An ultra close look in ~ Panic! at The Disco’s colourful breakthrough video IWrite Sins, NotTragedies…

You understand what not sufficient music videos have? Ringmasters! as luck would have actually it, Panic! in ~ The Disco were conscious of this when putting with each other their video for IWrite Sins no Tragedies for the kajillion-selling debut album AFever You can’t Sweat Out. It’s more than likely one of the finest ringmaster-centric videos evermade!

So let’s dive onin!

0.01Immediately yes sir something abit various going ~ above here. Plucked cello strings, awedding invitation and abig-ass feather? It’s every alot much more dramatic and theatrical 보다 alot of what various other bands were doing at thetime.

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0.09Brendon Urie, there, channeling AClockwork Orange.

0.19Urie is law his own echo, there, one of many incidences of Panic! putting an ext words right into aspace than you can reasonably mean anyoneto.


0.23There’s miscellaneous odd about this lot that it take away alittle when to appropriately put your fingeron.

0.32Urie’s mouth isn’t displayed mouthing the word ​‘whore’, pre-empting the unpreventable censorship indigenous music stations. The same happens v ​‘god damn’ – castle opted for silence over recording a ​‘gosh darn’version.

0.33​‘Whore’ isn’t anice method to describe someone. The seeds of this track supposedly come native abreakup that lyricist Ryan Ross went through, and also him subsequently thinking just how much worse it could have been if the relationship had actually gone further before all walk wrong. However, afew years ago, Urie wrote abit about the track that seemed like component of it had come from his life: ​“I had this friend, Eric — we were really great friends and he knew Iwas really into this girl and she and also Ihad been talk for awhile. Iwas smitten end this girl. And Iwas slow-moving at making amove due to the fact that Iwas simply so nervous. Next thing Iheard: they to be fucking. And also that just damaged my heart.” kind of seems prefer Eric is the penis in that story, tbh, and chucking words choose ​‘whore’ around is most likely uncalledfor.


0.34Worth noting: Urie opens adoor here, significant in avideo in i beg your pardon closing goddamn doors is continuously requested. Additionally worth noting: watch at exactly how pleasant Brendon Urie’s faceis.

0.38Yeah, that little should it is in ​‘closing the god damn door’. Areasonable amount of world think this tune is called Closing The God damn Door. The yes, really title comes from abook by Douglas Coupland, ideal known for his books Generation Xand Microserfs. In his novel Shampoo Planet, the command character Tyler writes, ​“I am composing alist that tragic character flaws on mine dollar bills with afelt pen. Iam reasoning of the world in my universe and distilling for each that these world the one flaw in their character that will be their downfall – the cons that will be their undoing. What Iwrite room not sins; Iwrite tragedies.” Coupland has actually taken impetus in the other direction – his novel girlfriend In AComa takes its surname from aSmiths song. There are other literary references on ~ above AFever You can not Sweat out – The just Difference between Martyrdom and Suicide Is press Coverage comes from Chuck Palahniuk’s novelSurvivor.


0.40The erstwhile rest of Panic! are behind Urie. They’ve had actually afairly tumultuous history, with Urie now the sole surviving starting member. The full ins and also outs of what happened are yes, really long and involve alot the one human saying one thing and another speak another, v some ambiguity over whether some previous members play on details records or didn’t, and also credit because that the beginning stories behind some songs abit in-betweensy in terms of people, prefer the Ryan/Brendan/“Eric” tale above. Everything happened subsequently, they have one that the jammiest beginning stories in music, obtaining signed to Pete Wentz​’s Decaydance label prior to ever play alive present on the stamin of two songs post to his LiveJournal. Beforehand adopters, man. But kudos to Wentz for going, ​‘You understand what’ll make tons of human being millions of dollars? five dudes dressed prefer Victorians, among whom theatre the fucking accordion, who have never played ashow before!’

0.42These circus performers are members that the Lucent Dossier Experience, asurreal, avant-garde troupe that musicians and acrobats beloved by the type of dudes that spend £300 on aleather optimal hat with big-ass ring on it. The idea came out the what would have been adrinking session in between the band and also director Shane Drake had actually the band been old sufficient to drink. Drake told MTV: ​“The entirety idea pertained to me choose alightning bolt, and Iturned to the band and also said, ​‘Here the is: We’re walk to do awedding wherein the bride’s next is made up of creepy, face-painted people, and also the groom’s side is every carnival vaudeville freaks. And also Brendon dram the component of the groom’s subconscious. They all type of looked in ~ me, so Isaid, ​‘Look, it’s acquired stilts, brides crying and also infidelity. That perfect.’ and they were entirely sold. Then Igot even much more trashed and pitched it to the label.” as luck would have actually it, Drake had afriend of afriend who was in the Lucent Dossier Experience, and that wasthat.


