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For my own purposes, I desire to sort out a timeline for exactly how I’d choose to believe the occasions unfolded, starting with the founding of the villages as Year 0. There room a many of inconsistent statements about how old people are, when the village would’ve existed, etc. One clear example: I have to disregard the statement the Hashirama became Hokage 67 years before Naruto’s events. Because he was Hokage at the time of Madara’s defection, it was actually 74 year prior to part II in ~ minimum the Hashirama became Hokage, based upon the ages of Hashirama’s grandchildren.

So a many this is walking to be 1) pure conjecture and 2) selective reasoning. It’s likewise not going to pay lot mind to birthdays next from your year date, together that might make this too many complicated. It’s a fruitless endeavour, really, but I thought it’d be fun to try to make sense of that all. Listed below the dates I have character periods where it is advantageous or relevant, as well as notes on how it fits right into the narrative/in respect come other developed dates. I’m certain there are far better and an ext precise ones the exist, yet this one’s mostly simply for me anyway.

So without further ado, here’s my timeline:

Year 0: Konohagakure is founded; town system establishedCharacters: Hashirama and also Madara approx. Age 25Notes: Konoha is established in the years adhering to Izuna’s death, that is roughly 24 when he dies. Madara and also Hashirama both show up to be 1-2 years older 보다 their siblings based on their appearances as children.Year 3: Akimichi Torifu is bornNotes: follow to the data books, Torifu is 30 at the time of his very first Part II illustration in chapter 481, thus dating his birth. Notably, this age would suggest he is a couple of years older than his teammates given that Kagami just lives until the age of 25. It is most likely that that was amongst the very first of the children born in Konohagakure, i beg your pardon is in keeping with the high condition of the Akimichi as among the four noble clans of the village.Year 5: Uchiha Madara defects from the village;Uzumaki Mito i do not care Kyubi jinchurikiCharacters: Madara, Hashirama and Mito approx. Age 30Notes: extremely contradictory/conjectural; that is entirely feasible that Madara stayed in the village for a much much shorter (or longer) time than this, but I’m assuming based upon the degree of advancement we watch in Konoha when Madara is quiet there that he was there because that at least a couple of years. This day is assumed since of Mito giving birth some time after ~ this event, and also that many shinobi (especially clan heads)would be having their first kid by 30ish in ~ latest because life-spans were much shorter (Hashirama stating that as he grew up, lifespans were around 30 year in chapter 622). It is proclaimed that Mito sealed the Kyubi in ~ herself in order to adjust the tide throughout Hashirama and Madara’s final fight (Chapter 500). However, Onoki has actually a confrontation through Madara roughly the time the his defection (Chapter 562). Because Onoki is 25 years older 보다 Tsunade, he should technically be amongst Tsunade’s parents cohorts, and therefore have been born about this time, quite than being old enough to challenge Madara. Assuming Onoki was at least 12 in ~ this time, this would force Onoki’s period up to the very same as Kakuzu’s rather of 79 together stated.Known conflicts: Konoha interior strifeYear 5-6: Senju Hashirama and also Uzumaki Mito’s child is bornCharacters: Hashirama and also Mito approx. Age 30-31Notes: since Mito was a jinchuriki at the moment of offering birth, it seems most likely that the sealing would certainly predate the pregnancy.Year 7: an initial Five Kage Summit convenes; Tailed Beasts room distributed among the nationsCharacters: Hashirama and Mito period 32; Tobirama period 31Notes: The sealing the the Kyubi/Nine-Tails within of Mito after ~ Hashirama’s fight with Madara to adjust the precedent in the Five good Nations for sealing far Tailed Beasts, as listed in thing 500 as soon as Kushina refers to Mito as the very first Kyubi jinchuriki. It have the right to be claimed that the succeeding sealing of Tailed Beasts occurred not long after, so regarding maintain the power balance as ideal as feasible when Hashirama supplies the Tailed Beasts come the other nations (Chapter 648).Year 7: Shimura Danzo and also Chiyo space bornNotes: Danzo is 1-2 year older than Hiruzen. Chiyo and also Danzo room both around the exact same age, according to the data books. Chiyo is the an initial known birth in Suna history.Year 8: Sarutobi Hiruzen and Ebizo are bornNotes: Hiruzen is 18 years older than his students follow to data publication entries, so based on the family member birth day of Tsunade, he is born in Year 8. Ebizo is 1 year younger than Chiyo.Year 9: Utatane Koharu and also Mitokado Homura space bornNotes: Koharu and Homura are 1 year younger than Hiruzen follow to the data books.Year 10: Sarutobi Biwako is bornNotes: follow to the data publications Biwako is 55 at the moment of the Kyubi’s attack, hence dating she birth.Year 19: Hatake Sakumo and also Tazuna room bornNotes: Sakumo’s age is conjectural based mostly on the distinction in appearance between himself and Kakashi in Pain’s attack arc (Chapter 425). He shows up to be substantially older 보다 Kakashi, through eyes characteristics of those in the series in or approaching their 40s. However, he likewise claims that he and also Kakashi both died young (Chapter 449) for this reason their ages were likely still in ~ a ten year range. Through this timeline, he would certainly be 38 at the moment of his death. This is likewise compatible v the explain in thing 240 that implies his“time” or peak, can have to be slightly before the Sannin, that were prodigies in their very own right. However, everywhere from Year 17 come Year 22 can prove within an acceptable range for his birth. According to the previously data books, Tazuna is around 51 years older than his grandson. Back the fourth Data book claims that he would be 64 in part II, as 5 years could not possibly have passed between Parts I and also II, this can be ignored.Year 20: Yuhi Shinku, Umino Ikkaku and Umino Kohari room bornNotes: according to the data books all three personalities are 45 at the time of the Kyubi’s