This adventure novel which is likewise historical in nature was composed by Alexandre Dumas. The story that "The three Musketeers" is collection in the time period of 1625 - 1628.

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The story complies with the trip of the main character D"Artagnan, a young guy who travels to Paris to join the elite "Musketeers of the Guard" but gets rejected. There he befriends the 3 musketeers, Athos, Porthos and Aramis. In a fight with the Cardinal"s guards, these four musketeers victory comprehensively and also after knowing the same, the King luigi XIII appoints D"Artagnan as one of the king"s musketeers. After learning a arrangement that will reason a war between England and France the 4 musketeers foil the plan and ultimately save the day. In the end, our protagonist gets his much-deserved promotion.

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The Musketeers

There were 4 musketeers. The musketeers 3 were referred to as Athos, Porthos and also Aramis. The fourth musketeer is the central character D"Artagnan. The three musketeers did in reality exist and also historically speaking D"Artagnan to be Charles de Batz - Castelmore.

1. Aramis (French origin) definition "from Aramits". Aramis, among the three musketeers, is presented as a young musketeer. This quite handsome guy is frequently seen enduring from a dilemma. Aramis is frequently seen complaining about his article in the Musketeers and believes the he is short-term in the an excellent three. Aramis is likewise seen torn between the calling of the Church and also his mistress who is retained mysterious. Later on, his mistress is revealed to be mam de Chevreuse, a girlfriend of the queen. In the end, it to be revealed the Aramis has determined to come to be a priest.

2. Athos (Greek origin) meaning "children of Gaia" is likewise one the the 3 musketeers is shown as a calm and also composed gentleman that is good at examining situations. He becomes a father number to D"Artagnan. Athos regularly retrospects his past life which to be lavish. Athos had actually abandoned his aristocracy and also lavishness to come to be a musketeer. A male who typically keeps quiet and prefers remaining in a dark and sombre mood, that hides his past pain. It to be revealed the he had actually hanged his bride after Athos discovered she had the mark of a felon. Later on in the novel, it to be revealed the the bride survived and also is the antagonist that the Nobel, Milady de Winter. Athos, however, beginning his hunt for Milady and also brings she to execution. After the hunt, that retires come a quiet and lonely life.

3. D"Artagnan (French origin) an interpretation "from Artagnan" is illustrated as a young headstrong guy from the impoverished Gascon aristocracy. He travel to Paris, France with really hopes of joining the call Musketeers. That befriends the three musketeers who begin mentoring him in addition to Treville that is your captain. Regardless of joining the guards, D"Artagnan had to prove his calibre to satisfy his can be fried dream of becoming a musketeer. D"Artagnan rescues his landlord"s wife Bonacieux who was kidnapped and also immediately falls in love v her. He and also his girlfriend in the king"s court uncover the rivalry between the king and also the Cardinal. After ~ displaying good valor, D"Artagnan was offered the job of receiving Queen anne of France"s diamonds from the fight it out of Buckingham. After a valiant journey, D"Artagnan retrieves the diamonds and saves the respect of the queen simply at the nick that time. With the passage of time, D"Artagnan profit popularity and prestige and ultimately foils the treacherous to plan of Milady de Winter. In the end, D"Artagnan becomes a sublievenant of Musketeer.

4. Porthos (French origin) an interpretation "a tiny gullible". Porthos is illustrated as a tall, large, solid and great looking young guy who has effectively wooed Coquenard, a wealthy mistress. That feeds in ~ the house of his mistress and also he is frequently seen to it is in worrying about the wide range of the husband of Coquenard. Porthos is also shown come be incredibly loyal and brave but he often stops working to grasp the meaning of conversations. Porthos is frequently seen to keep Coquenard close to him by hinting at various other noblewomen who room charmed at the handsome musketeer. In the end, it is seen that Porthos leaves the Musketeers to marry Coquenard that was currently a widow and thereby inheriting a huge fortune.

Other crucial Characters

Apart indigenous the three musketeers, there were other personalities who to be equally essential in the play.

5. Cardinal Richelieu - Cardinal Richelieu is shown as a guy of vast power and someone who is extremely ambitious. The is the chief minister come the King that plans on revenge by controlling the king together his romantic breakthroughs on the Queen to be turned down. He has a wide and an intricate network the spies and his very own guards. The is displayed that he and the king room both friends and also enemies at the same time. Both the king"s guards and cardinal"s guards room at continuous war v one another, each wanting to make a far better hand than the other. Apart from his jealousy Cardinal Richelieu likewise had ulterior politics motives once he found out that the Queen was having actually an affair through the duke of Buckingham. This hatred for the fight it out makes him scheme a arrangement for the Duke"s assassination. In ~ the end of the story, the Cardinal reluctantly uses the promo to D"Artagnan to it is in an officer that the Musketeers.

