Tony Romo is a previous NFL player and sports analyst because that the CBS network. The is a former quarterback who has played 14 seasons since 2003 with the Dallas Cowboys.

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Besides that, that was called to the Pro Bowl four times and also finally retired in 2016 due to a ago injury.

If you’re still having trouble thinking where you observed him, he is also the ex-boyfriend that singer and actress Jessica Simpson. The player gained a many of negative press when he damaged up with Simpson the night before her birthday.

The former Quarterback In CBS

The jersey number 9 landed his sporting activities analyst job quite conveniently after announcing his NFL retirement.

The quarterback serves as the lead shade analyst for CBS‘s NFL telecasts. He functions alongside sportscaster Jim Natz or additionally known as his announcing partner.

The former quarterback also received a lot of attention as soon as he signed a $100 million contract to remain in the CBS network.

As every the deal, Romo will certainly earn $17 million per year, making that the highest-paid sportscaster come this date.

Here space some quick facts about the player before getting right into details around his life.

Quick Facts

Full NameAntonio Ramiro Romo
Birth DateApril 21, 1980
Birth PlaceSan Diego, California
Nick NameRomo-Stradamus
EducationEastern Illinois University
Father’s NameRamiro Romo Jr.
Mother’s NameJoan Jakubowski Romo
SiblingsTwo; Jossalyn and also Danielle Romo
Age41 year Old
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown
ProfessionFormer NFL Player, Sportscaster
TeamDallas Cowboys
Active Years2003-2016
Marital StatusMarried
WifeCandace Crawford
Net Worth$70 million
Social MediaInstagram, Twitter
MerchT-Shirt, Signed Helmet, Posters, Signed Jersey
Last UpdateNovember, 2021

Tony Romo | early Life, Family, and Education

The former NFL player to be born in mountain Diego, California, come Ramiro Romo Jr. and also Joan Jakubowski. Ramiro was in the navy stationed at mountain Diego, U.S.

Naval Base when Antonio was born top top April 21, 1980. after his service, the family members shifted earlier to Burlington, Wisconsin.

Antonio with His Parents

There Tony’s father acquired a carpenter and construction job, vice versa, his mother became a clerk at a grocery store store. As well as that, the quarterback has two sisters, namely Jossalyn Romo and also Danielle Romo.

The former Cowboy finished college at Burlington High School, where he also played as a quarterback for the Burlington Demons.

During his critical year in ~ the school, he was honored with Wisconsin soccer Coaches association All-State first-team honors and named on the All-Racine county football team. As well as that, he also played golf and also tennis.

He went on to attend Eastern Illinois university for his college education.

Tony Romo | Age, Height, and also Weight

The sportscaster commemorated his 40th date of birth on April 21, 2020. The footballer weighs 230lb, which is roughly 104 kgs and is 6 feet 2 inches high.

Tony Romo | Football and also Analyst Career

College Career

The footballer to visit Eastern Illinois University, wherein he played because that the Illinois Panthers. Moreover, that was likewise a member the Sigma Pi.

He had a pretty effective college career and also was ranked second in Division I-AA in passing efficiency in his sophomore year.

Romo in College

In his small year, he finished up leading Division I-AA in happen efficiency. On top of that, he came to be the an initial Illinois Panther to win the Walter Payton Award and additionally received consensus All-America honors.

Overall he became the first player to earn OVC Player that the Year for 3 years consecutively.

The EIU retired his jersey number 17 in the 2009 homecoming and also his induction into the EIU’s hall Of Fame.

NFL Career

Early Seasons

Despite being a good player, he was undrafted in the 2003 NFL draft. However, later on on, the was available to play together an undrafted totally free agent for Denver Broncos and also Dallas Cowboys.

Even despite the Cowboys payment him less than the Broncos, that still went for them.

During the early seasons, the was just a holder. Among his exceptional moments during the 2004 season was once he make the winning touchdown with only six secs left against the Oakland Raiders.

Jersey Number 9 Cowboy

In the 2006 season, he was back up because that Drew Bledsoe and also led the Cowboys to a win versus Carolina Panthers in his first game as a starter.

Also, he aided them win the game against the Indianapolis Colts. Moreover, he likewise assisted the Cowboys in win a Thanksgiving game and also received FOX’s Galloping Gobbler Award.

The 2007 season was good for Romo and the Cowboys together they won over brand-new York Giants in their very first game. After ~ that, lock beat the Miami Dolphins, Chicago Bears, and also St. Luigi Rams.

The quarterback had actually 1199 pass yards, 11 pass touchdowns, and also two rushing touchdowns throughout the season. That signed a $67.5 million, six-year extension resolve the Cowboys in October the 2008.

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Later Seasons

The quarterback did a career-high 406 yards and three touchdowns in 2010, yet injuries held him back. He broke his left clavicle and was on leaving for the rest of the season.

Even in the 2011 season against a video game with the San Francisco 49ers, he endured a damaged rib and punctured lung.

However, that came earlier and scored a game-tying touchdown forcing overtime through just four seconds left.

He and also a other teammate aimed because that a game-winning goal and also eventually won the video game for which Romo obtained NFC’s attack Player of the week Award.

Shortly after, the severely bruised his hand however still started the video game a mainly later. In the totality of the 2011 season, the made 32 that the 39 touchdowns, which to be the greatest team touchdown in the constant season.

Romo last Game

In 2013, the Cowboys signed a $108 million soccer contract through the athlete for a six-year extension.

Later, the led his team come a win versus the Giants after having actually surgery to remove a cyst. Moreover, he aided win against Washington Redskins through scoring a touchdown, which retained the Cowboys’ playoff hopes alive.

However, he finished up suffering a herniated decaying injury and ended up on the injured reserve list.

During the 2014 season, Tony and also the Cowboys won six games ago to back. When again, he finished up with a back injury as soon as an opposing teammate hit him in the ago with his knee.

The sportscaster played fine at the start of the 2015 season; nonetheless, another injury adhered to him to the collarbone that expense him eight weeks turn off the field.

But he did control to throw 3 interceptions in the first half.

During his absence, the Cowboys failure to win a single game. When he came back, he injured his left shoulder again and was on injured leave.


Due to his injury in the 2016 season, he might not start the game and missed a chunk of the season. He played his first game versus the Philadelphia Eagles, ironically, the last game of his NFL career.

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The quarterback announced his retirement on April 4, 2017, because of his injuries that restricted him.