attack, therefore dating their births.Year 23: an initial Kazekage Reto is eliminated by assassins; Shamon becomes 2nd KazekageCharacters: Reto age 58Notes: according to the third Data Book, all Kazekages before Gaara are killed by assassination, and also according to the fourth Data Book, Reto’s period at the moment of his death is 58. I estimate him to around ten year older 보다 Hashirama throughout the summit, which way his fatality would take it place roughly sixteen years later.Year 26: Tsunade, Jiraiya and also Orochimaru and also Kato Dan are bornNotes: Assuming the Tsunade’s parents were at the very least the age of majority (20), climate the earliest possible year she could’ve to be born is Year 26. Her fellow students are all the same period according the the data publication entries. Dan Kato’s birth year is estimated based on his death, as he died at age 27 during the 2nd Shinobi war which started roughly in the Year 52-53 (see points on 2nd and first Shinobi war for explanation).Year 27: Maito Dai is bornNotes: Dai is 35 at the moment of his fatality according come the data books, and thus his year the birth have the right to be established by subtracting from his point of death during the 3rd Shinobi battle in thing 668. (See Year 62 because that elaboration.) had he lived, that would have actually been one year younger 보다 the Sannin.Year 30: Senju Nawaki is born; Senju Hashirama die (at some suggest surrounding this event, Senju Tobirama i do not care Hokage)Characters: Hashirama age 55; Tobirama period 54Notes: right here I attitude a four-year age difference between Tsunade and Nawaki. Nawaki is 12 when he die (Chapter 160), and also Tsunade looks to it is in an enlarge teenager (16-18). Together for dating Hashirama’s death, in his memory of Tsunade (Chapter 619) she looks no older 보다 five. That is unknown if Tobirama was named Hokage before his brother passed away or not.Year 32: Uchiha Fugaku is bornNotes: Fugaku is 40 at the time of the Uchiha Massacre, which dates his birth around this time.Year 33: first Shinobi War; Senju Tobirama dies at the hands of Kinkaku’s battle unit; Sarutobi Hiruzen i do not care HokageCharacters: Tobirama period 55; Hiruzen age 25; Danzo period 26; Torifu period 30Notes: given Danzo and Hiruzen’s substantially youthful appearances in the very first Shinobi battle (Chapter 481), i would place them at no older 보다 25. However, due to the fact that Minato’s period when he was called Hokage was thought about somewhat significant (approx. 23) climate I would certainly assume that Hiruzen would’ve gone to least a couple of year older. Although his college student would’ve graduated the year prior, the battle team formations indicate that Hiruzen did no take his own students on until after he became Hokage. According to the data books, Torifu is 30 years old at the moment of his debut.Known conflicts: Konoha v. Kumo (Second Raikage’s reign)Year 32-33: Senju Tsunade, Jiraiya and Orochimaru graduate native the Academy; very first Shinobi war Ends;Team Hiruzen is formedCharacters: Tsunade, Jiraya and also Orochimaru age 6-7; Hiruzen period 24-25Notes: according to the data books, Team Hiruzen all graduated at the period of 6. Being that most of the default sensei consisting of their own would’ve been turn off fighting the an initial Shinobi War, it’s possible there was a slight delay in team assignments this year. Offered that Hiruzen is approx. 18 years older 보다 his students, that would have been teaching them at period approx. Period 24-25. Though Hiruzen does look older 보다 his beforehand 20s in chapter 139 throughout their bell test, because that the services of reconciling the chronology of events and also the Sannin’s graduation ages, we have the right to assume the an initial Shinobi War ended shortly before Team Hiruzen was formed, together a Hokage proactively fighting a war would is unlikely to take it on a genin team.Year 34: Uchiha Hazuki is bornHazuki, Uchiha Izumi’s mother, is declared to be two years younger 보다 Fugaku, thus dating her birth.Year 35: Teuchi is bornNotes: according to the data books, Teuchi is 43 during the occasions of component I, hence dating his birth. There is a contradiction in between this and his listed Part II age, i beg your pardon is 47, since 4 years could not have passed throughout that time. However, right here I pick his age at the moment of his introduction.Year 37: Hyuga Hiashi, Hyuga Hizashi,Uchiha Mikoto and also Kitsuchiare bornNotes: Hiashi is 3 years older 보다 Team Ino-Shika-Cho follow to the data books. As they are twins, Hizashi to be born at this very same time. Mikoto is 35 at the moment of the Uchiha Massacre according to the data book entries, which days her birth around this time. Kitsuchi is 44 at the moment of part II appearance, for this reason dating his birth. If we room to i think Onoki’s given period is dorn in order because that him been able to satisfy an adult Madara, climate he would’ve been in his 40s as soon as his kid was born.Year 38: Kazekage Rasa is bornNotes: Rasa is 40 at the time of his death in part I, follow to the data books. This information days his bear at this time.Year 39:Aburame Shibi is bornNotes: Shibi is 1 year older than Team Ino-Shika-Cho.Year 40: Akimichi Choza, Yamanaka Inoichi, Nara Shikaku and Yakushi Nono are bornNotes: Team Ino-Shika-Cho room 38 in component I according to the data books. Die at the period of 31 (see Year 70) for this reason dating her birth.Year 41: Namikaze Minato and Uzumaki Kushina space bornNotes: Minato and Kushina were 24 year old at the time of their deaths, and thus date their births. If they had lived, they would have approximately 36-37 because that the occasions of component I.Year 42: Senju Nawaki dies; Nara Yoshinoand Inuzuka Tsume are bornCharacters: Nawaki age 12; Tsunade period 16Notes: Nawaki dies soon after the is given Hashirama’s necklace top top his 12th birthday. Tsunade’s age at the moment of Nawaki’s death is conjectural, however fits fine within the created timeline. Yoshino and also Tsume space both 2 years younger than Ina-Shika-Cho.Year 44: Killer punishment is bornCharacters: A (Fourth Raikage) period 11Notes: Killer punishment is one year older 보다 the Ame Orphans.Year 45-46: Namiashi Raido, UzumakiNagato, Konan, Yahiko and also Sasori are bornNotes: Jiraiya is 19 years older 보다 his students according to data book entries. Sasori