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Although there are currently 2 exactly answers, I"d like to include a few points.

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But very first I"d choose to introduce the really informative and an extremely accessible booklet "The at an early stage Alphabet - accessible on Google book" at least partially - of i beg your pardon I attracted the adhering to bullet points.

Gamma is a camel, Delta a door,

Epsilon a window etc...

The stimulate of the letter (all consonants and actually shorthand for syllabaries) was in reality fixed really early. One of the faster of these abecedaries is in reality still created in cuneiforms (a syllabic composing system) and is much more than 3200 years old.


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Yes, that is true. Etymonline.com says:

560s (implied in alphabetical), native L.L. Alphabetum (Tertullian), native Gk. Alphabetos, indigenous alpha + beta.

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Alpha is the an initial letter in the Greek "alphabet", and also Beta is the second.

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The alphabet entry in Etymonline includes:

1560s (implied in alphabetical), indigenous L.L. Alphabetum (Tertullian), from Gk. Alphabetos, from alpha + beta.

The Wiktionary entry for alphabet likewise adds:

... Old Greek ἀλφάβητος (alphabētos), from the first two letter of the Greek alphabet, alpha (Α) and also beta (Β), native Phoenician aleph (“ox”) and beth (“house”), so called due to the fact that they were pictograms the those objects.

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