Which of the following is no a condition that should be met for Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium?A. Leading alleles much more dominant 보다 recessive allelesB. No mutationsC. No natural selectionD. Huge population size

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In a populace that is in Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium, the frequency the homozygous recessive genotype is 0.09. What is the frequency that the people that space homozygous come the leading allele?A. 0.49B. 0.7C. 0.21D. 0.42
In humans, Rh confident individuals have the Rh antigen on their red blood cell while Rh an unfavorable individuals do not. If the Rh optimistic phenotype is created by a leading gene(A), and the Rh negative phenotype is as result of its recessive allele(a), what is the frequency that the Rh optimistic allele of a population in a Rh positive?A. 0.60B. 0.04C. 0.16D. 0.84
If the frequency of two alleles in a gene swimming pool is 90% A and 10% a, what is the frequency of individuals in the population with the genotype Aa?A. 0.18B. 0.81C. 0.09D. 0.198
If a population experiences no migration, is an extremely large, has actually no mutations, has actually random mating and there is no selection, i m sorry of the adhering to do girlfriend predict?A. The make up of the populace gene pool will stay virtually the same as long as these problems hold.B. The ingredient of the populace gene swimming pool will adjust slowly in a predictable manner.C. The population probably has an equal frequency the A and also a alleles.D. The population will evolve but much slower than normal.




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