An Uninhabited Island in the Pacific Ocean

Lord the the flies takes place on one uninhabited island in the Pacific Ocean, in ~ an unknown—but probably 1950ish—year throughout a fictional atomic war. And also what an island that is. We don"t discover out much around the scenery until the boys do, therefore we get the very same thrill that exploration and satisfaction of discovery.

All we recognize when we begin is that the boys have crash-landed right into "the jungle" and also Ralph is heading towards "the lagoon" (1.1). The coast of the lagoon is lined with palm trees, which sound all swimming pool cabana and pink-umbrella drinks. But don"t be fooled through this false sense of security—there"s a lot much more to the island 보다 relaxing waterside views. Ralph looks the end over the lagoon in the direction of a "coral reef" and, beyond that, the "dark blue" that the "open sea." Behind him is the "darkness the the forest proper" (1.50). Room you gaining all this? We have a dark scary woodland (danger), a shining "shimmering" lagoon (excitement), and also a broad open sea (isolation).

When Ralph, Jack, and Simon get around to feather about, lock head come the closest end of the island, just to uncover they can"t see approximately the corner due to the fact that there isn"t one; rather, it"s a gradual curve. They undertaking to rise the mountain, using a series of "pink rocks" that wind through "the looped fantasy the the woodland creepers" and also thinking that animals, not people, make this quasi-path. They involved an opening, and now that they are high over the remainder of the island, excitedly press a absent that drops through the air and "smash a deep feet in the canopy of the forest" (1).

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When the guys can lastly see the totality island, they notification on the far side "another island; a rock, nearly detached, standing like a fort, encountering them." (This is the castle Rock we"ll check out later, so obtain out your highlighters.) A reef encloses one side of the island, about a mile far from and parallel to "their beach."

That"s right, "their" beach. Already they"ve started taking possession of the island. The boys have taken advantage of the naturally developing structures on the island (reefs, mountains, platforms) and imposed your own device on it. At some point they impose an additional human legacy on it: fire. The boys move seamlessly from functioning in harmony with the island to accidentally sort of, friend know, burning that up.

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Through the finish of the story, the island isn"t a deserted Eden; it"s a occupied dystopia—just like, we think Golding is saying, every beautiful, herbal place that guy settles.