Buffy The Vampire Slayer: 10 methods Willow changed From Season 1 to Season 7 few characters advanced as much as willow did end the course of Buffy The Vampire Slayer"s seven-season run, and here"s how.

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pasture Rosenberg is Buffy"s ideal friend from day one. ~ above Buffy"s an initial day at Sunnydale High, she and Willow run into each other and become fast friends, much to Willow"s surprise, considering she had actually seen Buffy hanging out with Cordelia earlier and at that time, Willow and also Cordelia run in very different society circles.

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Buffy doesn"t care though, she likes Willow and also would lot rather be her friend 보다 stand by and watch Cordelia tear willow down. Having Buffy in she life and every one of the adventures they challenge together changes Willow. Willow"s transformation over the seven periods of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is among the many drastic that the entire series.

as soon as we very first meet pasture in the pilot episode, "Welcome to the Hellmouth", she is wearing a plaid all at once dress and also a collared shirt. Cordelia viewpoints Willow in ~ the water fountain and comments on she look informing Willow, "It"s great to understand you"ve viewed the softer next of Sears." willow tells Cordelia her mommy picked that out. As the present progresses, Willow"s style evolves. She always keeps things on the more modest side, uneven it"s Halloween and she decides to dress scandalously, however by the end of the series, it"s evident Willow"s mother is no much longer picking out her outfits.

Willow and also Oz in Buffy
indigenous the an extremely beginning, it"s a known truth that Willow has a like on her ideal friend, Xander. It"s your common school girl crush and Willow is too shy to tell Xander how she feels. Once Willow meets Oz in season two, everything changes. There is immediate chemistry between the two and Willow comes out of her shell.

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The 2 lovebirds quickly end up being high school sweethearts, and Willow blossoms, also enjoying the sometimes public display of affection in the halls the Sunnydale High or at having lunch in the cafeteria. Willow grows up a lot while date Oz and even loses her virginity to him.

Willow quickly goes from being the girl with a crush who can"t even admit come it, to gift the girl caught in the middle of a love triangle, or an ext like a love square. While pasture is date Oz, Xander is dating Cordelia, yet having come the end of their shells a little bit more, Xander and also Willow realize they still have actually feelings for each other and also they begin hooking up behind their far-ranging others" backs. Willow finally gives in to her feelings because that her ideal friend, even though she to know it"s wrong, showing that the smart and also shy girl have the right to have a negative side together well. 

7 becomes A Witch

pasture starts to dabble v magic as early on as the very first season, however with every new season, her powers grow stronger and stronger. Willow provides spells to perform a lot of good things, favor the enjoining order she go to provide Buffy also greater power when she fights Adam, or other simpler, prefer the an initial time Willow and also Tara join forces to move a vending an equipment against a door when they"re being chased by The Gentlemen.

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Willow additionally uses magic for no so an excellent things, like once she casts a spell on Tara to make her forget a hit they had actually the night prior to when Tara confronts Willow around using too much magic. Eventually, Willow"s obsession turns into a attention addiction.

pasture finds her voice an ext and much more as she transforms throughout each season. It seems as despite the longer she is through Buffy"s next the braver she gets and the less she"ll tolerate. In an episode in the third season called, "Lover"s Walk", Spike walk to pasture demanding she cast a love spell for him so he can get Drusilla back. Pasture agrees, but she refuses to placed up through Spike"s poor manners and also pushy actions telling him, "Now, hold on! I"ll perform your spell for you, and also I"ll obtain you, Drusilla, back... However there will be no "having" of any kind v me! all right?". When Willow stands her ground it"s empowering.

5 She Discovers she Sexuality

In college, willow meets a girl, also interested in magic, called Tara. Willow and also Tara begin hanging out and also bond end spells and Wiccan things. Indigenous pretty beforehand on, it appears these two space destined to be more than friends. This storyline was among the very first of its type for primetime television and broke a lot of molds for just how love is shown on network tv.

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Part that its groundbreaking appeal is just how right it seems for Willow and also Tara to be in love. Willow has had her heart broken in the past, yet with Tara, it"s different, it"s truer love and also it"s love Willow deserve to rely on and open up to.

~ Tara is accidentally shot by Warren as soon as he"s do the efforts to death Buffy in ~ the finish of season six, willow is grief-stricken, to say the least. Willow sets out on a hunt because that vengeance using every one of the power she has. Pasture tracks down Warren and also shows the no mercy, even though the begs because that it, lot of times. The means Willow kills Warner, by take it his skin turn off after gradually shoving a bullet through his chest, is brutal. It"s difficult to imagine the this is the same human being who couldn"t also make eye contact passing Warren in the halls at Sunnydale High, however losing someone you love will certainly definitely readjust a person, and in Willow"s case, that adjust was no for the better. 

3 She becomes A Villain

willow doesn"t simply stop through Warren. Killing Warren doesn"t take away any type of of the pain willow is feeling, therefore she vow to damage the world. Pasture goes from gift Buffy"s ideal friend to gift the point Buffy must save the people from. Willow isn"t fear of Buffy though and manages to defeat Buffy quite easily.

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In fact, it"s no Buffy who conserves the people from Dark Willow, but Xander. Xander find Willow together she is open to killing everyone and also everything on the planet, and also he appeals to her emotionally side, which in spite of her evil nature, is tho intact. Xander tells willow he loves her, and also Willow falls to she knees get rid of by grief.

as soon as Buffy dies, sacrificing it s her so that her sister, can live, Dawn is left an orphan. Buffy and also Dawn"s mother, Joyce passed away mid-way with season five and Buffy is dead through the finish of that very same season. Dawn has lost everyone, other than for the Scooby gang, who action up to assist the teenager navigate her new life and the pains she is feeling losing her mother and her sister. Willow, in certain really support Dawn. She and Tara move into the Summers" home and look after ~ Dawn, making sure she does well in school, eats properly, stays out the trouble, and all the points that get in parenting a young adult. We check out a motherly side to Willow as soon as she becomes Dawn"s caretaker.

1 Willow"s Magic i do not care Good

Willow"s magic for many of the series comes from a dark ar until that erupts at the end of season six, resulting in her to nearly destroy the entire world. Willow spends the remainder of the collection in rehab from her angry ways and with Giles" help, learn to practice magic native a place of peace. Willow achieves her healthy magic purposes in the last episode that the series. Willow have to use all of her strength to revolve every Potential Slayer into the genuine thing as they fight The first Evil through Buffy. Willow is successful with she spell, and also instead of turning dark and veiny, which is what taken place the critical time Willow supplied that lot power, she starts come glow through white light, symbolizing the her powers are currently in a an excellent place.

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