The three-digit phone call code can not have actually much affect on our day-to-day lives -- thanks to smartphones and brand-new technology -- however the numbers still host significant meaning to many.

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"916" offer the higher Sacramento area, consisting of Placer, El Dorado, Solano, Sutter and also Yolo counties.

Adding a brand-new area password symbolizes expansion in the an ar and a shift in culture. This is the an initial time a brand-new area code will certainly be included to Sacramento because the original was created virtually 70 years ago.

The California publicly Utilities board of directors is now in the procedure of including an area code to the region and is considering an overlay option, which method if you have a 916 area code you won"t have to readjust numbers.

The brand-new area code, i beg your pardon officials haven"t selected yet, is supposed to start rolling out by September 2017, according to PUC spokesperson, Constance Gordon.

Although the PUC is leaning toward an overlay option, Gordon said the decision isn"t final until the board of directors votes on it. She stated there"s no schedule because that approval best now.

Area codes have the right to symbolize a link to a place, virtually like an introduction of who you room -- your roots.

Justin "JayMarZZ" Marshall is a neighborhood radio personality at warm 103.5 through a deep background in the Sacramento area.

"I think 916 to represent Sac"s identity," Marshall said. "When girlfriend hear those 3 numbers, you instantly think of our culture."

Area password are frequently referenced in popular music culture. Rapper Pitbull additionally goes through the surname "Mr. 305," in honor of his residence city the Miami. Ludacris is an additional well-known rapper who"s hit track "Area Codes" is still often referenced almost 15 years after that debut.

Some civilization even tattoo their bodies with their one area code as homage to their roots. Others bank their company marketing setup on one area code.

Steve Reavis, owner of 916 Movers, said using the area code in the surname of his business helps him was standing out together a Sacramento company and appeals to regional customers.

"We"re a local moving company. There"s a difference between local relocating companies and also long distance moving companies," the said. " 916 Movers is more of a catchy name v the area we service. People can Google "916" while searching and also we popular music up."

Reavis additionally said the doesn"t think second area password will affect his business due to the fact that 916 Movers currently deals with other area codes and customers tho call.

To longtime Sacramento residents like Marshall, the area password is a resource of pride. It"s whereby they host their life memories.

"916 to me is home," Marshall said. "It gives me a sense of belonging to a community. Adding new area codes feels favor we"re segregating the community, once the 916 area code represents united state as the totality of Sacramento."

Area codes no only organize a link to a geographical location and also it"s culture. To some people, the number can also uphold a status.

Having an original area password associates you through the background of a location and gives you creditability as component of the original foundation of a city.

The standing is important enough for some people to pay large bucks for it, and selling in-demand phone number is a financially rewarding business.

See more: How Long Does It Take To Freeze To Death? How Long Does It Take For Water To Freeze is a mountain Francisco-based company that sells specific, rarely phone numbers. The online save boasts having an ext than 25,000 call numbers because that shoppers to select from. A quick search reflects 916 area code numbers run from around $279 to practically $3000.

The Washington short article lists Los Angeles" 310 area code as the website"s many sought after ~ area code, followed by brand-new York"s 212 and also Miami"s 305. San Francisco"s 415 ranks sixth on the list. The priciest 415 call number asks for a whopping $50,000! The PhoneNumberGuy considers these well-known area codes to be original area codes, or the an initial area codes used in the city.

You can"t help but wonder, exactly how much will certainly the original "916" area password be worth as Sacramento renders room for some brand-new digits?