Who are Emmett Bledsoe and also Bay Kennish?

Emmett Bledsoe and Bay Kennish are characters in the TV Show, Switched at Birth. After helping Bay track under her organic dad lock became very close. They have been through so much together especially the fact that Emmett is deaf and Bay can hear. With each other or personally they seem to have actually an unspoken connection and also understand each other.

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Emmett Bledsoe and also Bay Kennish are characters in the TV Show, Switched at Birth. After help Bay track under her organic dad they became very close. They have actually been with so lot together specifically the fact that Emmett is deaf and Bay have the right to hear. With each other or personally they it seems ~ to have an unspoken connection and also understand each other.Emmett BledsoePlayed by Sean Berdy, Emmett is Bay"s ex-boyfriend, and also the longtime finest friend the Daphne. He is deaf and rarely speak verbally, to like to interact through American authorize Language. The rides a motorcycle and drives Daphne to their school, lot to the dismay the the Kennishes. In spite of their concerns and also his being deaf, Emmett is proven to be a great driver. He is an extremely protective of Daphne and also has had a long-time crush on her, but doesn"t do his feelings recognized to her. He is the just child in an all-deaf family, and for this reason has actually grown up having actually trouble relating to human being who hear.In the an initial season, in spite of of the language barrier, Bay and Emmett kind a link after the assists she in finding her father. The 2 eventually begin a relationship. Once they very first get together, Daphne realises she feelings for she long-time finest friend, finishing in them kissing in a automobile wash. Emmett, however, reaffirms his commitment to Bay. He reassures just of their relationship by connecting with her verbally for the first time. This relationship, however, runs into a multitude of troubles throughout that course, consisting of Emmett"s household troubles and also the interference of 3rd parties.Throughout his connection with Bay, Emmett faces obstacles at home. That learns the his parental are acquiring a divorce and also that his father has actually moved in with one more woman. Bay, came to for Emmett"s well-being, goes behind his back to confide in his mother around her fears about Emmett living v her father. Emmett learns around their discussion and also a struggle ensues, causing Emmett sleeping with Simone, Bay"s previous friend and Toby"s girlfriend. That does not reveal his actions to Bay until the night of prom, after i m sorry she promptly breaks up through him and leaves in tears. Emmett, however, is determined to success her back.Months later, in an effort to win Bay back, Emmett paints their connection in a timeline on a brick wall. Bay and Emmett meet and Emmett speak Bay that he is deep sorry about what happened between him and also Simone, and that it supposed nothing to either him or Simone. However, bay doesn"t think they will ever be the same. Despite this, Emmett speak Bay he"s walking to store trying to success her ago no matter just how long it takes, which is later shown by Daphne, that tells Bay that if Emmett has actually as so lot as a sliver the hope, he"ll wait forever. After only attempts to operation away native home, the is Emmett that helps John find her. Bay and also Emmett re-superstructure a moment where he tells her that he will certainly "always come and find her". They virtually kiss however are interrupted by Bay"s father.At the beginning of the 2nd season, a concerned Bay tells Emmett that she has begun a new relationship v Noah, in response, Emmett kisses her and asks her whether she has actually really moved on native him prior to he wade away. Later, Emmett speak Bay around the kiss in between Noah and also Daphne. He later meets a hearing disabled girl (Ashley Fiolek) that is a fellow motorcycle enthusiast. Daphne, who is eager for Emmett to simply move on from Bay because that the benefits of his happiness, speak him the the new girl is perfect because that him because she"s deaf and into motorcycles, however Emmett speak her the he currently has discovered his perfect girl in Bay.Over the course of the second season, Emmett and also Toby reconnect, v Toby also forgiving Emmett for sleeping with Simone. The 2 renew your friendship and form another band. Emmett even stands as best man in ~ Toby"s wedding. In ~ which he renders a toast (appearing to subtly be directed at Bay) saying that he and Bay are meant come be with each other saying the she is the one he found. In the final episode that season 2, Emmett comforts a crying just after finding out around the finish of her connection with Ty.The 3rd season watch Emmett dealing with the integration of hearing kids into Carlton. He finds himself somewhat of one outcast among his partner after revealing the identification of a friend who had been slashing tires in order to do the new kids look bad.Emmett asks Bay"s aid on an astronomy project, whereby it is revealed the he is date a new girl, Mandy, who he met online. Despite responding come Bay"s kiss, Emmett soon