Perhaps the many controversial WWE storyline that the mid-200s was the romance between Edge and also Lita. It led to a firing, a controversial feud, and a many discomfort behind the scenes.

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When Edge and also Lita began their relationship/affair, it to be a secret. Not only was leaf married, but Lita was additionally dating Matt continuous in actual life.

Matt Hardy to be fired by WWE because that his "unprofessional conduct" after he found out what happened. But he was re-hired and also the safa to be turned into a storyline on TV. During their on-screen romance, Edge and also Lita were additionally dating in real life.

Various circumstances brought about what happened. Once Lita was injured, she took time off and was able to reflect on wherein her connection stood through Matt Hardy.

As she admitted to Lilian Garcia on the make Their way To The Ring podcast, she knew the stars weren"t aligned for Matt and her, and a collection of facility circumstances led to her getting involved with Adam Copeland aka sheet in actual life.

After Matt was re-hired, the three superstars had to go through great levels that discomfort when the firm wanted their real-life worries to turn right into a storyline. Edge, Lita, and Matt durable all had to it is in professional around it.

the totality love triangle. At that point, not only was it so hard, the was also out that shame. Like, ns wasn’t proud of exactly how I performed myself.”- Lita top top the Edge/Matt Hardy/Lita storyline
the totality love triangle. At the point, not only was it so hard, it was likewise out the shame. Like, ns wasn’t proud of just how I conducted myself.”- Lita top top the Edge/Matt Hardy/Lita storyline

Speaking come Peter Rosenberg, Edge handle the professionalism required to be involved in together a situation:

"You gotta it is in pros, and also, back to my suggest of finding positives when it no seem favor there are any kind of on the surface, girlfriend gotta destruction underneath the surface, this was among those. And also you go, "OK, we’re here, now what carry out we do? Well, let’s try to make part money together, and let’s try to more both of our careers the end of this, and also hopefully the end of this, we deserve to not only be more powerful performers, but stronger human being too." And that commonly doesn’t occur within the paper definition of a wrestling storyline".

Edge admitted in the exact same interview that he feeling the storyline helped create himself and also Matt Hardy together singles competitors, and also even benefits Lita - who retired over a year after ~ the storyline took place.

Years later, edge revealed the it was water under the leg for him and also Matt Hardy.

When walk Edge and Lita rest up in actual life?

There"s a many information around what happened before and also during the Edge-Lita storyline. However, not much is known about the end of the relationship, nor have actually Edge or Lita spoken about it much in public.

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It was just hinted that the press on and off-screen brought about the 2 quietly finishing their relationship. Thankfully, the dispute behind the incident and also storyline passed away down together well.