He's a guy friend/texting buddy. Us don't hang out much since he has actually a really complicated life. Yesterday us met up. Ns asked the if he considers me a friend. That sarcastically and also playfully walked far from me saying he wasn't. Following thing you recognize he dubbed me shorty and also playfully lifted me up and also carried me around. He verified off by saying he can only execute it v one arm. Then asking me exactly how much i weighed once he put me down.Before us parted we hugged.Me: ns love ya blonde.Him: Love you also shorty.Me: many thanks for uhh gift there for me and all.Him: No problem.I kinda have a crush on him however I don't want a kiss the or date or anything. It's greatly a brotherly thing you have the right to say. I perform not want anything more. But what carry out you think?

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Oh and the truth that he's 2 years older than me... He additionally gives me the nickname that "young grasshopper". Again. I consider that a brotherly thing.

It's difficult to say because that certain. He certainly could like you as more than a friend. If he finds you physically attractive and also enjoys your company, it could very well median that the likes yiu. Additionally if you are one of a select couple of girls he talks to or hangs out with. If he acts that way with a bunch the girls, I'd speak there's nothing but if you acquire special treatment contrasted to how he acts about other people, that would certainly be an additional sign. Walk he ever talk about having feelings for someone else, since if he was just a friend he might talk come you around who his crush is, unless you room his crush. Prefer I said there is no method I can say because that sure yet it absolutely seems possible. Maybe just keep points the method they are and see if he ever makes a move and asks you out.
You 2 sound for this reason cut. The sounds like you guys are great friends. Especially because you stated you ns don't want to date him, he most likely feels the very same way. You deserve to love your girl friends without being a lesbian, and you have the right to love your guy friend without it being a romantic thing.
Picking someone up is a flirtatious move. Indigenous your description he's certainly flirting v you, yet he may simply be a flirty guy. I wouldn't read to much right into this, although it does sound prefer he likes you, the conversation is really playful. He may or may not want an ext than friends, counts on the kind of male he is.. All you deserve to do is wait and see.
ns think the probably has a like on you. I would certainly say to ask him out to find out for sure, but you don't it seems ~ interested in date him. Therefore if you favor things as they are, then simply leave them together they are; the may end up questioning you out one day and also you need to be ready to give response that you have the right to live with.
He more than likely likes you. Does the treat a the majority of girls choose this, or simply you? Why don't friend tell the you choose him? Worst case scenario: If he really "loves" you as a brother, he'll allow you under easy, and also things will certainly be awkward because that a bit then it will go earlier to normal. Not the finish of the world.
I constantly go for girls that ns have had actually that sort of partnership with. Since the finest relationships room the ones friend are best friends with. If you put the friendship through the one you are with prior to you placed the romance you will have a far better relationship. If you always go because that the romantic first, if or when it die you will have no foundation. And that's why for this reason many people end points or finish thing badly. I'm friends with all of my exs due to the fact that we were constantly friends first and foremost and also we ended up being romantic.
fine it's hard to phone call from just one occasion.In an additional context, playfully choose a girl up could certainly be seen as flirting. Males love any kind of chance to have actually some physics contact. So the best way to walk from below is to just proceed as usual, check out if he treats you in different way or speak about specific things just with you, climate decide afterwards what is it girlfriend want based on that.
Seems prefer both in the situation you offered us. That seems prefer he's flirting through you yet at the exact same time I deserve to see it together a finest friend relationship. Seems choose he likes you.
ns don't think he sees you together a sister. I think he likes you. That being stated I would have to see you interact with each various other in bespeak to it is in sure.
i prefer the girl to choose up the GUY. The usual means (guy dead the girl) is very BORING... Ns dislike it.

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If you had actually a directly friend or family member the had determined to walk " monk mode" (avoiding relationships v women), would you accept his decision?