and also Raido are both the same period as the Ame Orphans, follow to the data books.Year 46: Yamashiro Aoba is bornNotes: Aoba is 1 year younger than Raido and also 1 year older 보다 Genma follow to the data books.Year 47: Shiranui Genma is bornNotes: Genma is 2 years older 보다 Obito and also the rather born that year, according to the data books, and 3 years older than Gai.Year 47: Ichiraku Ramen opensCharacters: Teuchi period 12-13Notes: according to the 3rd Data Book, Ichiraku Ramen has been in business because that 34 years as of part II (p. 109), for this reason dating the opening. Teuchi would have been around 12-13 in ~ this time, saying that he inherited the business from a mentor or relative.Year 48: Hoshigaki Kisame and also Ebisu space bornNotes: Ebisu and also Kisame room both 1 year older than Obito and also the rather in his class, follow to the data books. Ebius is additionally 2 year older than Gai and also several month to a year younger than Genma.Year 49: Uchiha Obito, Nohara Rin, Sarutobi Asuma, Yuhi Kurenai, Shizune, Terumi Mei and also Tsunami room born; in ~ some allude prior to this, Sarutobi Asuma’s sibling is bornCharacters: Shinku age 29; Tazuna period 30; Biwako age 39; Hiruzen period 41Notes: that is very likely that Kakashi’s classmates would’ve to be older than him, since of his young graduation indigenous the academy (age 5); merged with the data book entries which imply that the majority of this course is age 31 throughout component II while Kakashi’s period has a range beginning with age 29. Mei is 31 at the moment of she introduction. Tsunami, Inari’s mother and also Tazuna’s daughter, is in this very same approximate age range, gift 29 in component I. The periods of Asuma’s parental at the time of his birth can be determined based on the respective period differences in between them according to the data books. The very same principle uses to Kurenai’s father, Shinku and Tsunami’s father, Tazuna. As Asuma would’ve been 20 as soon as his nephew to be born, his sibling would need to be older 보다 him in order to be past the period of bulk when they had actually Konohamaru.Year 49: Motoi’s father is killed; Blue B dies in Hachibi extraction; Killer bee is preferred as Kumo’s jinchurikiCharacters: Motoi and Killer Bee age 5; A (Fourth Raikage) period 16; Blue B period 22Notes: thing 494 develops the timeline for the ahead Hachibi jinchuriki’s death and subsequent sealing, noting that Motoi and Bee room 5. Blue B’s age currently is created in the 4th Databook.Year 50: Uzumaki Kushina come in Konoha Characters: Mito period 76; Kushina age 9Notes: Kushina was sent out to Konoha to come to be the following jinchuriki and also enrolled right into the Academy, wherein Minato was also in attendance (Chapter 498). Given that Minato graduates the Academy in ~ 10 according to the data books, Kushina’s arrival areas her at age 10 or below upon come in Konoha. Presume Kushina had actually at the very least one year of education at the Academy, she to be 9 once she arrived. Mito’s age at this time is conjectural based upon closeness in period to Hashirama (see Year 5).Year 50: Maito Gai and also Morino Ibiki room bornCharacters: Dai age 23Notes: Gai is closer come Kakashi’s period than his various other cohorts. Ibiki is one year older than Kakashi throughout the events of component I. Dai’s age at this time can be determined based on the reality he is 35 as soon as he die (see Year 62).Year 50: Hatake Sakumo fucks an alienNotes: Kishimoto you did this come yourself.Year 51: Hatake Kakashi, Momochi Zabuza and also Samui room born; Namikaze Minato graduates from the Academy; Hatake Sakumo kills Sasori’s parents; in ~ some allude prior to this, third Kazekage’s reign beginsCharacters: Sasori age 5-6; Minato period 10; Sakumo period 32Notes: Kakashi is around 10 years younger 보다 Minato follow to data publication entries. Zabuza and also Kakashi space the same period during component I. Samui is additionally within a year that Kakashi’s age. Based upon his size and the fact he is not yet a genin, Sasori must be less than 7 years old (his academy graduation age) at the time of his parents’ death. Here, I estimate him come be around close to period 5. Sakumo’s age currently is conjectural based upon his manga appearances (see Year 19). Additionally, i posit that it provides narrative sense for the third Kazekage to have actually been reigning during the death of Sasori’s parents, together it would make Sasori’s motives for attacking him much more personal.Known conflicts: Konoha v. Suna (Third Kazekage’s reign).Year 52: MitarashiAnko, Hagane Kotetsu and Kamizuki Izumo arebornNotes: Anko is 3 years younger than than Asuma and also Kurenai, hence dating her birth in the the Year 52. Kotetsu and also Izumo space the same age as Anko.Year 52-53: 2nd Shinobi war begins; Tsunade develops her Yin seal; Hanzo name Sannin,Jiraiya continues to be in AmeCharacters: Jiraiya, Orochimaru and also Tsunade age 26; Nagato, Yahiko and also Konan approxmiately period 7Notes: The second Shinobi battle supposedly take away place 20 years after the first (Second Naruto Fanbook, Kai No Sho). Additionally, at some allude during this war, Tsunade develops her Yin seal, as throughout Chapter 160 throughout some phase of the war she is checked out without it, yet it is very likely that she had it behind she forehead protector during her combat in Ame (Chapter 446), and also it is i can not qualify she would develop a combat-oriented seal after Dan’s fatality gave her a are afraid of blood (Chapter 160).Known conflicts: Konoha v. Ame (Hanzo’s reign)Year 53: Sasori graduates from the AcademyCharacters: Sasori period 7Notes: according to the data books, Sasori graduates indigenous the Academy in ~ the period of 7, twenty-eight years before the events of component II.Year 53: Uzumaki Mito dies; Uzumaki Kushina i do not care the Kyubi jinchuriki; Kumo renders failed effort to kidnap Uzumaki KushinaCharacters: Mito period 79; Kushina and also Minato age 12Notes: according to the data books, Kushina was roughly the period of 12 at the moment of Kumo’s kidnapping attempt, and also their objective was come gain control of the Kyubi, an interpretation that she to be made a jinchuriki in ~ some allude between the periods of 9-12. Based on her appearance, i would place her the upper end of that variety when she speak to Mito just before