pulls away. The confesses to Bay the the factor they can not be together is since she cannot let go of the past and forgive that for resting with Simone. Bay, however, apologises and promises not to bring it up again, leaving some hope for a future because that the two of them. In a later episode, after seeing Bay struggle to repaint with a hand injury, Emmett helps inspire her by taking her come a replica the 1950"s ras Vegas constructed by a millionaire for his dying wife. He also helps her produce the project and also submit the to she class.In the feather finale Emmett go to satisfy Mandy because that the an initial time. However, Mandy is revealed to it is in Matthew, a classmate wanting to get ago at Emmett for having actually him suspended previously in the season. Bay later on finds him and also after admitting their love for each other, the two sleep together After some initial apprehension because of the two of them having unprotected sex, just reaffirms she commitment come Emmett and also promises come break points off with Tank. He also runs right into some trouble v Matthew, that is currently blackmailing him into staying quiet around the beating.In "Oh, Future" Emmett"s dad surprises his guests at a housewarming party with a wedding and the revelation the Emmett is to end up being a large brother. Emmett is at first angry with his father, but after some advice from Bay and his mother, he warms approximately the idea that a new sibling.Bay KennishPlayed through Vanessa Marano, bay Madeline Kennish-Vasquez is the artistic and also rebellious legit daughter the John and Kathryn Kennish; and biological daughter of Regina Vasquez and also Angelo Sorrento. She is presented to be a talented graffiti artist. In the pilot episode, Bay, upon discovering that she does no share the same blood kind as either of her parents, access time a geneticist through her parents. That is then the they are educated that there to be a mix up v two babies at the hospital, and that John and also Kathryn space not her biological parents. The exploration of the switch leads Bay to inquiry her whole upbringing, resulting in her break up v her boyfriend, Liam and getting arrested because that attempting come buy beer through a fake ID.She becomes attracted to Ty, an old friend of Daphne and Regina"s, and they begin a connection in the 2nd episode. Upon being captured sneaking roughly with Ty, she parents invite him around for dinner, during which, Ty accidentally allows slip the he has actually enlisted in the army. ~ above his critical night in town, the two virtually sleep together, however Bay refuses and also departs in tears.Curious about her organic father, bay sets out to search for him with assist from Emmett. They are ultimately reunited. She grow closer v her organic mother and also father, also moving in v the two of them in ~ one point. Bay is the very first to discover out that Angelo got one more woman pregnant and now has one more daughter together a result of a one-night stand.After Ty"s departure, Bay begins a partnership with Daphne"s deaf best friend, Emmett, after the assists she in her search for Angelo. The two have actually a unstable relationship due to their differences, however remain together, even after suffering a variety of setbacks including Bay"s past relationship through Ty, Emmett"s i do not agree mother and the language obstacle between them. Toward the finish of the very first season, Bay division up v Emmett after ~ she finds out at prom the he slept v Simone her old friend. Complying with her break up v Emmett, only comes home from she summer expedition with a brand-new boyfriend. However, things perform not last long in between them after ~ it i do not care clear the Bay is still no over Emmett. She feelings come to be more complex when she look at a mural Emmett painted illustrating their relationship, leading to her breaking it off with Alex.After her initial break up with Emmett, just finds that she is immersing herself much more and more in she street art, causing an unlikely friendship through a other artist by the name of Zarra. This friendship causes Bay to rebel versus John and also Kathryn come the suggest of her almost running away with Zarra come Mexico. She is stopped prior to leaving and brought residence by Emmett and John. In the second season, bay meets Noah, a other hearing college student at Carlton. A brief romance ensues, yet Bay division up with Noah once she realizes that he has feelings for Daphne.Ty return in the second fifty percent of season two, leading to them resuming their relationship. Only expresses issue for Ty"s psychological well being complying with his time offer in Afghanistan. The two eventually reconnect, sleeping together for the very first time Bay lose her virginity to Ty. However, in the season 2 finale, Ty, around to be recalled to the army, lies come Bay around sleeping through someone rather after she find girl"s underwear top top his bedroom floor, in an initiative to save her from additional hurt. In season three, Ty is presented to not be responding to any kind of of Bay"s effort"s to call him. However, once he lastly does article her, Bay, identified to move on, deletes the blog post without