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Circe speak Odysseus what to execute to gain accessibility to the Underworld. She says, in part, to

"<...> sit back and the north Wind will speed you ~ above your method <...>. Beach her vessel hard by the Ocean’s churning shore and make your own way down come the moldering House...

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Circe tells Odysseus what to do to gain accessibility to the Underworld. She says, in part, to

"<...> sit earlier and the phibìc Wind will speed you ~ above your way <...>. Beach your vessel tough by the Ocean’s churning shore and also make her own method down come the moldering house of Death. And there into Acheron, the overwhelming of Grief, 2 rivers flow, the torrent river of Fire, the wailing flow of Tears the branches off from Styx, the currently of Hate, and a distinguishable crag looms wherein the two rivers thunder down and also meet."

This is exactly how they will gain there, then. His ship will certainly take him to the proper place, and, there, Odysseus must secure it and go, top top foot, right into the Underworld. He should cross the rivers the border it and also run with Hades till he will the ar where lock meet. When there, he should go bravely forward and dig a trench about "a forearm"s depth and length," and also pour the end "libations" as offerings come the dead. First, he need to pour "milk and honey," then "mellow wine," and, finally, "sprinkle look barley end it all." He additionally has to promise to slaughter pets to market the dead as soon as he gets home to Ithaca.

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Finally, Circe says,

"And as soon as your prayers have invoked the countries of the dead in their dim glory, slaughter a ram and also black ewe, transforming both their heads toward Erebus, but turn your head away, looking towards the s River."

In various other words, on height of the milk and also honey, wine, and barley, Odysseus should pour out the blood the both a ram and a ewe so the the shades have the right to come forward and also drink. He have to then have actually his males burn both carcasses for Persephone and also keep the various other shades in ~ bay until Odysseus has "questioned Tiresias" himself.