Will Ben Affleck and also Jennifer Lopez bless united state all through their presence this year choose they did in the at an early stage aughts?

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Jennifer Lopez and also Ben Affleck reap the brand-new York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox throughout game 3 that the ALCS in Boston, Mass., October 11, 2003. (Photo through Brian Babineau/WireImage)

Boston loves a celeb sighting. We get quite a few of them this days, given the movie industry’s obsession with filming here. Friend no doubt witnessed those pics of Jon Hamm beaming next to a pair of small dogs recently. However there is no hot commodity in Hollywood right now than Ben Affleck and also Jennifer Lopez, who have recently brought Bennifer mania earlier from the dead, and attracted armadas of paparazzi that follow their every move, be it a flirty patio luncheon or butt-touching watercraft ride.

Mostly the sightings have gone under in exotic locales or at residence in L.A. But it’s just a matter of time prior to the happy pair is spotted roughly these parts, offered Affleck’s deep ties come his hometown of Cambridge (he, follow to Lopez, suggest to her in his childhood residence in the city) and his renowned love of the Sox.

They definitely were during their very first try in ~ romance ago in the at an early stage 2000s, popping up in Massachusetts sometimes in the unlikeliest that places. So until the next time lock seen when again canoodling in the dugout in ~ Fenway, or grabbing dinner in the earlier Bay, right here is a brief history of Ben and also Jen sightings in the area from two brief decades ago:

September, 2002: at a Wareham Coffee Shop

Bennifer couldn’t go almost everywhere without drawing attention come themselves ago in 2002, and that includes a sleepy coffee shop in Wareham’s beginning Village. The couple was apparently in city visiting family members when they swung through the Cup that the Bay, i m sorry closed in 2009, and also encountered part starstruck—and slightly confused—locals inside. Per a Globe report at the time: “When inquiry by a client why they’d involved Onset ‘where there is nothing walk on,’ Lopez apparently smiled and said ‘That’s exactly why we’re here."”

November, 2002: at a Birthday through Mom

Details were sparse, but family male Affleck to be apparently earlier in town two months later celebrating his mom’s date of birth at one undisclosed place in Boston. Earlier, per the Globe, the couple had been spotted “tooling around” Cambridge.

December, 2002: in ~ Cambridge Micro Center

The following Bennifer sighting apparently involved us top top Christmas night of 2002, when the Boston world reported the the pair was allegedly spotted at, of all places, Micro center electronics save in Cambridge (Affleck’s parents apparently lived nearby). Scribe Farah Stockman shared news that this vacation miracle in the form of a poem, set to the meter that “The Night before Christmas,” alongside protection camera footage caught at the store:

‘Twas the day before Christmas and also throughout every store

Last-minute shoppers were elbowing their way toward the door

When, at Cambridge Micro Center, who should they see

But Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck, purchase an HP Pavilion 753

How sweet.

April, 2003: While house Hunting in the public Eye

The couple piqued Massachusetts’ interest in 2003 as soon as they were reported come be searching for a house together what in the Commonwealth, possibly in Boston or Cambridge, or perhaps Cohasset, wherein they were rumored to have done some residence hunting. Climate Us Weekly had actually Scituate in a tizzy when it reported that Ben and Jen had honed in on buying a $3 mansion no in the huge city, yet tucked inside the seaside town. Scituate locals were happy come gab around the possibilities of such starpower landing in their midst. But in one interview through a Globe reporter, Nor’easter Surf Shop owner mark Keup available up this brutal drive-by top top Affleck: “I great it to be Matt Damon. He is a much better actor.” Alas, they did not acquisition the home. Yet it was funny for the coast bums come imagine nevertheless.

July, 2003: ~ above Newbury Street (Except no Really)

The rumor mill to be churning one summer Saturday afternoon ~ above Newbury Street with reports the Bennifer had actually been viewed on Newbury Street. As it transforms out, though, civilization had just seen a ruckus in the purchase district and also jumped come conclusions about the disturbance. That’s how large Bennifer loomed in the Boston consciousness at the point. The actual VIP responsible for the hubbub? Then-Second Lady Lynne Cheney.

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October, 2003: in ~ a Sox Game

Like any kind of self-respecting Boston icon, Ben loves the Sox. And ago in 2003 once the Sox faced the Yankees in the ALCS, the power couple was among the grasp of boldfaced name (also: Katie Couric, Ed Markey, Robert Kraft, Joey McIntire, and also Donny Wahlberg) in the group at Fenway to watch the action. Lock were, according to reports in ~ the time, seated in man Henry’s dugout seats. Ben had, according to photographic evidence, a wildly 2003 chin moustache on his face. The Sox lost. This to be not, because that the record, the an initial time J.Lo joined Affleck at a Sox game. The happy pair was additionally spotted in April of that year cheering because that the team in Anaheim, wherein she apparently stuck approximately for five extra innings and even autographed baseballs because that Boston players.

December, 2003: A surprised Drop-in

When the holidays rolled roughly again, the couple reportedly surprised guest at a exclusive party held in the basement of the previous Charley’s ~ above Newbury Street one night, per the Globe, before they headed to dinner at L’Espalier. The paper’s name briefing claims they wandered right into the celebration by mistake, of course drew abundant attention, climate “talked with staff and fans” before slipping out. A month later, they split up. It would be the critical time castle were watched arm-in-arm in Boston. Can there be an ext sightings to come?