responding. Bay at some point discovers Ty"s lie, however remains adamant to relocate on through her life.In the 2nd season finale, upon discovering that Ty had cheated top top her, Bay turns to Emmett because that comfort and support. In the third season, Emmett asks Bay"s help on one astronomy project, where it is revealed that he is dating a brand-new girl, Mandy, whom he met online. In spite of responding come Bay"s kiss, Emmett soon pulls away. The confesses come Bay the the factor they can not be with each other is since she cannot let go of the past and forgive the for sleeping with Simone. Bay, however, apologises and promises no to lug it up again, leaving part hope because that the future.In the third season premiere, just starts her senior year and also her an initial day at a brand-new college art class. She renders a new friend named Tank. During a class assignment in which they have actually to draw a partner, Bay, searching for Tank, find herself going come a frat party. In an initiative to forget around Ty, she winds up greatly intoxicated. In her drunk state, she and Tank have actually a heart to heart about her broken heart and around why Ty cheated on her. Later on on, Toby and Daphne pick up just from the party. ~ noticing the hockey sticks in the earlier seat, Toby informs Bay that she will be involvement the Carlton field hockey team.Bay starts dating frat boy and college football player, Tank, in the illustration "The Scream", despite having only having actually thought the him together a girlfriend in the past. After Mary-Beth reveals to Bay the Ty had lied to her about cheating, she begins to inquiry her relationship with Tank. Tank becomes even much more irritated when he learns that Bay turned come Emmett for advice before consulting him. Things later on take a rotate for the worse once Bay accidentally reveals that Tank was the one who blew the horn on a frat event, leading him to it is in blackballed indigenous the fraternity.Later in the season, Bay faces a variety of challenges. She injures she hand in ~ a party and is later revealed to have actually snapped a tendon in she hand. This leaves her unable to paint or sign throughout her month of recovery. As a result she is moody and takes it the end on everyone in her family.In the feather finale, just researches online after having suspicions about Emmett"s new girlfriend, Mandy. Despite her warnings, Emmett chooses to fulfill with her anyway. Mandy is displayed to be nothing an ext than a fake file designed to set up by Matthew, a classmate wanting to get back at Emmett. Emmett is subsequently beaten up. Realizing this, bay rushes to find Emmett. ~ a heartfelt conversation, Bay and also Emmett lastly admit the they tho love every other prior to sharing a kiss and also proceeding to sleep together. After some initial apprehensions due to the 2 of them having actually unprotected sex, bay reaffirms she commitment to Emmett and breaks points off through Tank.Later, Bay experience the ns of Angelo, her organic father and also expresses regret that she did not spend more time through him. After ~ Angelo"s reason of fatality is discovered, the is feared the she might share the same biological trait that result in Angelo"s mind aneurysm.Ending season 3, and starting season 4, bay is ~ above probation after taking the loss for Daphne once she vandalized her mom"s (Regina Vasquez) worksite the end of anger. Due to this, Bay and also Emmett"s plan to move to L.A. Has been postponed. When Emmett leaves for L.A. Bay starts her ar service. However, after providing a convicted criminal ~ above probation a sandwich that had actually heroine in it, she is given an additional 90 days and house arrest.Emmett and BayFirst MeetingThe two an initial see every other once Emmett choose up Daphne to go obtain lunch. Emmett notices Bay and also they look in ~ each other for a moment before he asks Daphne that she is. Daphne speak Emmett that Bay is "Me. In another life." Emmett smiles at Bay prior to putting on his helmet. After castle leave, just smiles come herself.The two an initial officially meet when Emmett shows up on the Kennish lawn to escort Daphne come Carlton top top the ago of his motorcycle. This plainly appeals come Bay"s adventurous side and also she jealously confronts she parents around letting their biological daughter drive on the earlier of a stranger"s bike when she (Bay) is on restriction complying with an arrest because that underage drinking.First KissBay asks Emmett to help her edit a photo that may have ideas to where her Dad is. He continues to assist Bay find her father, and the two end up being closer. Eventually, Daphne confronts Emmett and demands to know what is walking on through him and also Bay. That insists that nothing to be going on, but at the finish of the episode, the meets just at she school. He signs "I choose you" before sharing a kiss through her and also walking away. Just is shown to be clearly stunned, but additionally happy.Parental ResponseMelody disapproves of Emmett"s connection with Bay, insisting that Deaf/hearing relationships cannot work out and saying the Bay is a bad influence on him. She likewise disapproves due to the fact that she believes Bay