coming to be a jinchuriki (Chapter 500). Mito’s age at this time is conjectural based on closeness in period to Hashirama (see Year 5). Recognized conflicts: Konoha vs. Kumo (Third Raikage’s Reign)Year 53: Kato Dan dies; Tsunade creates a are afraid of blood and retires from energetic combat/medicineCharacters: Dan and Tsunade period 27Notes: due to the fact that Dan passed away at the age 27, he died during the second Shinobi battle in the Year 53. Interestingly, Shizune would’ve been just 4 when he died, and he died after his sister, so it’s really likely that after this suggest Shizune to be either increased by she father or without family.Year 54: Yamato/Tenzo, Umino Iruka, Gekko Hayate, Uchiha Shisui, Akado Yoroi, Tsurugi Misumi,Darui, Ceeand Utakata, space bornCharacters: Ikkaku and also Kohari age 34Notes: Yamato is approximately 3 years younger than Kakashi, given that Kakashi starts component II off at age 29 whereby Yamato beginning it turn off at age 26. Despite the anime filler would ar this age distinction closer come 4 years, given the previously supposition around Kakashi’s period (see Year 49), 3 years seems a much better approximate. Iruka is the same period as Yamato, and also his parents Ikkaku and also Kohari space 34 years older than him. Utakata is also the same period as Yamato. Return Hayate dies during the occasions of part I, he is within a year that Iruka’s age at the time. Shisui’s age is conjectural based on his loved one size and also youth compared to Itachi in the anime adaptions and light novels. Yoroi and Misumi, who take the Chunin exams through Kabuto in component I, are the same period as Hayate. Darui, Cee and also Utakata space the same age as Yamato in part II.Elaboration: Shisui is defined in Itachi Shinden as“clearly older than Itachi” too as already a genin by the moment of your meeting, which says a distinction of at the very least a few years. An unified with the truth that Shisui gains the nickname“Shisui that the body Flicker” when Itachi is 6, ns assume that Shisui would certainly be no younger 보다 11 once this occurred. However, since the distinction in your sizes isn’t as drastic as the difference in between Itachi and also Sasuke, the period gap in between them is likely no more than 5 years. In the exact same novel, Shisui is the major breadwinner the his family by the Itachi is 8, which likewise supports this type of period difference, because he would certainly be 13 (a teenager) by that time.Year 54: Sasori i do not care a ChuninCharacters: Sasori age 8Notes: according to the data books, Sasori i do not care a Chunin in ~ the period of 8.Year 55: Uzuki Yugao is bornNotes: follow to the data books, she is 4 year younger than Kakashi as of component I, and 1 year younger 보다 Hayate at the moment of his death.Year 55: Jiraiya returns to Konoha native Ame and also becomes Minato’s teacher; second Shinobi war endsCharacters: Jiraiya period 30; Minato age 14; Yahiko, Konan and Nagato period 10Notes: since Jiraiya identified Nagato together the very first Child of Prophecy, the Ame Orphans have to predate the Team Jiraiya that Minato was put on. Jiraiya taught in Ame for 3 years prior to returning come Konoha, which way he couldn’t have actually taught Minato until three years ~ the second Shinobi War had begun, put Minato at period 14. The is unclear at what allude the second Shinobi war ended, though the implication made in the second Naruto Fanbook is that dispute flowed indigenous the 2nd Shinobi battle to the third Shinobi battle without pause, so over there you deserve to assume the the following war was claimed within several months come a year the the second ending.Year 56: third Shinobi battle begins;Hatake Kakashi graduates indigenous the AcademyCharacters: Kakashi period 5Notes: Kakashi’s age of graduation suggests that he was 2-3 year younger than his partner to enter the Academy and only remained there because that a couple of months. In the 2nd Naruto Fanbook, the battlefield experience of “very young children,” prefer Kakashi’s graduating class, is attributed to the third Shinobi War rather than the Second, for this reason it can be assumed that the village was already in the 3rd Shinobi War once Kakashi was attending the academy and also leading up to his graduation. Year 57:Yakushi Kabuto is bornKabuto is about 31 year younger 보다 Orochimaru.Year 57: Hatake Sakumo dies; Maito Gai graduates native the AcademyCharacters: Kakashi age 6; Gai age 7; Sakumo age 38Notes: Sakumo’s self-destruction takes ar 5 years prior to the events of Kannabi Bridge. Permitting because that assumed age gap in between the members that Team Minato, this areas Sakumo’s death when Kakashi is 6, in Year 57. Gai graduates native the academy as soon as he is 7, and he is around 1 year older 보다 Kakashi. Sakumo’s age at this time is conjectural (see Year 19).Year 58: Hidan is born; Uchiha Obito, Nohara Rin, Sarutobi Asuma and Yuhi Kurenai graduate native the Academy; Team Minato and also Team Choza space formedCharacters: Kakashi period 6-7, Gai period 8, Rin, Obito, Asuma and Kurenai period 9, Ebisu and Genma age 10; Minato period 17; Choza period 18Notes: Hidan is 1 year older than Itachi and also 9 years younger than Obito follow to the data publication entries. Obito, Rin, Asuma and Kurenai graduate indigenous the academy in ~ the age of 9. Ebisu is 1 year older than Obito and also graduates in ~ the age of 10. Genma is 2 years older than Obito and graduates in ~ 10, but if the test took place in the spring, the would enable for both Ebisu and Genma to it is in 10. The is assumed that because 2/3 members that both teams would’ve i graduated at this time, both groups were developed this year. That is probable the Gai and also Kakashi served as back-up genin on various other squads until an ext of your peers were obtainable to type squads.Year 58: Terumi Mei and Hoshigaki Kisame graduate from Kiri’s Ninja AcademyCharacters: Mei period 9; Kisame age 10Notes: follow to the data books, Mei graduates at the age of 9. As she is the approximately same age as Obito, it most likely occurs in the same year. Kisame is 1 year Mei’s senior and graduates at period 10, date it as the very same year. The is feasible that this is the year that Zabuza massacres a number of Academy student (see Year 60 for more clarification.)Year 58: Team Minato and also Team Choza take it Chunin