Jason Vorhees is murderous monster that a male that just can’t it seems ~ to stay dead. But more than simply a man, he’s one icon. And the an extremely face the that symbol is his mask!

Over the years, Jason’s mask has changed quite a bit- and also it wasn’t also a hockey mask in ~ first! In respect of today’s date- Friday the 13th- let’s take it a look in ~ Jason‘s many iconic masks.

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Friday the 13th: part II


The very very first mask that ever before hid Jason’s face: the burlap sack. The sack had actually a single hole in it because that his left eye and also used a rope to keep the bag securely fastened top top his head.

It wasn’t particularly complex, yet it was iconic sufficient to result in the nickname “Sack Head Jason.” that traded increase in his next appearance.

Friday the 13th: part III


In Friday the 13th component III: 3D, Jason ultimately gets his mask! It’s a standard hockey mask with three red triangles and black straps connected at the top and also the sides.

Jason didn’t acquisition the mask brand new, though- that stole the from Shelly. And also while Shelly offered it because that pranks, Jason offered it come strike terror (and machetes) right into the hearts of his victims.

Friday the 13th: component IV last Chapter


In the very end the Friday the 13th: component III, Jason it s okay an axe to the head that permanently transforms his look.

Naturally, there’s part wear and also tear ~ above his mask that damages the red triangles that once marked the mask. Instead, the triangle above his eye is worn down, and also a deep bloodied gash oozes at the peak of his mask.

Friday the 13th: The new Blood


Jason’s mask is all sorts of various in Friday the 13th: The brand-new Blood, yet every information tells of component of Jason’s story.

The blade of a motorboat decimated and also splintered the lower left next of his mask. The axe mark from component IV is tho there, but the red triangle over the eyes is both repainted, and a deeper, bloodier red. This mask shows Jason‘s history, however shows the coming earlier with all brand-new strength and also all brand-new bloodlust.

Freddy vs. Jason


No one can have meant the dangerous crossover in between Freddy Krueger and Jason. And while his mask shows up to be similar to his Friday the 13th component III mask, the wicked nippers marks scratching native the height left come the bottom ideal tell a whole brand-new story.

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While a mask commonly covers Jason’s expression, this time, we deserve to see the terror and the hazard of the moment.

What’s your favorite Friday the 13th Jason mask? permit Your geezer benidormclubdeportivo.org and also tell united state below!

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