Yvonne Suhor, who starred for three periods on "The Young Riders," an abc Western that revolved roughly the Pony Express, has actually died. She was 56.

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Yvonne Suhor, that starred for three periods onThe Young Riders, an alphabet Western the revolved around the Pony Express, has actually died. She was 56.

Suhor died Sept. 27 after being diagnosed through pancreatic cancer 10 months ago, she husband, actor Simon Needham, said theOrlando Sentinel.

On MGM Television’sThe Young Riders, which aired indigenous 1989-92, Suhor shown Louise McCloud, that disguised herself together a guy to come to be a driver for the Pony Express. The collection also featured josh Brolin (as Wild invoice Hickok), Stephen Baldwin (Buffalo invoice Cody), Melissa Leo and also Anthony Zerbe.

Suhor additionally appeared ~ above such reflects asNorthern Exposure,Brooklyn Bridge,Star Trek: VoyagerandMurder, She Wroteand will be seen on an episode of the new AMC seriesLodge 49, theSentinelnoted.

A native of new Orleans, Suhor to visit Illinois State University and the university of California, wherein she earned her master’s degree, and was a member of Chicago’s well known Steppenwolf Theatre.

She additionally taught acting at her Art’s services studio in Winter Park, Florida, due to the fact that opening the in 1997.

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Survivors encompass her brother, Michael.



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