exams; Hatake Kakashi becomes a ChuninCharacters: Kakashi age 6-7; Gai age 8, Rin and Obito age 9, Ebisu and Genma period 10; Minato age 17; Choza age 18Notes: Kakashi shows up to take it the Chunin test in the manga v Team Minato, and as such it would certainly be much more likely the he was 7 quite than 6 together the data books imply, due to the fact that Obito and also Rin would certainly not have actually graduated. It is further implied that Kakashi passes his Chunin exam before his teammates, arguing that Obito and Rin take it on a team alternating when they were promoted. The location of their ages here is also highly contradictory, because although beforehand manga canon and also the data publications establish Kakashi’s promotion at 6-7, in the Chunin test illustration/animation he is aged up to around 12.Year 59: Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Izumi and also Inuzuka Hana room bornCharacters: Mikoto age 22; Hazuki age 25; Fugaku age 27; Tsume age 17-18Notes: Itachi is around 8 years younger than Kakashi and approximately 6 years older than Sasuke (dated by the Uchiha Massacre once Sasuke is period 7 and also Itachi is 13). There is a mild discrepancy between the stated data book ages for Itachi and his age difference with Sasuke in the manga, so in this case, I have chosen come prioritize manga canon. Itachi Shinden implies that Itachi’s official age is increased, and also that the difference in between Sasuke and him is 5 years, however as Sasuke acknowledges the his brother defected at 13, this statement have the right to be ignored. Itachi Shinden additionally states that Itachi and Izumi are the very same age, and establishes a 25 year age gap in between Izumi and also her mother. Tsume is around 18 years older than her daughter. Notably, this would carry her below the age of majority at the moment of she eldest child’s birth.Year 60: Ayame is bornCharacters: Teuchi age 25Notes: Ayame is about 1 year younger 보다 Itachi. If Teuchi can have to be older than 25 given the period gap imbalances from the data books, because that the benefits of consistency, his age is assumed as the above.Year 60: Momochi Zabuza graduates native Kiri’s Ninja Academy; at some allude prior to this, Zabuza massacres end one hundred Kiri students and Kiri is required to adjust its graduation ceremonyCharacters: Zabuza age 9Notes: follow to the data books, Zabuza graduated at the age of 9. However, his massacre of over one hundred Academy college student is stated to have emerged when the was no yet a college student in chapter 14, therefore it have to predate this time.Year 60:UchihaObito and also Nohara Rin come to be ChuninCharacters: Obito and also Rin period 11; Kakashi period 9Notes: Obito and Rin both were promoted to Chunin in ~ the age of 11 according to data publication entries.Year 61: Shiranui Genma and also Maito Gai end up being ChuninCharacters: Gai age 11; Genma age 13Notes: Gai and also Genma become Chunin at the age of 11 and 13 respectively follow to the data books.Year 62: Sasori kills the 3rd Kazekage and also turns him right into a person puppet; Rasa becomes fourth KazekageCharacters: Sasori period 16; Rasa period 24Notes: Chiyo explains the disappearance of the 3rd Kazekage as having actually taken place over ten years before the events of part II (Chapter 267). However, as in chapter 547, Chiyo indicates that Rasa was in charge the the fate that Shukaku because that all 3 of his children’s births (“This is our third child. So far he’s the just one that’s compatible”) it argues that Rasa became Kazekage prior to Temari was born, hence dating this event. Together all Kazekages until Gaara passed away by assassination, it is very unlikely that Rasa was named follower while the 3rd Kazekage was still alive. Interestingly, the also means that Sasori would have weakened his own town in and also around the third Shinobi War, despite fighting in it himself to obtain the moniker Akasuna no Sasori.Year 62: Temari and also Deidara room bornCharacters: Rasa period 24Notes: according to the data books, Deidara is period 19 at the moment of his death in component II. Temari is 3-4 years older than Gaara and so was born this same year. Year 62: Shizune, Kurenai and also Asuma end up being Chunin; Tsunade and also Shizune leave the villageCharacters: Tsunade period 36; Shizune, Kurenai and also Asuma age 12-13Notes: Asuma and Kurenai were promoted to Chunin ate the eras of 12 and also 13 respectively. Although the anime locations Raido top top this team also, it is debatable even if it is or not that’s relevant, especially due to the fact that Raido is around 4 year older and has no proclaimed graduation age. Since Konoha’s Chunin exams are done in teams, it’s presumed that Shizune stayed in Konoha till she became a Chunin. Because Tsunade pipeline the town with Shizune in tow, it appears as though she would’ve to be living in Konoha semi-retired for 9 years. This also places their leave right about the start of the war, which provides a many sense if Tsunade go not desire to gain pulled into combat/medicine.Year 62: 3rd Shinobi battle (Battle the Kannabi Bridge); Hatake Kakashi i do not care a Jonin; Uchiha Obito is presumed deadCharacters: Obito and Rin period 13; Kakashi age 11Notes: Obito is aged 13 at the moment of his presumed death. Although Kakashi’s promotion age to Jonin is proclaimed to it is in 9 in the data books, this would make that 9 at the time of Kannabi Bridge, and that lot of an er difference doesn’t it seems ~ feasible based upon the size + relationships in between Team Minato. A two-year void accounts because that Kakashi’s early on promotions without affecting the other elements of the team. Thus, in this timeline, Kakashi’s ages of promotion are: Genin ~5; Chunin ~6/7; Jonin ~11Known conflicts: Konoha v. Iwa (Second Tsuchikage’s reign)Year 62: 3rd Shinobi battle continues; Maito Dai dies in battle against the Swordsman of the MistCharacters: Gai age 12; Ebisu period 14; Genma age 14-15; Dai period 35Notes: during Chapter 668, Gai notes that his dad is a genin and also shouldn’t be on the battlefield, arguing that currently Gai is currently a Chunin. As Gai came to be a Chunin at age 11, he need to be at the very least 11, but more than most likely a small older due to the fact that of the timeline that the war. Based on his appearance, Gai is likely around 12, noting the