You agree to mow someone"s lawn because that twenty dollars (it"s a fairly largeyard). As soon as they salary you, they offer you a $20 bill. It doesn"t matter whether the invoice is brand new or old, dirty, and also wrinkled—all of this bills have actually the same value that $20. If friend want more $20 bills, you have to mow more lawns. You can"t say, "this details bill is actually worth an ext than $20." to have much more money, you have to put in an ext work.

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Extensive Properties

Some nature of matter depend ~ above the dimension of the sample, when some carry out not. An extensive property is a home that depends on the lot of issue in a sample. The mass of an item is a measure up of the quantity of matter that an object contains. A small sample that a certain kind of matter will have actually a small mass, while a larger sample will have a greater mass. One more extensive home is volume. The volume of an item is a measure of the space that is inhabited by the object.

The figure below illustrates the comprehensive property the volume. The pitcher and glass both save milk. The pitcher holds about two quarts and also the glass will certainly hold about 8 ounces of milk. The very same milk is in each container. The only difference is the lot of milk consisted of in the glass and in the pitcher.

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Copper wire.

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comprehensive property is a residential property that counts on the amount of issue in a sample. Mass and also volume are instances of comprehensive properties. An extensive property is a building of matter that depends just on the type of matter in a sample and also not on the amount. Color, temperature, and also solubility are examples of intensive properties.