1a : to lay down tentatively together a hypothesis, assumption, or proposal expect a fire broke out expect you bring the salad

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(2) : to think probable or in maintaining with the facts seems reasonable to mean that he would certainly profit

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Suppose a fire damaged out. Exactly how would us escape? simply suppose because that a moment that girlfriend agreed with me. Supposing that refuses come help, what execute we perform then? The renovations will expense much more than we originally supposed.
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Recent examples on the net because that example, suppose a human being creates a trust and transfers 1,000 shares of stock into the trust in 1940. — Daniel J. Pilla, National Review, 4 Aug. 2021 Scholars normally suppose that the ancient Egyptians constructed pyramids, those secret monuments the prodigious toil, v the help of earthen ramps buttressed by dirt bricks. — Ben Mcgrath, The new Yorker, 23 Aug. 2021 now suppose the box consists of twenty-four balls—would your choice change? — The brand-new Yorker, 16 Aug. 2021 However, suppose these worries are no addressed much more deeply 보다 in former years. — Jennifer "jay" Palumbo, Forbes, 25 June 2021 because that instance, suppose a businessman buys futures that pay turn off if bitcoin rises against the U.S. Dollar. — Paul Vigna, WSJ, 23 Apr. 2021 because that instance, suppose that 200 shares of apologize Inc. Are easily accessible on exchanges in ~ the national-best-offer price, and an investor buys 500 shares of the stock from Virtu at a slightly lower price. — Alexander Osipovich, WSJ, 13 June 2021 for example, suppose a married couple has taxable income just below $326,600 before a Roth conversion. — Steve Vernon, Forbes, 8 June 2021 currently suppose her nemesis, Bob, has a quantum computer that’s entangled with the black hole. — Zoë Holmes, Scientific American, 16 June 2021

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History and Etymology for suppose

center English, indigenous Anglo-French supposer, from middle ages Latin supponere (perfect indicative supposui), from Latin, to put under, substitute, indigenous sub- + ponere to put — more at position