While the Kansas City Chiefs offense can have to be perpetually missing a quarterback before landing Patrick Mahomes, the franchise did have some pretty good running backs over the years. From old school males like Joe Delaney and Christian Okoye to more recent players favor Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson, there was never ever a shortage the talent in the backfield. Then, there was Jamaal Charles.

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During his time with the Chiefs, Charles increased from a third-string running earlier to a franchise player. His sporting career, however, started in an unusual place: in ~ the distinct Olympics.

Jamaal Charles’ college sports career

Vince Young and Jamaal Charles, Texas 2005 pic.twitter.com/kpbX1Lhtpg

— university Teammates (
NCAATeammates) October 24, 2018

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As any kind of Kansas City Chiefs fan have the right to tell you, Jamaal Charles had blazing speed. Throughout his college career, the made the a star in two different sports.

After running track and also playing football in high school, Charles headed to the college of Texas as a two-sport athlete. During his student in the first year year, that earned All-American honors in the 60-meter indoor, the 100-meter outdoor, 200-meter outdoor and 4×100-meter relay outdoors; he also posted a personal best the 10.13 secs in the 100-meter dash, follow to MileSplit.

While Charles cut earlier on his track commitments ~ his freshman year, he ongoing to star on the football field. He spent three periods on the gridiron, piling up 3,328 rushing yards and also 36 touchdowns on the ground; his offense aided the Longhorns claim the 2005 BCS title.

Turning right into an NFL star v the Kansas City Chiefs

Jamaal Charles is signing a one-day contract come retire with the Chiefs, per
610SportsKC◼️ 11 years◼️ 4x agree Bowler◼️ 7,563 rushing yards◼️ 2,593 receiving yards◼️ 5.4 YPC (4th all-time)◼️ 310 catches◼️ 64 full TDs(via

— Bleacher Report (
BleacherReport) April 30, 2019

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After three seasons in college, Jamaal Charles gotten in into the 2008 NFL draft. While things didn’t start out as he planned—the running earlier slipped right into the third round and began his pro career sitting behind Larry Johnson—he would certainly eventually build into a star.

Charles took on a larger duty in 2009 ~ the Chiefs cut Johnson; that seized the opportunity, piling increase 1,120 rushing yards and 1,467 an ext in 2010. While he tore his ACL in 2011, the running back came back much better than ever.

When the 2012 season rolled around, Charles came earlier with a vengeance. He post 1,509 yards the year, recognize the finish zone 5 times; he complied with that up through two more strong seasons prior to tearing his ACL again in 2015. After that injury, Charles spent an additional season through the Chiefs before one-off campaigns with the Denver Broncos and also Jacksonville Jaguars.

By the moment he called it a career, Charles spent 11 seasons in the NFL, accumulating 7,563 rushing yards and 44 touchdowns; the retired through an typical of 5.4 yards per attempt, which is among the best totals in organization history. Beyond his stats, however, he served an invaluable function for Chiefs fans, helping to change Larry Johnson and administer a bright spot throughout some pretty trying times.

Jamaal Charles uncovered his talent in ~ the special Olympics

While Jamaal Charles confirmed plenty of skills at the college of Texas and with the Kansas City Chiefs, he obtained his start in a much different competition. Together a boy, that took component in the special Olympics.

As explained on the to run back’s main website, Charles to be diagnosed v a learning special needs in the third grade. When he ultimately got the assist he needed, it wasn’t the most basic adjustment; his special education and learning classes “excluded from field trips and also other activitieshis partner enjoyed.”

There to be a silver- lining, however. Charles did get to attend the special Olympics every year; it to be there the he realized he had the speed that would later on make him famous.

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“When i was a boy, I had actually trouble reading. I discovered out I had a finding out disability. People made fun of me. They claimed I would never ever go anywhere. Yet I learned, I have the right to fly,” Charles said at the opening ceremony that the 2015 special Olympics, as documented by for The Win. “When i was 10 year old, I had the possibility to complete in the special Olympics. That’s right. The one-of-a-kind Olympics gave me my very first chance to discover the talent ns did not recognize I had.”

Jamaal Charles, of course, would go on to play football and also run track at the college of Texas before coming to be an NFL star with the Kansas City Chiefs. According to Spotrac’s gaue won data, that made much more than $41 million during his time in the pros; if the never completed in the unique Olympics, though, it’s possible that none of that would certainly have ever happened.