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Tony Romo, byname of Antonio Ramiro Romo, (born April 21, 1980, san Diego, California, U.S.), American experienced gridiron soccer player who arised as one of the leading quarterbacks in the nationwide Football league (NFL) in the early on 21st century.

Romo spent most of his childhood in southern Wisconsin, where he idolized green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre, who aggressive, risk-taking layout of beat he ultimately sought to emulate. Back Romo was a standout player because that Burlington (Wisconsin) High School, that was not recruited by the significant college football teams and wound increase attending eastern Illinois University, a division I-AA institution in Charleston, Illinois. At eastern Illinois he to be a three-time (2000–02) Ohio sink Conference Player that the Year, and in his an elderly season he received the Walter Payton compensation as department I-AA’s optimal offensive player.

Despite being eligible because that the 2003 NFL draft, Romo to be again overlooked. Later on that year the signed v the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted totally free agent, yet he earned little playing time in his first three seasons. The did no take over as beginning quarterback till 2006, when he replaced an aging attracted Bledsoe near midseason. Romo blossomed almost immediately in the starter’s role, helping the Cowboys soil a wild-card point out in the playoffs. His capability to improvise plays and his willingness to litter downfield conveniently made the a fan favourite. He perfect the season having passed for 19 touchdowns and 2,903 yards and also became the an initial Cowboys quarterback to it is in selected because that the pro Bowl due to the fact that Troy Aikman in 1996.

Although Romo was blamed for the Cowboys’ 2006 playoff loss come the Seattle Seahawks—he dropped the snap top top a perhaps game-winning ar goal attempt—he went back to lead the team come a 12–1 begin in 2007, the ideal in franchise history. The Cowboys go on to victory their an initial National football Conference (NFC) East division title in nine years, and Romo finished the constant season through 36 touchdowns and 4,211 happen yards. However, the Cowboys to be upset by the rival brand-new York Giants in their opening playoff game, and also Romo’s performance in big games started to be referred to as into concern by part observers. The criticism prospered louder in 2008 once the Cowboys suffered a 44–6 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in the final game the the season through a playoff berth on the line. In 2009 Romo gained a measure up of redemption together he passed for a career-high 4,483 yards (which was likewise a franchise record) and led the Cowboys come their an initial postseason win in 14 years.

A fractured clavicle restricted Romo to simply six games throughout the 2010 season. In each of the complying with three years, the Cowboys finished with 8–8 records, absent the playoffs by losing to a department rival in the last week that the continual season each time. When Romo developed solid statistics over those seasons—including breaking the Cowboys’ single-season passing mark with 4,903 yards in 2012—the team’s mediocrity resulted in the extension of the “Romo is no clutch” narrative. Although the threw a fair variety of poorly time interceptions, Romo was in fact amongst the league leaders in fourth-quarter passer rating throughout his career and also led many game-winning drives. He had actually his best professional season in 2014, leading the NFL through a 113.2 passer rating while throw 34 touchdowns and also 9 interceptions. Dallas won a department title the season, and Romo led a game-winning fourth-quarter journey in the team’s opening playoff contest, however the Cowboys were got rid of in the team’s following postseason game. Romo was when again sidelined by one injury in 2015 as a damaged collar bone restricted him come just 4 games, and the Cowboys staggered to a 4–12 record in his absence. In 2016 Romo to be once an ext bitten through the injury pest when a damaged bone in his ago sidelined him until midseason. However, the mainly play of rookie quarterback Dak Prescott, who ultimately led Dallas come an NFC-best 13–3 record, required Romo right into a back-up role after he went back to the energetic roster.


Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo phone call a pat in a game versus the Pittsburgh Steelers, December 16, 2012.

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In April 2017 that abruptly retirement from the NFL and immediately joined CBS together a commentator for NFL tv broadcasts. At the time of his retirement, Romo had actually thrown for 34,183 yards (29th many in NFL history), 248 touchdowns (21st all-time), and had a 97.1 job passer rating (fourth greatest ever). Romo to be an prompt sensation in the transfer booth, earning plaudits because that his insightful commentary and his uncanny capacity to suspect what plays groups were about to run. As a result, that signed a contract v CBS in 2020 worth $17 million per year, the largest yearly salary for any sports broadcaster in history.