Sometimes, someone’s suddenly “I like you” can an outcome in aer silence, making girlfriend both feel uncomfortable. Because not every men deserve to express your feelings in the best way, and also not all women know how to respond to that.

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So, let’s uncover out how come respond as soon as a man says the likes girlfriend to avoid any kind of embarrassment.

What does it median when a guy says he likes you?

First that all, “I favor you” is not the very same as “I love you”. He is no going come marry you, however he would prefer to gain to know you better.

Second, “I prefer you” can also mean “I desire something native you”. It often happens that men decide to confess your feelings to manipulate a girl.

So, once a guy says the likes you, it have the right to mean the following:

He really likes you. Sincerely spoken words space a real gift. That is always felt, together he speaks, tensely or simply, native the heart. The is one honest, truthful confession that is appreciated many of all.He tries come manipulate. Unfortunately, such guys exist not only in movies, and also that’s a fact. If he requirements something native you, he might say he likes you just to with his aim. Specifically if he knows YOU prefer him.

How come respond as soon as a man says he likes you: 4 Don’ts

Don’t show you don’t believe a person. Some girls, having actually heard confessions, begin to doubt whether a person tells the truth. The first and most necessary reason for the is poor self-esteem. You space sure, or probably someone made it clear the you are not worthy that admiration. Usually, such troubles come indigenous childhood, native a absence of parental attention. The habit of no liking oneself has remained due to the fact that then. And you just can’t think someone think you room great. And even if you carry out believe, friend may think about this human strange. Yet everything has changed. You room surrounded by brand-new people who, perhaps, fully sincerely favor you. Expropriate the words v a firm conviction that they space true. nothing be crude oil if you don’t like a person. Sometimes, if girls have a grandiose check out of us or don’t respect the person, such words the love it seems ~ insignificant because that them. Below it would certainly be ideal if you corrected your attitude towards yourself and towards world that surround you. do not pretend that you i can not use heard these words. You might offend the speaker. Even if girlfriend are incredibly shy, respond. Smile, at the very least say “Thank you!” don’t say “I an elaborate you too” just because you feel that you should. You think that what has been stated obliges you, yet it is not so. You don’t need to say “I heart you” in reply if you nothing feel that way. If you aren’t sincere, the person will recognize that from your intonation and also lowered eyes. If you have actually nothing to respond to, again, thank a person for honesty.

So, he claimed he chosen you, what come respond come it?

What come say once a man says that likes you: 18 examples

When a human says he likes you, you more than likely feel choose you should say miscellaneous in an answer instantly. And also here, most of the girls simply freeze, having no clue what they must say. So, we gathered a pair of good examples of your feasible responses.

If you choose him too

Smile, look in ~ his eyes and also say:

I never thought you could say that, ! I favor you too however was also afraid come say the first. Thank friend for informing me! ns hoped come hear that someday as I also like you, . Wow, that’s surprising! however it’s mutual. To hear the from a human I choose is a an excellent joy!Finally, you said that! girlfriend made me wait for also long. 
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If girlfriend don’t prefer him at all

Don’t be rude, speak slowly and respectfully:

, say thanks to you for considering me deserving her attention and also affection. Yet I can’t accept your feelings. I nothing think the you that way, . But I’m glad you said me and we figured it out now. I won’t lie, , i don’t feel that sort of feelings for you. I’m pleased come hear that, yet can’t to speak the same. I’m sure you will uncover a an excellent girl, yet it’s not me. I would never ever want to upset you, but I have to say that I’m not interested in you,

If you favor him as a friend

This is much harder to refuse feelings and at the same time save a familiar relationship.

I see you together a girlfriend only and also I’m i m really sorry if i somehow made friend think otherwise., you know I appreciate our friendship and also I don’t want to break her heart, however I don’t have romantic feelings for you. , ns glad girlfriend told me that, but I must likewise be honest, ns would favor to stay friends for now. , you room a good person, and also I prefer you, however not in a romantic way. If over there is a method we deserve to keep our connections friendly?You surprised me. I choose you, but I’d hate to provide you the dorn idea. I have only friendly feelings because that you. Can’t we just stay friends?

If you haven’t determined your feeling yet

It frequently happens v girls. Simply be honest.

That’s so pleasant to hear who likes me because that me. Say thanks to you! you made me happier! yet for now, i can’t speak the same. Ns hope friend understand, ns don’t want to lie. Let’s just acquire to understand each other better!It’s so nice of you come tell me. I need some time to think around this. Wow, you room fast. To be honest, ns can’t say it’s common today. I doubt mine feelings and also don’t desire to lie to you. I need an ext time if you nothing mind.
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What to say as soon as he asks why friend love that or don’t love him

Girls, as well as boys, frequently have problems with answering such questions. There room a couple of principles for you below.

Why girlfriend love. If friend confess her feelings and your crush asks why friend love him, it can be a bit frustrating. Because we carry out not love miscellaneous peculiar around a person, us love them every over. Below you can just recall every the amazing attributes of your beloved person – be sentimental. Let your person feel the they are really appreciated and loved for that they are. Examples:

You make me better.With you, I have the right to be myself.You are my finest friend and also my family.Only girlfriend know just how to do me smile.You constantly let me pick a movie.

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Why you don’t love. If you refused a person and he inquiry why, don’t start enumerating his weaknesses and an unfavorable qualities. Just say that that’s just how you feel and you just can’t carry out anything with it. And also don’t speak sorry.