ages of his teammates. According to the data books, Dai is 35 once he dies.Known conflicts: Konoha vs. Kiri (Fourth Mizukage’s power OR Madara’s shadow reign)Year 62: Yuki Haku, Kaguya Kimimaro and Jugo are bornCharacters: Zabuza age 11Notes: Haku is 3 years older than Naruto throughout the occasions of component I, thus he is born 3 years prior to him in the Year 62. Kimimaro and also Jugo are both the same age as Haku.Year 63:Kurotsuchi is bornCharacters: Kitsuchi age 26Kurostuchi is 18 at the moment of her appearance in part II follow to the data books, saying she is born sometime between the Year 62-63. Kitsuchi is older 보다 his daughter.Year 63: Mitarashi Anko graduates native the Academy; Team Orochimaru is formedCharacters: Anko period 10; Orochimaru age 36Notes: follow to the data books, Anko graduates native the academy at the age of 10. Orochimaru is roughly 26 years older than Anko.Year 63: Nohara Rin die by Hatake Kakashi’s hand; Uchiha Obito and also Hatake Kakashi awaken the Mangekyo SharinganCharacters: Kakashi period 12-13; Rin and Obito period 14Notes: Rin dies while Konoha is still in ~ war, for this reason this year is most likely since the following year would be the end of the war. Obito is in rehabilitation long sufficient to thrive out his hair past his shoulders and relearn to walk, so it’s most likely to have taken place approximately one year after Kannabi Bridge.Known conflicts: Konoha v. Kiri (Madara’s shadow reign of 4th Mizukage)Year 63: Namikaze Minato deals with A (Fourth Raikage) and also Killer punishment on the battlefield throughout the 3rd Shinobi WarCharacters: Minato period 22; Killer Bee period 19; A (Fourth Raikage) age 30Notes: In chapter 542, Minato deals with the A-B combo in a mission during the war, before either the them has actually taken top top the location of Kage. Since A’s father dies at the end of the war, this occasion must take place sometime previous come the war end. I posit the the“other mission” Minato had at the time of Rin’s death was facing these ninja.Known conflicts: Konoha v. Kumo (Third Raikage’s Reign)Year 63: Hanzo confronts the first iteration of Akatsuki; Yahiko diesCharacters: Yahiko and Nagato period 18Notes: Hanzo’s confrontation took place during the third Shinobi War, so it must take ar at some suggest prior come the war’s finish in Year 64. Notably, this period is inconsistent to sources that suggest Yahiko passed away at 15, yet the increase in period does bring him closer come the 25-30 selection that Deva pains is estimated to be during Battlefield Konoha, together he’d most likely be fully grown by age 18. Nagato’s influence over the body might bridge the age gaps.Year 63: Uchiha Madara dies; Obito starts to manage Akatsuki indigenous the shadowsCharacters: Madara period 88; Obito period 14Notes: Madara dies after Rin is killed, together he is the one who orchestrates she death, but before Minato dies, because Obito acts independently to strike Konoha. This days Madara’s death to the Year 63.Year 63: Kankuro, Tsuchi Kin, Abumi Zaku, and also Kinuta Dosa are bornCharacters: Rasa age 25; Temari period 1Notes: Kankuro is 2-3 year older 보다 Gaara and also approximately 1 year younger than Temari and also so was born Year 63, around between your birth dates. Kin, Zaku, and also Dosu that takes the Chunin exams in component I, space 14 at the time of your appearance according to the an initial data book, hence being the same period as Kankuro.Year 63-64: A (Third Raikage) dies after battling ten thousand shinobi for 3 nights; A (Fourth Raikage) presume his title and also restricts Killer punishment to the villageCharacters: A (Fourth Raikage) age 30-31; Killer Bee period 19-20Notes: follow to chapter 543, at some allude before the end of the war, The 3rd Raikage dies and the fourth Raikage is named, through A shortly after deciding to limit Bee’s movements exterior the village.Year 64: Yakushi Kabuto is uncovered by Yakushi Nono and taken into a Konoha orphanageCharacters: Kabuto period 7; Urushi age 8; Nono age 24Notes: Kabuto’s period is conjectural based upon his figure in chapter 582, yet it fits within the created timeline the his having spent 3 years at the orphanage (Chapter 583) and four year in Root. Nono’s period is inferred on the exact same premise. Urushi, Kabuto’s adopted brother, is one year older than him follow to the data books.Year 64: 3rd Shinobi battle ends; Hyuga Neji, rock Lee, Tenten, Sai and Karui are bornCharacters: Hizashi age 27Notes: Itachi is roughly 5 years old at the finish of the third War (Itachi Shinden), therefore dating the war’s end. Team Gai is one year older than the Rookie 9. Sai and also Karui space both the same age as Team Gai in component II (approximately 17) for this reason they are born this same year.Year 64: Namikaze Minato is called Hokage; Kakashi join ANBUCharacters: Minato and Kushina age 23; Kakashi age 13Notes: Hiruzen measures down as a an outcome of the the third Shinobi War, date Minato’s promo to ~ the war. Kakashi becomes a member the ANBU under Minato’s leadership.Year 64-65: Konoha’s Rookie 9 space born (Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura, Hyuga Hinata, Inuzuka Kiba, Aburame Shino, Yamanaka Ino, Nara Shikamaru, Akimichi Choji); Uzumaki Karin and also Hozuki Suigetsu room born (at some point prior to this yet not prior to Year 51, Hozuki Mangetsu is born); Omoi is bornCharacters: Yoshino and also Tsume period 23-23; Shikaku, Inoichi and Choza age 24-25; Shibi period 26; Mikoto and also Hiashi period 28; Fugaku period 33Notes: Sasuke is born in the Year 65 due to the fact that he is only a couple of months old at the time of the Kyubi attack. Hiashi is 3 year older 보다 Ino-Shika-Cho follow to the data books, while Tsume is 1-2 years younger. Shibi is older than Ina-Shika-Cho yet younger than Mikoto. Mikoto and also Fugaku’s ages are acquired from the knowledge that they die at 35 and 40 respectively, as soon as Sasuke is 7. These periods are mostly approximates as they space not incorporating actual day-month birth dates of adults or children. According to the data books, Karin and Suigetsu are both approximately the same period as Sasuke in component II. Mangetsu to be born ~ Zabuza follow to chapter 523, since it was due to the fact that of that he gained his nickname. According to the data books, Omoi is 1 year younger than Karui.Year 64-65: Team