There’s no appropriate time or period to start discovering to shave. So, exactly how do you know when to talk to her daughter about shaving? find out answers to common teen cut questions. Puberty can hit previously in life or later, and with it comes thicker hair on legs, also as new hair expansion under arms and around the pubic area. Since puberty and also developing body hair hits girls every at different times, exactly how do you know when to teach your daughter just how to shave?

Though there isn’t a set age to talk to her daughter about shaving, you have the right to look for noticeable cues the time to have actually the conversation. For instance, she may method you around wanting to start shaving, or you may start noticing her body hair and want to start that conversation. One of two people way, make certain she to know you’re over there to talk with her around shaving as soon as she’s ready.

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Especially as puberty hits, girlfriend daughter might lug up shaving on she own. It might be the end of straightforward curiosity or since her girlfriend are starting to shave. Or, she might be emotion self-conscious about her brand-new body hair.

Change have the right to be scary, especially when it comes to body changes. It’s vital to remind your daughter there is nothing wrong with having actually body hair and also shaving is completely her choice. Let her understand you space there to teach she if and when she wants to begin shaving.


First and foremost, make certain your daughter knows sharing razors is no sanitary and can reason infections come spread. Since of this, it’s necessary that she has actually her very own razor blade.

Help your daughter build her very own razor. The way, she can choose which handle, shade and number of blades she wants.


In enhancement to no sharing razors it’s necessary to litter away disposable razor knives or adjust blade refill cartridges as soon as they come to be dull. She may be nervous about getting nicked, but assure she a spicy blade leader to better results and also less possibilities of nicks and also skin irritation 보다 a dull blade. If her blade pulls at she body hair or feels unstable on her skin, that time to replace it. In general, razor knives last five to 10 shaves relying on how generally she shaves.

Another safety guideline is to always use shaving gel. This helps preserve moisture and allow the razor to glide an ext easily across the skin, i m sorry reduces opportunities of skin irritation. Applying a moisturizing scent or oil, one it is preferably alcohol-free, ~ she finishes cut will also preserve moisture and keep her skin hydrated.


You can show her just how to cut or walk her through the process.

Regardless that the place — even if it is it’s the armpits, foot or bikini area — she must soak the area in warmth water because that at least three to five minutes via a bath or shower, and also apply cut gel. And, make certain she knows just how to cut each individual area for the best results:

For legs, gently shave from the ankles upFor armpits, shave in every directions — downward, sideways and also upward together neededFor bikini area, an initial shave in the direction that the hair growth; then reapply shaving cream and go versus the grain because that a closer shave.

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