Move over Absynthe, the civilization has a new favourite poison. Go into Everclear serial alcohol, the 190-proof heart that’s been both making, and also erasing memories since 1950.

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Everclear is double the strength of typical vodka. And, uneven vodka, that banned in 11 says including brand-new York, Washington, and also California. Of course, we all want what we can’t have, and also the ban simply serves to heighten the forbidden very nice one of Everclear.

The well known alcohol is concerned as an “unfinished ingredient”. Meaning: Do not, under any type of circumstances, drink this stuff straight. Never ever. back the neutral-tasting, colourless alcohol may look reasonably unassuming, the 92.5% pure ethanol.

That renders it share the most potent alcohol ~ above the market.

So, while the works marvels in producing lower proof alcohols, law shots the Everclear is an absolute no-go. Also if you’re having a merry old time, stick to shots that vodka, or a nice classy Old-Fashioned. Otherwise, obtain busy in the kitchen and also cook up part zingy limoncello for a fun project with delicious results.

Everclear’s 190 Proof must never be consumed on that is own. The alcohol is great for cooking or to add a kick to soft drink or juices cocktails.

Everclear party sizes and also prices

BottleSizePrice USD
Everclear 190-proof750ml$20
Everclear 190-proof1 litre$30
Everclear 190-proof1.75 litre$40
Everclear 151-proof750ml$18
Everclear 120-proof750ml$15
Everclear violet Passion4-pack of 340ml bottles$9-12

Where to buy Everclear online?

Everclear: for this reason dangerous, so popular

Of course, being both notorious and also insanely alcoholic, Everclear’s organic habitat is the united state college frat-party, inspiring both destructive decisions and subsequent ER visits because that decades.

So, firmly resolved as a mainstay the the rock music scene and also experimental college kids, it’s for sure to to speak Everclear has actually a way come go to settle its stop reputation…

Everclear in music

Immortalised in the music world, having both bands and songs called after it, Everclear has gained quite the raucous reputation. Art Alexis called the liquor “pure white evil”, but not prior to naming his band after the well known alcohol.

Further embellishing Everclear’s devious reputation, rapper Bushwick invoice of the Geto Boys cases a hefty night on this details sauce had him shoot self in the eye. The track Ever for this reason Clear refers to that night in detail, and a photograph from ‘the event’ was used on the covering of the resulting album.

Well, that was the 90s.

Obviously, the entirety gruesome event may have escaped Bill’s memory, had actually it no been for the grisly evidence and also notable lack of vision the next morning. It goes without saying, Bushwick Bill’s take care of of Everclear is not recommended…

Everclear types

Okay, so the Everclear proof 190 is banned in a sizable section of us states. If you live in California, Washington, brand-new York, Florida, Massachusetts, Iowa, Hawaii and several others, you’re out of luck!

However, in a cunning ploy, Everclear’s manufacturer, Luxco, countered the ban by producing a 189-proof version of the clear spirit, effectively sidestepping the state bans. Mischievous, indeed!

Plus, the (marginally) much less potent counterparts room legally easily accessible to purchase in a grand total of 36 states. Yes, the 151-proof version of Everclear (that renders it 75.5% ABV) is a totality lot easier to accessibility than its incredibly heady brother.

For the much less adventurous (or self-destructive) consumers, yes sir a 120-proof Everclear ~ above the industry too, which equates to 60% ABV.

Purple Passion: blast indigenous the past

Those who were the the drinking period in the 80s may remember violet Passion, which go hand-in-hand in ~ parties with cassette tapes, permed hair, and also disco. Although we’re inundated through ‘ready-to-drink’ sugary alcoholic beverages now, Purple enthusiasm was a pioneer the sorts.

Having gone with multiple transformations and a significant lowering that its alcohol content, purple Passion has been reintroduced come the market as a 26-proof (a mellow 13% ABV) non-carbonated summer refresher.

So, if you want to acquire on plank the Everclear train, yet wish to retain both her dignity and memory, your finest bet is to get your hands on a bottle of sweet purple Passion.

