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16.1 Retirement

Retirement Ceremonies

Recognition the members who space retiring from a job of long, faithful, and also honorable service is among the oldest heritages of army service. Each retiree have to leave the business with a tangible expression of appreciation because that his/her donation to the air Force, and also with the assurance that they will proceed to it is in a member the the waiting Force household in retirement. The an easy information on retirements and also retirement ceremonies is in AFI 36-3203, organization Retirement, i beg your pardon incidentally, needs local commanders to have a retirement ceremony for every retiring members and also specifically offer a formal ceremony.

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Retirement ceremonies require virtually the same level of development planning as a readjust of command ceremony come ensure success. It"s important early to check the manager of Personnel has arranged because that retirement and appreciation certificates because that the retiring officer and spouse.

If a retirement decorate is to it is in presented, the compensation request need to be written and submitted because that approval in accordance v AFI 36-2806 , The Air force Awards and Decoration Program, timelines. If you great a United claims flag that was flown over the Capitol to it is in presented, this must be coordinated far in advancement of the ceremony. An additional nice touch for a retirement awareness is to request a letter/card indigenous the President. Request for an individual letters from the chairman are limited to personnel through 30 or more years that service. You should request the letter/card through SAF/LL, White house Liaison, Washington, D.C. 20330 at least 45 days before the retirement date. SAF/LL will require the following information:

Full name and also rankspouse"s full namedates the serviceunit and command assignedretirement datehome addresswhere to send letterdate letter have to be received

You"ll likewise need to check ceremony and reception locations, schedule the officiating officer"s participation, gain an invitation list native the retiring officer and send out invitations, and arrange because that flags, photographer, mementos (normally presented at a different farewell event), and also a myriad of various other details come ensure a professional leave from active military service. You may additionally have to do arrangements and develop itineraries for an elderly officers attending or presiding over the ceremony. Finally, make certain the presiding official has actually an details package detailing the retiring officer"s career and also a succession of events at an suitable time before the consciousness occurs.

Retirements in Conjunction v a formal Parade or Review.

Retirement ceremonies deserve to vary in complexity. Because that example, it is suitable to respect retirees in ~ a officially parade or review; in which case, that is acceptable exercise for the senior presiding officer to market the retiring officer the possibility to inspect the troops one critical time (if the retiring officer was their commander) and/or preside over the happen in review. Presentation of retirement decorations are also appropriate before the start of the retirement ceremony. Numerous retiring armed forces members might be honored in ~ the same ceremony. In together cases, the small ranking member is retired first, and so on, with the an elderly ranking officer being retired last. Spouses of retiring personnel space seated automatically behind the official party (either top top the reviewing stand, if room, or in identified guest seating behind the reviewing stand, in location of honor). Other attributes generic to every retirement ceremonies are defined below.

A "Typical" Retirement Ceremony.

Normally, retirement ceremonies are much less formal, and begin v a brief meeting between the presiding official and also the retiring officer and his/her family. Then the family members members room escorted to their seats (usually in the front row, to the appropriate of the facility aisle). They are adhered to by the officer to it is in retired and the presiding official, who take their areas in prior of the audience. If the presiding officer is a general officer, the proper General"s March/Ruffles and also Flourishes is played as soon as the main party is in position. Posting that the color is appropriate, or flags might be positioned beforehand. Make sure chairs are noted on stage for the presiding official, retiring officer, and his or her spouse.

If a decorate is to be presented, the narrator begins by questioning the audience come rise and reads the citation for the decoration. At the conclusion the the reading of the citation, one aide hands the decoration to the presiding official, who "pins" top top the decoration. Photographs are taken, and also then the aide hand the quote to the presiding official, who presents it come the retiring officer and also again photographs room taken.

Now the narrator asks the audience come take their seats. The retiring officer takes his assigned seat, and the presiding officer usually provides a short speech summarizing the retiring officer"s career and their contribute to the air Force. In ~ the conclusion the his remarks, the narrator reads the retirement order. The audience rises v the indigenous "Attention to Orders." The retiring officer rises and takes his position alongside the presiding official. ~ the orders room read, the aide hand the retirement certificate, signed by the president of the united States and Chief of employee of the waiting Force, come the presiding official, that presents it to the retiree. Again, photographs are taken.

