcare. However, the government may feel that these merit goods are essential for equality and also improving work productivity. Therefore, many governments provide some kind of state provided education and health care.

4. Regulation of markets. Adam blacksmith in ‘Wealth the Nations‘ listed that in a free market, firms were often able to create monopoly power. This permits them to charge too much prices come consumers. The federal government may must regulate syndicate power, e.g. Prohibiting closing or setup price limits in herbal monopolies (industries choose tap water and railways).

Also, that company may construct monopsony power, where they space able to pay low salaries and administer poor working problems for workers. In this case, the federal government may need specific regulations on work markets, such together minimum wages, minimum period of working and provide an easy levels that health and also safety.

5. Macroeconomic management. Capitalist economic climates can be subject to financial cycles – economic booms and recession. Recessions have the right to lead to lost output and higher unemployment. In this case, the government may use fiscal policy to influence aggregate demand. The federal government may additionally use financial policy, though, in recent years, plenty of governments have actually delegated monetary policy come an independent central Bank. In enhancement to trying to fix recessions, the government will also try to prevent inflation. This deserve to involve higher taxes and higher interest rates.

6. Reduce inequality/poverty. In a capitalist economy, we might see a development in inequality and also poverty. This can be as result of inherited wealth and also opportunity. That can additionally be early out to monopoly power. The federal government may feeling the need to ensure everyone has actually an same opportunity, for example providing education and learning so even those from bad family have the chance to acquire qualifications. It may likewise involve redistributing revenue from high earners to low-income earners, e.g. Gradual taxes together as greater rate of earnings tax and also providing means-tested benefits such as income support/housing benefit and also state pensions.

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Where does the government spend its money?

Source: Gov.UK –This mirrors the relative destination of federal government spending. The largest budget is for social protection pensions and welfare benefits.