Everclear is produced in Kentucky by the Luxco distillery.

What walk Everclear taste like?

Clearly, the name Everclear is a referral to the transparent nature the the superstrong spirit, and categorically not the state the one’s head the morning after.

While that often contrasted to vodka, greatly to that is neutral taste and clarity, it cannot be provided as a replacement to vodka in cocktail recipes together it’s merely too potent. Put it this way: The Everclear alcohol contents in just one small shot, is the tantamount to two typical alcoholic drinks.

So, if this intoxicating liquor is nice much tasteless, odourless, and unnoticeable, the reality is, appearances have the right to be deceptive. And also never has that phrase been an ext true than v Everclear.

How to drink Everclear (safely)

The idea the Everclear is to use it to create lower proof alcohols, which have the right to then be used in cocktails. So, think cherry liqueur or limoncello, fairly than Everclear and also lemonade.

The finest advice on how to drink Everclear safely, is simply, do not drink the straight. Ever. But, if you practice restraint, you deserve to use the sparingly in cocktails, yet only in very minuscule amounts.

Everclear cocktail recipes

While utilizing Everclear in cocktails can be done, the not recommended. So, we’ve put together some basic recipes for delicious liqueurs that have the right to be for sure made v Everclear. Then, you in the clear to gain to work developing all species of zingy cocktails.

Apple Pie liqueur

Ingredients4.5 litres to apologize cider4.5 litres to apologize juice6 cinnamon sticks300g white sugar1-litre Everclear

Add all ingredients other than Everclear right into a huge cooking pot. Lug the mixture to the cook over medium-high heat, and stir until the street has fully dissolved. Remove from the heat, and take the end the cinnamon sticks.

Once the mixture has cooled come room temperature, you can stir in the Everclear. Finally, pour right into a huge sealable glass jug (or two) and also keep refrigerated until prepared to serve. The liqueur have to store safely in the fridge for up to 6 months.

Lemon autumn Moonshine

Ingredients2 litres fresh lemon juice3 litres water500 g white sugar750ml Everclear

Combine juice, sugar and also water in a big cooking pot. Gently carry to boil, till all the sugar has dissolved. Leave to cool because that 5-10 minutes, climate stir in the Everclear. Decant right into sealable glass jars, and store in the refrigerator for up to 3 months.

Cherry Pie liqueur

Ingredients4.5 litres to apologize cider4.5 litres cherry juice4 cinnamon sticks830g white sugar830ml cherry rum350ml Everclear

Add all ingredients except the cherry rum and Everclear right into a big cooking pot. Gently bring to the boil, stirring until all the sugar has actually dissolved.

Allow come cool completely, then eliminate the cinnamon sticks. Line in the cherry rum and also Everclear, then pour right into sealable glass jars. Store in the fridge.

Frequently request questions about Everclear

How much does Everclear cost?

The Everclear price varies depending on the proofing and also size that your wanted bottle. In general, suppose to pay around $20 because that a 750ml party of 190-proof, and a comparable price for the very same sized bottle of 120-proof.

Does Everclear gain you drunk?

Due come its very high alcohol content (92.5% ABV), Everclear has actually the volume to obtain you dangerously drunk. Neverdrink Everclear undiluted, since the threat of alcohol poisoning is incredibly high. However, it renders a great ingredient in homemade liqueurs and punches, if provided in the suitable amounts.

Where is Everclear legal?

Everclear 190-proof is legitimate in plenty of US states, through the exception of California, Hawaii, Florida, Iowa, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, new Hampshire, new York, phibìc Carolina, Ohio, and also Washington. In several of these states, lesser proof versions are allowed for sale and also consumption. Friend can likewise purchase Everclear in Alberta, Canada.

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Can girlfriend buy Everclear at Walmart?

Everclear 190-proof is obtainable to purchase in details US states at Walmart in 750ml, 1 litre, and 1.75-litre bottles. Or, inspect out the best places to buy alcohol online through our can be fried guide.