5 points We Liked about Bleach's Bount Arc (& 5 Why It's dreadful Filler) The Bount Arc is, according to most fans, among the Bleach anime"s worst fillers. Right here are 5 points we liked, and also some 5 we hated about it.

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The Bount Arc is, follow to most fans, among Bleach"s worst fillers. Back this arc may not it is in canon come the main series, it has actually some an excellent qualities the fans can enjoy. Plenty of fans have the right to agree that the pure best part of the filler is the exact same as that of the remainder of the seasons: the fighting.

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Viewers obtain to check out the main human being characters and the Shinigami again right after the Soul society Arc, however this time they space not on the contrary sides. Because that anyone that is hungry for an ext Bleach content prior to the anime is updated, the Bount Arc might be precious watching.

Hollow Ichigo In Bleach Brave Souls
Zangetsu, formerly known as Hollow Ichigo, makes a brief appearance in the Bount Arc. The first thing he does is block an strike by capturing his sword by the blade with his bare hands. Despite being injured, that wields the sword v one hand and also lands an outstanding blow on Dalk, the doll he was facing.

When asked for his name, Zangetsu refuses come answer. This arc offered no clues of Zangetsu"s true identity, yet seeing a nerfed Ichigo have actually a moment of glory through his inner hollow was satisfying.

Orihime's fake brothers in front of the gates of hell in bleach
following a bittersweet dream of playing in the snow v her deceased brother, Orihime awakens to uncover someone that looks specifically like him standing right outside of she door. Like any kind of normal person, she instantly assumes that opened the door to let him in is the finest course the action. This seems prefer a an extremely foolish decision on she part, provided that the last time she saw him, he to be a hollow that was trying come eat her.

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As viewers suspected, the male was no her brother. The was just a mod spirit who tricked and also proceeded come kidnap her. What makes the scene even an ext infuriating is the truth that she watch what looks favor the entrances of hell behind him and is still more than happy to take his readily available hand.

countless of the Bounts had an imaginative abilities the posed interesting challenges to Bleach"s main characters. For example, Sawatari rides a brown whale with hard scales that can grow to safeguard him.

The whale is able to create another dimension and travel with it, permitting the doll to move through walls. One more Bount has a doll that can create snakes indigenous anything. Powers like these were brand-new and distinct to the Bounts, do them adversaries that could put increase a great fight even against Shinigami Captains.

7 Disliked: The character Designs

The Bounts execute not seem to have a unifying visual theme, making them clash v the visuals that viewers have grown to suppose in Bleach. Jin Kariya looks favor a timeless vampire that was haphazardly dropped right into the series, if a character prefer Yoshi attract purple garments that carry out not complement her dark eco-friendly hair.

If viewers to be to look at the character designs, they would certainly be hard-pressed to pertained to the conclusion the the outfits come from a series that greatly favors black and white attire.

One thing that remains continuous from the previous arcs is the humor. There are some legitimately funny moments in the Bount Arc. Component of this is because of the amazing voice acting, and also the way in which the main personalities interact through each other.

From Renji suddenly getting here to Ichigo"s institution in 60"s apparel to Kon slipping a boo-boo cushion top top Ichigo"s seat, this arc is full of gags. Anyone who watches this arc is guarantee to laugh a few times.

5 Disliked: Ichigo"s Bankai Loss

although overpowered characters are a frequent trouble in anime, the viewers are presented through the the opposite problem. Ichigo was nerfed hard, and also for no an excellent reason. Urahara gave a poorly comprehensive explanation for this phenomenon: It"s simple to use Bankai in Soul society but it was simply harder in the actual world. He additionally tells Ichigo that he have to not be relying ~ above his Bankai.

Ironically, Ichigo offers his Bankai all the time later on in the series. This flimsy class on just how he shouldn"t depend on one of his most an effective abilities is completely ignored once Ichigo needs to fight an effective enemies prefer the Arrancar.

Furious about the tampering through his database, Mayuri looks because that the human being responsible. Instead, he find Sawatari. The is an especially satisfying to check out Mayuri hit someone other than Uryu and also Orihime, and every viewer currently knew that the Bount would not eagerly take up his supposedly generous offer to end up being a test subject.

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Sawatari"s doll is able come disappear right into the sky, and its scales space too difficult for Mayuri"s sword to cut. However, Mayuri is may be to defeat the Bount by using his Bankai in a fight that is storage of a Kaiju movie. This struggle is definitely worth a watch.

3 Disliked: The Animation

The computer animation quality that the Bount Arc is not particularly great. Personalities often are drawn with lopsided eyes or through poorly attracted faces the make it feel as though the episodes to be rushed out.

This significant flaw is current in the Bleach movies also since the animators had actually no visuals from the manga come refer ago to. Sadly, every one of Bleach"s fillers suffer from this problem. Renji in specific makes encounters that are meant to be comical but come off more as creepy.

Previously, Bleach"s audience gained very couple of glimpses that life external of the barrier between typical spirits and also Shinigami. Renji and also Rukia were youngsters who struggled to survive, and also they also lost their friends. Since they had actually the potential to end up being Shinigami, castle were allowed to enroll in a special school and had accessibility to a far better life. Gin and Rangiku likewise seemed to have actually their very own struggles before they came to be high ranking Shinigami.

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Rukia told spirits the Soul culture is similar to heaven, i m sorry is not really true. The Bount Arc ultimately shows just how angry part spirits room that they do not re-superstructure the same way of life that the Shinigami do.

1 Disliked: Filler length and Placement

The Bounts appear in the anime in seasons 4 and 5. Lasting from illustration 64 to 109, the viewers acquire over 40 illustration of filler appropriate after the powerhouse Soul culture arc. Together it is filler, the feels the end of place, unnecessarily prolonging the amount of time that takes for personalities like Uryu and Rukia to get their powers back.

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The Bount Arc does not seem to serve a particular purpose or even fuel personality motivations later in the anime. The only references the anime makes to the is a shoehorned cameo by Jin Kariya together a hallucination and also brief appearances that the mode souls, who are living in ~ Urahara"s Shop. All of this makes it abundantly clear the the filler"s key purpose was to buy the manga an ext time to pull ahead that the anime.

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