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I understand this will sound dumb, yet can someone you re welcome tell me whereby the transmission dipstick and also power steering fulid tank on the SE Hatchback model?I desire to check these two things but don"t understand where they room located....

Hi, well firstly the strength steering is electric Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS), hence there is no hydraulics, and secondly the transmittion is sealed because that life, hence there is no dipstick. Might I tentively imply a read of the manual?Chris
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Hi, well firstly the power steering is electrical Power-Assisted Steering (EPAS), for this reason there is no hydraulics, and secondly the transmittion is sealed for life, hence there is no dipstick. Could I tentively indicate a review of the manual?Chris
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Good suggestion! other than for mine didn"t have one in the gloves box apparently---Or ns would have read it. (Found out after I got home). Had to check out the one online (I was the end away native the computer system so ns couldn"t even do that at the time--was traveling)...But thanks, i have discovered that there is no dipstick because that either.

My signature was "too long" through all the revised ETAs I"ve received. Finally took delivery October 7th.

Just in case, walk you check the slot top top the optimal side that the gloves box whereby the hands-on goes? Some world overlook that.
Yes, no hand-operated there. I looked transparent the entire automobile (the trunk, everywhere)... No manual. I gained my hands on a PDF copy indigenous the Internet, so this will need to do for now until i can obtain to a dealer to get a copy.Sorry around the sarcastic remark, but obviously I"d look in the manual an initial before asking... It"s simply I didn"t have one and also I to be on the road and wanted to inspect something due to the fact that the automobile is making a noise that sounds like it can relate to strength steering or brakes.

Your sales male didn"t glance end the manual with you while friend were waiting on the car? poor dealer. Bad.

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No no really. We sat in the car and he reviewed things by showing me stuff. Most of i m sorry I already knew from taking favor 5 test drives front (at various dealerships). So ns pretty much knew what most things did.He did mention the brand-new power steering system, and also of course, my assumption was the there was at the very least that dipstick. I know that Ford stopped putting dipsticks for transmissions ~ above the Focus back in 2008 (and perhaps earlier--although every one of my concentrates prior come the 2012 had actually the trans dipstick anyway).Anyway, the worry I"m experiencing is making me think it"s an ext of a transmission issue. Seems to do this noise after shifting into 4th gear (using one of two people automatic setting or SelectShift mode). And it only gets louder after around 30 mph. Someone argued maybe it to be a clutch issue?I"ve determined it"s no a brake issue, it"s no a tires issue, and it"s no a steering issue. I"ve additionally determined the it isn"t being caused by the engine chin either, due to the fact that I have the right to run the engine high and also low RPMs and it quiet does it (I"ve do the efforts letting the automobile coast down a hill gaining up come 60MPH when in neutral, and the sound is quiet there). Now I did notification that the is in relation to how fast the vehicle is traveling, no neccesarily the speed/RPM that the engine, though.