6. Milady de Winter - Milady de Winter is shown as a very powerful character in this novel. Milady is a spy because that the Cardinal Richelieu and also she uses her beauty and ways in espionage to infiltrate the noble households of Europe. In countless instances, Milady has spoken fluent English and also French in order to portraying photo of her being a aboriginal of both the lands. At the advice of the Cardinal, Milady cut the diamonds from the queen"s necklace which to be gifted to the Duke. The was during this time once D"Artagnan discovers her deepest secret. She has a fleur-de-lis mark on her left shoulder i m sorry is a mark offered to the worst criminals. D"Artagnan likewise realised the Milady to be the mam of Athos who was presumed dead. That is also suspected the Milady killed her husband for riches inheritance and also was also willing to death her brother-in-law. However, she escapes indigenous the lock after seducing john Felton and also poisons Bonacieux to take revenge on D"Artagnan. Finally, she is captured and executed.

Love Interests


Alexandre Dumas"s "The three Musketeers" mirrors a wide variety of love interests. Right here are some:

7. Kitty

Kitty to be the maid that Milady. She fell in love through d"Artagnan.

8. Madame Bonacieux

She is the wife of Monsieur Bonacieux and also the lady-in-waiting because that Queen. D"Artagnan madly drops in love v her after conserving her. She appreciates his protection however the relationship was no consummated.

9. Madame de Chevreuse

She to be the secret mistress that Aramis. Chevreuse was a close friend of the Queen but she was banished from Paris by the King after ~ the Cardinal suspected her of helping the queen in political schemes.

10. Madame de Coquenard

Coquenard to be the mistress the Porthos. She was a rich woman. Porthos, however, maintained her identity a secret by informing his mistress to be a Duchess. In the end, after the death of her old husband, she married Porthos.

Other Characters

We take it a look at several of the various other character names of the historic novel through Alexandre Dumas.

11. Comte de Rochefort

Comte de Rochefort is a very dangerous man. He is likewise the private and trustworthy spy the the Cardinal and likewise becomes a fierce opponent of D"Artagnan.

12. Comte de Wardes

Comte de Wardes is a spy the the Cardinal. That is likewise the lover of Milady. As soon as D"Artagnan impersonated Wardes and also spent the night through Milady i beg your pardon bred hatred and vengeance in the heart of Milady.

13. Duke the Buckingham

George Villiers is the battle each other of Buckingham. The is explained as a really handsome male who is wealthy and also powerful. He was likewise the many trusted friend of King Charles i of England, along with being the Minister the War. He is shown to it is in in a secret affair with Queen Anne who reciprocates his love. The fight it out is constantly seen trying to please his beloved.

14. John Felton

A British marine Officer that let Milady escape after gift seduced by her.

15. King luigi XIII

King luigi XIII was the King and also the leader of France. However, that is illustrated as not a strong ruler. He was constantly overcame by other ministers and also his reliable advisers, specifically the Cardinal. Owing to his an easy and small nature the was sometimes influenced and also manipulated through others.

16. Lord de Winter

Lord de Winter is the brother-in-law of Milady. That is presented as a guy who prefers continuing to be away from action. Once he discovers his killing plot by Milady, he locked her in his castle.

17. Monsieur Bonacieux

Monsieur Bonacieux is the landlord that D"Artagnan and the husband of madame Bonacieux. The approached D"Artagnan for assist when his mam was kidnapped. But later ~ a meeting with the Cardinal, he chose to adjust his loyalties. He ended up being a spy for the Cardinal resulting in transforming on his wife.

18. Monsieur de Treville

Monsieur de Treville is the role model because that D"Artagnan who the latter also admires the most. Similar to D"Artagnan, Treville together a young man also hailed from Gascony and also traveled to Paris, and with his sheer will, loyalty and also determination increased to the rank of the captain that the king"s upstream Guard. Regardless of having a minor duty in the novel, Treville helps D"Artagnan acquire a role in the regiment the the king"s security so that he can come to be a musketeer.

19. Queen Anne

Anne the Austria or Queen ann was the queen the France and also the wife of King louis XIII. She is displayed constantly torn between the countries of Spain and France, fan to her Spanish heritage. The queen to be disliked through the King who didn"t love her. She was additionally disliked by the Cardinal as she rebuffed his romantic approaches. However, she ran a an enig affair through George Villiers, the fight it out of Buckingham.


Enlisted below are the name of the servants that the three musketeers as illustrated in the novel.

20. Bazin

Bazin to be a pious religious man and also the servant of Aramis. He wanted his understand to end up being a priest.

21. Grimaud

He connected with sign language to his understand Athos.

22. Mousqueton

Like his understand Porthos, he had eyes because that the ideal things in life.

23. Planchet

He to be the brave and loyal maid of D"Artagnan.

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