In The male Who Knew also Much, one American couple loses their son to kidnappers affiliated in one assassination plot abroad. And all they want was a nice family members vacation. Although The male Who Knew also Much has never been one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most lauded films, it attributes the director’s generally impressive tension, an imaginative use the cymbals, and also one that Doris Day’s many dramatic turns. Here are 11 facts around the worldwide espionage thriller, which was released 60 year ago.

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1. IT to be A work again, please again OF ALFRED HITCHCOCK’S own MOVIE.

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The first time Hitchcock do The male Who Knew as well Much, it was a black-and-white 1934 thriller certification a pair that British stage actors and also Peter Lorre. Hitchcock felt the movie can have been better, so once Paramount agreed to an American remake, the director hired regular collaborator john Michael Hayes to create a new screenplay and also cast all-American actors Jimmy Stewart and also Doris Day together his main couple. As soon as François Truffaut later on asked the director about the two films, Hitchcock said, “Let’s say the first version is the work of a talented amateur and also the 2nd was made by a professional.”


“Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will certainly Be, will certainly Be)” has been spanned by dozens of artists and also appeared in movies ranging from Please nothing Eat the Daisies come Heathers. Yet the an initial time audiences heard it was in The man Who Knew as well Much. Jay Livingston and also Ray Evans composed the song for Doris Day’s character, the retired, world-renowned singer Jo McKenna. The track would earn Livingston and Evans one Academy Award and also Day a signature track for the rest of her career.

3. DORIS job DIDN’T favor THE SONG.

Ironically, Day no a huge advocate that “Que Sera, Sera.” The actress told NPR that “the an initial time somebody told me it was going to it is in in the movie, i thought, ‘Why?’ ... I didn’t think it was a good song.” work eventually accepted its prestige to the film, however still maintains that not one of her favorites.

4. VAL PARNELL was A genuine PERSON.

When Ben and also Jo McKenna come in London looking for their son, they’re greeted at the hotel by some of Jo’s old theatre friends. The lone man in the group is Val Parnell, i m sorry is coincidentally the surname of an actual theatre patron and also manager. Brits additionally knew him because that the TV specials the did in the 1950s and also 1960s, and also his nephew Jack Parnell.


Bernard Herrmann developed iconic scores because that Psycho, Vertigo, north by Northwest, and also many various other Hitchcock films. He additionally worked top top The male Who Knew as well Much, yet insisted the Hitchcock keep the item “Storm Clouds Cantata” native the an initial movie in the remake. The music scores the climatic succession at the imperial Albert Hall, whereby the McKennas effort to avoid an assassination in the middle of a concert. Herrmann appears as the symphony conductor, happy leading one of the couple of songs he didn’t write for the film.

6. THE 12-MINUTE royal ALBERT room SEQUENCE has actually NO DIALOGUE.

Hitchcock allows the tension construct for 12 minutes together Herrmann’s orchestra plays, yet the personalities don’t speak a solitary word the whole time. The only sounds room the orchestra and also Doris Day’s scream.


Initially, there to be a an excellent deal of talking at royal Albert Hall. Follow to The brand-new York Times, the original script dubbed for Stewart to provide a page-long speech about why they had actually to stop the concert. Yet this didn’t walk over well v the director. “You"re talk so much, I"m unable to enjoy the London Symphony,” Hitchcock complained to Stewart. “Just wave your arms a lot and also run up the stairs.” This was reportedly normal behavior for Hitchcock, who was “suspicious that the spoken word.”


Hitchcock was famed for showing up in every among his films, yet it would certainly be simple to miss out on him in The male Who Knew also Much. The manager is clearly shows for just a couple of seconds in the crowd of spectators the town hall acrobats in the Marrakesh marketplace—and that keeps his earlier turned the whole time.


Day’s enthusiasm for pets is well-documented; she even produced the non-profit Doris work Animal structure in 1978. So when she encountered numerous emaciated goats, horses, and dogs on set in Marrakesh, she threw around her star power. She refused to shoot any type of scenes until the pets received some care from the production company. The crew subsequently set up a feeding station, and once Day was content v the results, she went ago to work.

10. That WAS one of THE five “LOST HITCHCOCKS.”

For years, it was practically impossible to see The guy Who Knew as well Much—or Rear Window, Rope, Vertigo, or The Trouble with Harry. And it was in reality the director’s fault. Hitchcock bought back the legal rights to these films, giving him exclusive control over their distribution. He apparently did this because that his daughter, believing the civil liberties to these movies would certainly grow much more valuable end time. While they were locked away, the films were described as the “five shed Hitchcocks.” castle were at some point emancipated in 1983 after a practically 30-year absence.


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There’s the 1980 TV movie The kids Who Knew too Much. There’s additionally a Simpsons episode, “The Boy who Knew too Much,” and a Mika album the the very same name. The original Avengers series also got in top top the riffing, however perhaps most famed is the bill Murray car The man Who Knew as well Little, in which inept Wallace Ritchie need to foil an international assassination attempt of his own.