Then the presiding official or narrator asks the spouse come come forward. (It"s ideal for an escort officer to escort the spouse come her ar on stage.) The aide passes a certificate the appreciation because that the spouse, signed by the chef of employee of the air Force, to the presiding official, that presents it come the retiree"s spouse. The narrator usually reads the citation, and photographs space taken. At this point, it"s appropriate for the retire to present flowers come the spouse (flowers room an authorized SM&W expense for retirements). The aide hand the flowers to the retiree, that presents them come the spouse. Again, photographs are suitable with every presentation.

The narrator then asks the audience come take their seats (if they haven"t to be instructed to execute so already), and asks the retiree to make his or her remarks. The presiding officer take away his or her assigned seat, and also the retiree moves to the podium or facility stage. In ~ the conclusion that the retiree"s remarks, the narrator asks the audience to climb for the leave of the official party (including the spouse). Once the main party has actually left the area, the narrator announces "Ladies and also gentlemen, this concludes the ceremony. Please join (name that the retiree) for a reception in the (location)." (It is classic for the retiring officer to hold a tiny reception for honored guests and attendees following the ceremony.)

Usually it is not proper to present mementos various other than retirement certificates and decorations throughout the ceremony. However, there are constantly exceptions. For example, if the retiring officer"s coworkers or partner made former arrangements to have actually a U.S. Flag which had actually flown end the Capitol and cased in a presentation box, it may be proper to have the presiding main (or someone else) make the presentation just before or ~ the retirement stimulate is read. Due to the fact that of the broad variance that WHO and also WHERE come contact and well together WHAT type of flag the retiree desires the basic Protocol Officer have to be consulted.

Sequence that Events.

Here"s a sample of the succession of events presented in "Til Wheels room Up" because that retirement ceremonies. Also, we have actually a "Retirement ceremony Checklist" for your use. You will want to tailor these to to the right your specific situation.

Retiring officer, spouse, and also family accomplish with presiding officer.Spouse and family escorted into position.Presiding officer and retiring member continue to consciousness location.Narrator announces the presiding officer."Ruffles and also Flourishes" and also General"s March might be played, if ideal for the presiding officer.Individuals take position on the stage, retiring member was standing on presiding officer"s left.National Anthem is played.Invocation is said if desired.Presiding officer provides comments (usually pertaining come the retiring member"s biography/family).Presiding officer announces that decoration will certainly be presented.Narrator reads citationAide presents medal to presiding officer.Medal presented and photo taken.Presiding officer directs that retirement order it is in read.Retirement certificate gift to member; photo taken. (Personal shade may be gift at this point in the ceremony.)Presiding officer asks spouse to come forward.Presiding officer gift spouse"s certificate; photo taken.Presiding officer turns floor end to retiring member for comments.Ceremony concludes and also reception follows.

Note: If the retiring member is a general Officer you might want to current his personal color come him as part of the ceremony (based top top his desire to do so). One technique of act this is as follows:

Honor security NCOIC and personal Color Bearer move right into position.Honor security NCOIC and an individual Color Bearer furl and also case personal Color.Personal color Bearer moves right into position in between the colors and the presiding officer and also the retiring officer.Personal shade Bearer passes an individual Color come the presiding officer.The presiding officer gift the personal Color to the retiring officer.The retiring officer accepts the personal Color and returns it to the an individual Color Bearer.Personal shade Bearer returns to original position.

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Remember, one of two people you or the retiring officer"s office staff should put together an info package for the presiding main well in advancement of the ceremony. The package should include, together a minimum, the retiring officer"s biography, first and critical names that attending household members, and a copy the the succession of events. Include a copy of the quote if a decoration is to it is in presented. Girlfriend may also want to pre-brief the presiding official simply prior to the ceremony.