A switch v "O/D" written on that on or around the change lever the an automatic vehicle and its surroundings.Do you understand what that is for and when to use it?

What is overdrive (O/D)?


Cars have a transmission, in bespeak to begin from the stopped state and increase the speed.

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This is simple to snapshot if girlfriend imagine the gears that a bicycle.

Bicycles v gears deserve to start relocating without exerting much force, and also can run much faster than bicycles there is no gears.

Cars likewise have at the very least 3 gears. Some also have 8 or 10 speed gears.Starting indigenous stationary, use the 1st gear till you have got some speed. Indigenous there, readjust to 2nd gear, then 3rd gear ... And so on together the auto accelerates.

Overdrive is similar to a gear used at a higher speed than 4th (top) gear will comfortable allow.It might be thought of favor this. 1st speed (low), 2nd speed (second), third speed (3rd), fourth gear (top), fifth gear (overdrive).

There is an overdrive move in some automatic cars, so the is feasible to intentionally turn turn off overdrive.

How to usage overdrive (switch)


How to usage the overdrive move is very easy. The overdrive move is on by default, till you move it off.

The factor for always being ~ above is the it delivers a reasonable rate both throughout high-speed driving and also running ~ above a constant road.At that time, if overdrive to be OFF, you would certainly be driving at speed in a low gear. The engine rate would walk up, the vehicle would be noisy, and also fuel economic situation would get worse. There room no positives.

Therefore, in regular driving, we actively use overdrive, i beg your pardon is a gear for high speed.

Situations to turn off overdrive

When you desire to drive without using high gear


You have to turn turn off overdrive in mountain roads wherein hills and also corners space frequent.

Automatic transmissions automatically change up and down through the gears in order come prioritize fuel economic situation by digital control, however there are cases where this becomes a problem.

When entering corners, as soon as you release your foot native the accelerator to sluggish down, the infection will change up a gear. The auto will not decelerate, and also you will be required to brake through the foot brake in a hurry. Or when accelerating on one uphill slope, the transmission will transition down and up repeatedly, make the ride an extremely uncomfortable.

If overdrive is rotate off, the transmission deserve to be addressed to a reduced gear, the solution to the accelerator becomes better, and also the engine brake becomes much more effective.

When you want to change to a reduced gear

Overdrive is additionally useful when you desire to overtake, once you desire to climb uphill, and when you want to make engine braking much more effective.

There is a an approach called "kick down" as a technique to shift down from overdrive.This is moving down in ~ the very same time together you action on the accelerator. However, over there is a slight time lag prior to shifting down through this method, which might make it an overwhelming to use.Moreover, it can not be offered for downshifting in stimulate to make engine braking an ext effective. So by switching overdrive native ON to OFF, it soon shifts under a gear, for this reason you have the right to accelerate more quickly and also use engine braking well.

When the O / D turn off indicator flashes


Be careful when the O / D off indicator irradiate is blinking.

Illuminated lights show that overdrive is OFF, yet a blinking light is warning of an abnormality in the transmission.Immediately walk to a mechanic to have the automobile checked and repaired.

There space several causes of blinking.Failure of the control solenoid valve, automatic fluid leakage, clogging the the control hydraulic path as soon as the automatic fluid is exchanged, etc.

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If you know the overdrive information defined above, friend should have the ability to drive more enjoyably and safely than before.Please shot it by all means.