will certainly never get to recognize him the way a deaf girl would. Later in the episode she finds a shirt of Emmett"s with a blood stain on the in the trash. She climate gets mad in ~ Emmett demanding to understand what happened. Emmett lies around what he and Bay to be doing the various other night (illegal street art) and says that he reduced himself ~ above a sprinkler play football at his friends house. Then, as soon as Melody and Emmett walk to Bay and Daphne"s birthday party, she notices the Bay"s badly cut hand making her realize Emmett acquired hurt security time through her. She gets frustrated at Emmett for lying to her and also demands the he tell her the truth. Emmett states he won"t due to the fact that he knows just how his mommy feels around Bay because she is hearing. Melody proceeds to disapprove of Bay. Yet after Bay speak Melody around Emmett planning come drop out of school, Melody lastly realizes that Bay cares because that him and also gives her approval. In contrast, both Emmett"s father Cameron and Cameron"s girl friend Olivia (in season 1) seem to have taken a shine to the relationship also from the an extremely beginning. Yet her (Olivia"s) openness around sex provides Bay feeling uncomfortable. Just thinks the Olivia is a poor influence ~ above Emmett (after she offers him alcohol) and explains this come Cameron bring about him to provide custody to Melody.Bay"s parental (John and Kathryn) were initially scared the Emmett believing that is a "bad boy", and doesn"t want Bay or Daphne roughly him. After getting to know him a bit far better as he and also Bay room dating they begin to prefer him. Together Daphne"s mom, Regina thinks very highly of Emmett and also trusts him fully with both girls. Though, Regina confided through John and also Kathryn that during her alcoholism, she was really reluctant come letting Daphne ride on his motorcycle. And also even after permitting it, she still secretly followed him. ~ a while, however, she witnessed that Emmett is a great driver.When Emmett tells Melody that he cheated on just she speak him he"ll have to live with what the did but it was approximately him whether he told only or not.Memorable TalksDaphne"s admission to liking Emmett causes problems because that the couple, however Emmett begins to realize that there would be complications to the partnership with or without Daphne"s interference. The realizes the would never feel comfortable approximately Bay"s hear friends and family, which leads to them having actually a huge fight. Later, Emmett comes to Buckner Hall and tells her the she was never ever Deaf or hearing to him she to be "just Bay" and also while it would be much easier if she to be Deaf, but he tells she he doesn"t desire Deaf only he speak to her for the an initial time, saying, "I just want you."Bay is tho learning every one of the do"s and don"ts with the deaf and also mistakenly uses being deaf as a weakness. As Emmett is notified food the person working asks him what the wants and also Emmett doesn"t understand him, for this reason Bay orders for him. Plus later in the episode an angry guy approaches Emmett and starts yelling at him, and Bay speak the male that Emmett is hearing disabled (making the seem weak). Castle later have actually a talk about Bay"s action (which has to be understood by Daphne) and Emmett explains that signing is the means he watch the world and also if others have to adjust to that so be it. He"s different and also it"s ok.Emmett is furious that he has to sell his bicycle in order come pay for the fine he obtained putting Bay"s arts on a billboard for her birthday. He begins distancing himself from Bay, which issues her. She convinces him come come with her come the school. Bay asks Emmett that he is mad at and also he explains that, occasionally he really hates hearing people. Just responds through "But listen, nobody is better at hating the human being than i am. I"ve had actually 16 years of practice at it. It"s a lot more fun being angry at it with each other than alone."Emmett"s father"s new girlfriend Olivia mentions that Bay is permitted to continue to be over at any time which brings up the subject of sex through Bay and also Emmett. Bay tells Emmett she"s a "vegetable" (mis-signing virgin) to which Emmett reveals that is not yet he won"t "peel and also tell". This kinda scares just a bit. Later Bay asks Emmett to pertained to dinner to accomplish Angelo yet Emmett can"t. But Emmett invites just to remain over the night. Only asks if he way "stay over, stay over". Emmett replies the he desires to if she does, and they makes plans. When Bay comes over after dinner she is really mad at she parents because that being average to Angelo and also Emmett takes her parents" side. After ~ they argue Emmett claims that he doesn"t want to fight and Bay responds the if he think they are sleeping together tonight, climate he is higher than his dad.Bay becomes an extremely worried about Emmett once he starts talking about dropping out of high school and also getting his G.E.D. Believing the this has to do with Olivia"s influence. This starts a significant battle between Emmett"s parents.Melody asks Bay come speak on her behalf during the custody