Orochimaru take away the Chunin Exams; Mitarashi Anko i do not care a ChuninCharacters: Anko period 12Notes: follow to the data books, Anko is advocated to Chunin at the period of 12. Over there is a slight contradiction in terms of team ages and promotions, as Anko is seen taking the Chunin test together throughout the exact same exam as Team Minato and also Team Choza in chapter 599, regardless of the truth their age difference would her location as age 4-5, as well young to have graduated. Here, I select to value team composition and also promotion periods over manga imagery.Year 65 (October 10): Uchiha Obito unleashes Kyubi ~ above Konoha; Sarutobi Biwako is eliminated by Uchiha Obito; Umino Ikkaku, Umino Kohari, Namikaze Minato and also Uzumaki Kushina dice fighting against the Kyubi; Uzumaki Naruto is born; Sarutobi Hiruzen reassumes duty of HokageCharacters: Iruka age 11; Kakashi period 14; Obito period 16; Minato and also Kushina period 24; Ikkaku and Kohari period 45; Biwako age 55; Hiruzen period 57Notes: Biwako, Ikkaku and Kohari’s eras at the time of your appearances are derived from the data books.Year 65: Umino Iruka graduates from the Academy; Ebisu i do not care a ChuninCharacters: Iruka age 11; Ebisu age 17Notes: Iruka graduates native the academy at the age of 11, but notably after the Kyubi assault as the loss of his parents drives him to end up being a course clown (Chapter 1). Ebisu i do not care a Chunin at the age of 17 follow to the data book. Detailed that he was Gai and also Genma’s 3rd partner in their 2nd Chunin exam, this means that it took Ebisu three tries come pass.Year 66: Orochimaru becomes a absent ninCharacters: Orochimaru period 40; Hiruzen age 58Notes: as Orochimaru defecting comes partly as a result of Minato being named Hokage, that must take place after. The manga and anime indicate that the defection takes place shortly after Hiruzen reassumes the duty Hokage. Itachi Shinden claims that Orochimaru pipeline the village 6 years before the massacre, which days it no later on than the year 66.Year 66: Itachi graduates native the Academy; Gaara is bornCharacters: Itachi age 7; Rasa age 28Notes: when Sasuke starts the academy in ~ the age of 7, we space told the Itachi i graduated by that age, thus dating this event. Gaara is 1 year younger 보다 Naruto, so to be born the year after that in Year 66.Year 66: Gekko Hayate graduates native the Academy; a team created of Gekko Hayate, Morino Ibiki and also Tokara takes the Chunin examsCharacters: Hayate age 11-12; Ibiki period 15Notes: Hayate graduates native the academy at the period of 12. There is a slight contradiction in regards to team ages and promotions, as Hayate and also Ibiki room seen acquisition the Chunin test together during the very same exam together Team Minato and Team Choza in thing 599, in spite of not every members of the team having actually graduated, according to the data books (additionally, this would place Hayate at roughly 3-4 at the moment of the first exam). Here, I choose to value team composition and also promotion periods over manga imagery.Year 67: Izumo Tenma dies by Uchiha Obito’s hand; Uchiha Itachi awakes the SharinganCharacters: Itachi age 8; Tenma period 12; Obito age 18Notes: according to chapter 142, Itachi is may be to use the sharingan by the period of 8. Itachi Shinden reiterates this point and additional adds the detail that Itachi awakens his sharingan together a an outcome of the fatality of his teammate by Obito’s hand.Year 67: Yakushi Nono and Yakushi Kabuto room recruited right into RootCharacters: Kabuto period 10; Nono period 27Notes: In chapter 583, Kabuto infiltrates four various villages, aging in each panel, suggesting the pass of years. In maintaining with Nono’s known age at death and also the transforms in Kabuto’s appearance, they would be 4 years younger at the time of their recruitment.Year 68-69: Kumo ninja shot and fail to kidnap Hyuga Hinata; Hizashi Hyuga is killed in his brother’s location as a an outcome of the incidentCharacters: Hinata age 3; Neji age 4; Hizashi and Hizashi age ~31-32Notes: The Hyuga occurrence takes place ten years before the occasions of part II and also the data publications state the Hizashi was roughly 32 once he died. In bespeak to maintain the correct period difference in between the elder Hyuga and their children, 31 appears a much better estimate. This also complies v the built timeline because that Hiashi’s birth year.Year 69: Team Ebisu is born (Sarutobi Konohamaru, Kazamatsuri Moegi and also Udon);Uchiha Itachi i do not care a ChuninNotes: Konohamaru is roughly 4 years younger 보다 Naruto, who is born 4 years prior in the Year 65. His classmates space the same age. Itachi Shinden and also the data books establish the Itachi becomes a Chunin at period 10.Year 70: Inari is bornCharacters: Tsunami age 21; Tazuna period 51Notes: follow to the data books, Inari is 4-5 years younger 보다 Naruto. That is between the periods of Konohamaru and Hanabi, and also is younger than his grand Tazuna through 51 years, and his mother Tsunami by 21 years.Year 70: Umino Iruka becomes a Chunin; Hyuga Hanabi is bornCharacters: Iruka period 16; Hiashi age 33; Hinata age 5Notes: follow to the data books, Iruka becomes a Chunin in ~ the period of 16. According to thing 78. Hanabi is 5 years younger 보다 Hinata.Year 70: Uchiha Itachi joins the ANBU; Uchiha Izumi graduates indigenous the academy;Konoha implements a minimum graduation period of 11Characters: Izumi and also Itachi age 11; Tenzo age 16; Kakashi period 19Notes: follow to Itachi Shinden, Itachi join the ANBU in ~ the age of 11, as soon as Kakashi is approaching twenty. This would location the event at sometime before June. Throughout the very same chapter wherein this is listed (Chapter 4) Itachi likewise notes the no matter exactly how talented Sasuke is, he can not graduate before the period of 11. Izumi graduates sometime shortly prior to this policy comes right into place, according to the exact same chapter.Year 71: Yakushi Nono dies by Yakushi Kabuto’s hand; Yakushi Kabuto is recruited the end of root by Orochimaru and defects; Otogakure is foundedCharacters: Kabuto age 14; Nono age 31; Orochimaru age 45Notes: based upon Kabuto’s appearance in thing 583, that seemslikely that he is still a teenager when he and Orochimaru meet. It also aligns through Orochimaru describing together a kid in the