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A press that supplies the very same printing device as a dye sublimation printer, however rather than laying down a transparent die, the melts dots that wax-based ink that adhere to almost any type of stock, indigenous ordinary record to facility synthetics and also film.

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Thermal carry printers produce shades of colors by placing color dots side-by-side (see dithering). Printing much faster than dye sublimation, consumables (ribbon and also paper) are likewise less expensive, yet do not create photorealistic quality.Dual-Mode PrintersSome printers allow swapping of both heat wax and also dye sublimation ribbons so the the wax have the right to be offered for breeze quality and also the dye for final output. View dye sublimation printer for more details ~ above the print process. See direct thermal printer and also printer.

Monochrome ribbons save on computer a black color ink panel the exact same size together each web page being printed, while shade ribbons save on computer panels for each color. When the paper and ribbon space passed by the printhead, the ribbon is heated, and dots of ink space transferred come the paper.

Wax-based ink will adhere to virtually any kind of media, do it an ideal for barcode and also other kinds of labels. This monochrome Printronix printer makes labels on demand or transforms out large batches once required. (Image courtesy of Printronix, Inc.)

FARGO come out with this dual-mode press in the mid-1990s. Utilizing a thermal wax ribbon for breeze quality and also dye sublimation ribbon for final output, the printer supported media approximately 12x20". (Image courtesy of FARGO Electronics, Inc.)


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