hearing, which Emmett wants Bay to remain away from. He describes to Bay the she is his island in a sea of divorce and he demands her to continue to be out the it. She guarantees she will, but after she discovers the Olivia is offering weed indigenous Cameron"s garage, she alters her mind. She goes to view Cameron behind his back and convinces him the living with him is no in the finest interest for Emmett. When Emmett find out, he is livid. Bay speak Emmett the she did it due to the fact that she cares because that him. However, Emmett doesn"t listen and also ends up having meaningless sex through Toby"s girlfriend, Simone.Emmett returns and apologizes because that yelling in ~ Bay. He states he doesn"t desire to lose Bay and also asks that for his birthday the it just be a mellow evening v each other. Just is perplexed by his sudden change in behavior, but makes none of it. She and Daphne decide the for Emmett"s date of birth they produce a movie. Emmett and Bay have actually a lot of fun until Simone arrives. Bay notices something is up as soon as they space making out and one minute Emmett is there and also the next he isn"t. The lies and also says it"s nothing. Bay speak him that they gained through the deaf-hearing thing, the Ty thing and the custody battle, and also said the they love each other. What else is over there left to obtain through? and also to just tell her, she can handle it but they can"t save going ago and forth anymore. Room they with each other or not? He claims that he is through her.At Prom, Daphne finds the end that Emmett cheated on Bay and also confronts him, come which he denies that he did. He climate decides that is time come come clean and tell Bay. He pulls her outside and also tells she the truth and also that it didn"t typical anything. Heartbroken, Bay breaks up with Emmett and also leaves.Bay returns house from her expedition still heartbroken. While Bay to be gone, Emmett developed a mural of all of the essential thing that taken place in their relationship and also created a map because that Bay to uncover it. After bay sees the mural, she breaks up with her existing boyfriend, Alex Rainford, and texts Emmett to accomplish her at your spot. Emmett arrives hoping that this would obtain their relationship ago on track. Bay tells Emmett the he damaged them and any partnership they are ever going to have. Emmett believes the they room bigger 보다 his one mistake. The is deeply sorry around his mistake. Bay then tells him that she knows that he is sorry, however he can"t simply fix it v words. The tells her he will wait till he knows how to deal with this.Emmett is worried around Bay and also tells man that he think Bay can run away. John and him go and also find Bay. As soon as he gets there Bay states that she"s happy he discovered her come which Emmett responds that he will always come uncover her.Emmett really wants to be v Bay again and also asks she why lock aren"t with each other anymore. Bay has actually been going through so lot with going come a brand-new school and everything else that she just needs a friend appropriate now. Emmett doesn"t desire to be friends, he wants much more which she can"t offer him, therefore he go away.During Emmett"s finest man speech he mentions that once you uncover that person organize on tight or they could slip away (meaning Bay and also his relationship). Later on that night Bay reflects up at Emmett"s house and also asks her why people cheat. Sex method something and she simply doesn"t gain it. Emmett tells she "however poor she is feeling ideal now, Ty is going come feel method worse when he numbers out what he"s lost". They hug.Bay and Emmett go back to school. Bay apologizes come Emmett for coming to him about Ty"s cheating. She states "I cant keep coming to you crying around other guys, its not cool." to which he pen off, speak "its not choose that."Bay asks Emmett to assist her take images of her arts for art school applications. Emmett, in return asks that she concerns a lunar meteor shower with him because that a school project. Later in the work Emmett comes end to take it the pictures and Bay learns hes dating a girl (Mandy) end the internet. At the lunar meteor shower, she gets as well jealous and also kisses that making Emmett enraged. She makes up because that it by obtaining him NASA quality images of the stars.After finding the end that Ty didn"t cheat on she she starts to concern her connection with Tank. Emmett tells her that due to the fact that Ty is unable to do he deserve to be but she imagines him come be, Tank may not it is in perfect yet he is here.Bay begins to worry around Emmett"s new girlfriend Mandy. She voices her concerns with Emmett and also he gets really mad in ~ her. She does part digging into Mandy and finds out that she doesn"t exist (it"s in reality Matthew). She goes searching for Emmett and also finds him beat up in the woods. Emmett is embarrassed the he couldn"t have seen this sooner. The is worried the Matthew is going to tell everyone around this and also ruin him. Bay speak Emmett the everyone loves him. The asks her, "You too?". Bay then mentions the he came below for some other girl. Emmett speak Bay the he was trying to produce what lock had and