0.55Oh, dude, it’s creepy. Eye painted ~ above eyelids.Unsettling.

0.58Playing acello in this method is known as pizzicatto. This specific cello is being plucked by session cellist and composer pagan Stebbins.

1.00Daniel Isaac McGuffey, who plays the groom here, was aformer intern because that director Shane Drake, who said, ​“I feel negative for Daniel, due to the fact that now civilization are constantly preventing him and also asking that if he is in Panic! in ~ The Disco, and also he gets every this fan mail written by small girls who think he is in the band. It really got annoying, and also so to acquire away from the all, he take it ajob working at the Cheesecake factory or someplace prefer that.” McGuffey was acompetitor top top the fifth season the U.S. MasterChef.

1.01Also look at at exactly how fucking large Brendon Urie’s eye are.Bonkers.

1.08The bride is play by Jessie Preston, that there no alot of info online about. Over there is, however, atattoo artist in Montreal called Jessi Preston, there is no the E, who freshly did abig-ass tattoo that aunicorn ~ above adude whereby his willy becomes the unicorn’s willy that sort of needs to be checked out to it is in believed.

1.27Oh, shit.

1.33So numerous words! Panic! in ~ The Disco were never the favourite band of world with restricted word counts – whether consciously or unconsciously, this very first generation of internet bands went abit nutso with long song titles. Journalists with room for 100 words were in areal pickle with 15-word titles (the mid-name exclamation mark is likewise sometimes an extremely annoying come write, yet! is hardly in aposition come complain). Urie later on told Billboard: ​“We witnessed that loss Out Boy had actually acouple track titles the were really long. We were like, ​‘Oh, it is fun.’ We began doing it. Bands like Name Taken and alot that the bands in the scene were doing cool stuff like that, so we took that astep further. Nobody had actually song titles that were as long as ours.” AFever You can not Sweat Out consisted of the tracks The just Difference in between Martyrdom and Suicide Is press Coverage, lie Is The most Fun AGirl deserve to Have Without taking Her garments Off and also There’s AGood reason These Tables room Numbered Honey, You just Haven’t thought Of ItYet.

1.42The whole video clip was shoot in one day, i beg your pardon is really impressive offered the sheer amount that shit going on – maybe circus performers space pretty good at law their very own makeup and stuff like that, which would be atimesaver. It to be shot in afarmhouse in Santa Clarita, California, that had actually previously been used as alocation in plunder Zombie​’s gorefest The Devil’s Rejects. However, in anon-Californian twist, it was freezing – well for band members in baroque three-piece suits, less so for half-naked circusperformers.

1.48Some that the circus performers used afairly tried-and-tested however medically inadvisable method for keeping warm: the beer jacket. ​“It’s difficult to capture in the video — and even Ididn’t realise it until we were done filming — but fifty percent of the bride’s side of the wedding is completely drunk in the video,” director Drake said MTV. ​“They snuck flasks in and also were drinking to remain warm. Iwould’ve to be pretty pissed in ~ them if I’d known. Ifound out later that one of them practically threw increase on mywife.”

2.03​‘Poise and rationality’, through akind of double meaning if heard together ​“poison rationality”, is just not the kind of verbiage one expects from aband of actual children. Being able to enhance catchy-ass tunes, yes, really compelling theatricality, aunique image and also weirdly intricate, world-weary lyrics while too young to buy aKronenbourg is quite flippin’impressive.

2.19This is one of huge pop star Taylor Swift’s favourite songs. In 2019, she wrote about it: ​“When Ihear IWrite Sins not Tragedies by Panic! in ~ The Disco, ns transported back to being 16 and driving down the highways of Hendersonville, Tennessee, with my best friend Abigail, euphorically screaming the lyrics.” Swift recruited Urie to write through her, causing the song Me!, which finished up as, amongst other things, the quickest music video clip to ever reach 100 millionviews.

2.26It’s your wedding, yo. It is justrude.

2.36Imagine really feeling choose shit but likewise being surrounding by clowns.Unthinkable.

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2.48YouTube ruins the video clip from this point onwards with pop-up nonsense, but Urie’s duty as the groom’s subconscious is revealed – it’s now the groom put on that gibberish ringmastergear.

3.04And through atipped hat and also some quick but exceptional sub zero circussing, there we are. Ajustified winner that the Best video award at the MTV video clip Music Awards, astar-making rotate from Urie and instant global superstars. Not bad for aday that pratting around in achilly barn!