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Which Disney film attributes the song “When You wish Upon a Star?” The tune “When You wish Upon a Star” is a timeless classic. That was written for Walt Disney’s 1940 adaptation the Pinocchio. The tune has become a kind of anthem that the Walt Disney Company, too.

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“When You great Upon a Star” together a Disney Icon

First, here’s a quick backstory…

The song have the right to be heard in the opened credits and ending step of thePinocchiomovie.

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Ned Washington and Leigh Harline created the lyrics, and Cliff Edwards sang its original version.

Upon that release, it got universal praise.

So, just how did it end up being a Disney icon?

Interestingly, it became Walt Disney’s anthem because of that theme regarded dreams, wishes, and magic – all of which room synonymous v the Disney brand.

The “When You great Upon a Star” song also won the 1940 Academy award for finest Original Song.

Fun fact: that was additionally the first Disney tune to victory an Oscar.Perhaps that’s another reason why Disney has chosen the to it is in an anthem the the company’s heart and soul and spirit.

When You wish Upon a Star Oscar victory

Since the 1980s, it has actually been provided to accompany the Walt Disney Picture’s logo design – and the existing logo – before the movies start.

Disney likewise used it in the opened sequences of every editions that its TV collection from the 1950s to 1960s.

In addition, Disney Magic, Disney Wonder, and Disney Cruise line ships usage the an initial 7 notes of the song’s melody together horn signals.

What the tune is About

The song is about dreams and also how they deserve to come true with faith and also magic.

In the film, woodworker Geppetto makes a wish on a star, so the Pinocchio, his wooden puppet, would end up being a actual boy.

The Blue Fairy climate visits the workshop and also makes Pinocchio come to be a life puppet.

After proving self to be brave, truthful, and unselfish, Pinocchio ended up being transformed into a real human being boy.

In essence, the song’s message is similar to what guests would feel at any time they get in a Disney design template park:

Our dreams come true at Disney Parks, just as if the Blue Fairy waved she magic wand because that us, too!

Fun Facts around “When You wish Upon A Star”

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Here are some trivia around this iconic song:

In 1991, Billy Joel sang the from the soundtrack and also TV special,Simply Mad around the Mouse.The American movie Institute ranked it 7th in your 100 greatest Songs in film History.In 1999, Eddie Carrol sang the fromDisney on Ice: 100 years of Magic.Beyonce carry out the track for the Disney family Singalong in April 2020. Watch the clip below.

LISTEN: Beyonce performs "When You wish Upon a Star" and also dedicates the track to health treatment workers. Simply Perfect.#DisneyFamilySingalong

— Austin Kellerman (
AustinKellerman) April 17, 2020
Paige O’Hara and Jodi Benson, the original voices that Belle and also Ariel respectively, also recorded a duet variation of the song. Their rendition, however, starts v “Twinkle, Twinkle, little Star.”In 2009, it to be preserved into the national Recording it is registered by the Library of Congress. They defined it together historically, culturally, and aesthetically significant. As expected from such a wonderful Disney song!

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