also feel for each other however that that won"t discover that feeling with anyone else. She speak him that he to know she loves him and also never stopped.Bay is an extremely upset through the reality that she cheated ~ above Tank (the one thing she swore she"d never ever do) and Emmett should understand that. ~ looking in ~ old pictures of their connection she messages Emmett to accomplish her. They talk around how much of a chaos they space both in however that what taken place was amazing and right. Lock don"t know what"s ahead yet will number it out together.After going to Emmett"s dad housewarming party (which his dad obtained married and Emmett discovered out his step-mother is pregnant) Emmett asks only what he must do. Bay tells him that he need to tell his dad exactly how he feels. Emmett speak Bay that points would be a many harder there is no her. She tells him the he will constantly have her. He responds that seeing and also being through her is the best component of everyday.Emmett help Bay look because that Angelo"s mother"s call number and he rather finds Angelo"s will. He and Bay go v it and it says that in this situation he desires them to pull the plug. Bay is horrified and also tells Emmett to put it ago where he found it and not tell anyone. Emmett tells she they can"t do that. Bay gets mad due to the fact that she loves Angelo and also can"t shed him. Emmett tells Bay that occasionally love means doing what the other person wants, also if it"s not what friend want.Bay begins to worry about her health considering what occurred to Angelo and her aunt. Emmett speak Bay the he acquired into film institution which makes her concern even more. She freaks out on him and also tells him that he requirements to relocate away and also meet new people there is no her, as soon as Emmett make the efforts to stop her, she tells him come let she go. She goes to check out Emmett the following night and also tells the she wants him to walk to film school and also she will certainly come v him. She simply wants to be through him and doesn"t desire to wait. Because she has no setup for following year his dream will certainly be hers.First "I Love You"sIn the start of episode 1x17, Emmett ended up being jealous as soon as he finds the end Ty and Bay to be serious. She told him the he knew she still had feelings because that Ty when Emmett kissed her, yet insisted the nothing happened; she to be still a virgin. Emmett shrugs that off, but it still seems to bother him.Later when Emmett seems bothered, just confronts him. That talks about how his parents offered to be in love, and now they aren"t. He confesses come her the he is afraid he and also Bay will at some point fall the end of love too. Only asks if he to be implying that they were in love. He claims that he is, and she agrees, signing "me too". Then they kiss.First TimeIn Love Seduces Innocence, satisfied Entraps, and also Remorse complies with (3x11), Emmett learns the his online girlfriend, Mandy, is in reality a catfish architected by Matthew. Bay finds a beat up Emmett sitting alone in the park, wherein he tells her the he fear he might never discover a girl who provides him feel choose Bay had. Bay tells Emmett than she has actually never quit loving him and the two kiss for the an initial time due to the fact that the an initial season. The illustration closes through Bay and also Emmett undressing. Presumably, they have actually sex. Also afterwards in episode 3.12 and 3.13 her dad finds out she took the "morning after" pill (the pill you take after having unprotected sex) and also assumes its from Tank. He confronts Tank around this. Tank insists that he didn"t carry out it, however John doesn"t think him. Later, Tank asks Bay who it was, and also she admitted that it to be Emmett. Then after that in the episode, only tells man that that wasn"t Tank, it to be Emmett. She felt guilty because that cheating on Tank and she truly cares for him, however her love belongs to Emmett. John tells just that sometimes love renders you do stupid things.

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RelationshipsFirst Relationship: start Up: Pandora"s crate (1x08) break Up: The Homecoming (1x10) Reason: Emmett felt that they might never really understand each other since Bay to be hearing whereas that is Deaf and also saw the civilization differently because of this. Yet Bay thought he broke up through her because Daphne had actually told Emmett that she liked him, and also she couldn"t complete with Daphne. Lock get earlier together later in the episode.Second Relationship: start Up: The Homecoming (1x10) break Up: Venus, Cupid, Folly, and also Time (1x22) Reason: Emmett said Bay the slept with Simone. Third Relationship: start Up: Love Seduces Innocence, satisfied Entraps, and also Remorse complies with (3x11) break Up: over there is My heart (4x10) Reason: Emmett feel they had actually been disconnected because that months and that he necessary to emphasis on school and she would just distract him. Emmett had also not gotten over Bay"s one-night stand v Tank and also still believed she cheated on him with Tank.Sources: Wikipedia - Emmett Bledsoe, Wikipedia - bay Kennish and also Wikia - Emmett and Bay