subsequent chapter, and also the typical recruitment period for Orochimaru’s subordinates. In addition, Kabuto defecting at the period of 14 would be sustained by the statement the Anko makes in chapter 66 that Kabuto, through age roughly 20-21, has actually failed his Chunin exams 6 times (likely for comparable intelligence gathering purposes). In chapter 584, Orochimaru announces his on purpose to produce Otogakure, hence dating this event.Known conflicts: Konoha v.Iwa (Third Tsuchikage’s Reign)Year 71: Uchiha Shisui dies; Uchiha Itachi awakes the Mangekyo SharinganCharacters: Shisui period 16-17; Itachi age 12Notes: follow to Itachi Shinden, Shisui dies one year before the events of the coup. Itachi awakens the sharingan as the result of Shisui’s death.Year 71: Momochi Zabuza attempts a coup d’etat on fourth Mizukage Karatachi Yagura (controlled through Obito); Momochi Zabuza, Yuki Haku, Hoshigaki Kisame and Utakata defect from Kiri; the Kaguya clan is wiped the end in their attack on KiriCharacters: Zabuza age 20; Haku and Kimimaro age 9; Obito period 22; Kisame age 23; Utakata age 16-17Notes: according to thing 30, shortly before Zabuza defects native Kiri, the attempts a coup d’etat. Based upon Haku’s illustration at the moment of his defection, that is no older 보다 ten year old, and also Zabuza appears as a full grown adult. Thing 26 and also 29 suggest that Haku and Zabuza had currently been companions for part time before their defecting. Yagura’s regime of“Blood Mist Village” saw a number of defections from Kiri, including most that the ninja swordsmen and in the anime, Utakata, for this reason it’s assumed these defections taken place in relatively close proximity to the kekkei genkai massacres. Notably, by this suggest Obito is top Kiri, according to thing 507. Kisame insurance claims in chapter 353 of part II the he last observed Suigetsu ten years prior, date his defection at this time. In the anime (Episode 126) the Kaguya clan’s strike on Kiri and also Kimimaro’s succeeding orphaning takes ar at the same time together Haku’s defection. Kimimaro is the same period as Haku.Known conflicts: Kiri inner conflict; Kiri v. Kaguya clan(Obito’s shadow regime of 4th Mizukage)Year 72: Uchiha Itachi and also Uchiha Obito massacre the Uchiha clan; Uchiha Itachi joins the AkatsukiCharacters: Itachi period 13; Obito age 23; Sasuke period 7;Mikoto age 35; Hazuki period 38; Fugaku period 40Notes: Itachi and also Sasuke’s corresponding ages currently are created by both the anime and manga. Mikoto and Fugaku’s periods are developed by the data books. Hazuki’s age and also time of fatality are created in Itachi Shinden. Itachi Shinden indicates that Itachi is one year younger than declared in various other canonical sources, but because Sasuke would certainly be aware of his brother’s own age, this statement can be ignored.Year 72: Orochimaru pipeline the AkatsukiCharacters: Orochimaru period 46; Itachi period 13Notes: chapter 345 (as well as prior dialogue and Itachi Shinden) creates that Itachi and Orochimaru to be in the Akatsuki at the exact same time. Thus, Orochimaru could not have actually left the Akatsuki until after Itachi joined. When in chapter 238, Sasori insurance claims that Orochimaru left 7 years prior to part I, this statement can be ignored due to the fact that that would ar Itachi’s period at 10-11 as soon as Orochimaru left, and thus also young come have remained in the Akatsuki. A similar statement in chapter 353 is ignored for the same discrepancy.Year 74: Hatake Kakashi leaves ANBUCharacters: Kakashi age 22-23; Yamato period 19-20Notes: The irradiate novels canonize Itachi and Kakashi being in Team Ro in ANBU together, i beg your pardon would ar his ANBU discharge in ~ minimum age 20. It’s said that Kakashi was still in ANBU at the time of the Uchiha massacre at period 21, an occasion which saw the complete decimation that the Konoha Police Force. Thus, I’m skinny to believe that no ANBU captain would’ve been discharged till at the very least a year or 2 after they’d shed their main inner security force. This day is supported is also supported through the anime adaptation.Year 77: Hyuga Neji, rock Lee and Tenten graduate indigenous the Academy; Team Gai is formed Characters: Lee, Tenten and also Neji age 12-13Notes: Team Gai is one year older 보다 Team 7, both in age and in experience.Year 78: events of component I inc. Rookie 9 graduate; Momochi Zabuza and Yuki Haku die; Kazekage Rasa is assassinated through Orochimaru; Konoha 11 take Chunin exams (Konoha Crush); Gekko Hayate and also Sarutobi Hiruzen die; Tsunade becomes Hokage; Sasuke i do not care a missing ninCharacters: Gaara period 12; Rookie 9 age 12-13; Team Gai age 13-14; Haku and also age 15; Temari age 16; Itachi age 18-19; Hayate period 23; Iruka age 23; Zabuza and Kakashi age 26; Gai period 27; Asuma and also Kurenai age 28; Kisame period 29; Rasa period 40; Orochimaru, Jiraiya and also Tsunade period 51-52, Hiruzen age ~69Notes: If going on an typical Japanese school year, academy graduation most likely takes ar in late March or early April. In chapter 34, Hiruzen announces that the Chunin exams will begin on the“first job of the seventh moon,” or July 1st. Their an initial test spans just a couple of hours, and their 2nd test (immediately after) spans 120 hours, or 5 days. A month elapses in between the preliminaries and also the finals (Chapter 88), so, approximately estimated, the Chunin exam final to takes ar on respectable 6th. In the aftermath, Naruto masters the rasengan v Jiraiya over a expectancy of around two mainly while retrieving Tsunade. With travel time, Tsunade likely returned at the end of August. Because only a brief time elapses in between Tsunade coming to be Hokage and also Sasuke leaving the village, but enough time to perform Lee’s surgery and also for Kakashi to complete an S-rank mission, I estimate the sink of the end fight come take location in the an initial week of September. Over there is a 3 month gap between Chapters 237 and also 238, leaving part I finishing off in ~ December. (Notably, the Sand siblings room seen leave Konoha ~ this three-month time skip.)Known conflicts: Konoha v. Suna and also OtoYear 78-81: Karatachi Yagura dies in battle; Sanbi dissipates and is compelled to re-articulateitself; Terumi Mei i do not care MizukageCharacters: Mei age 28-31Notes: once Zabuza defects from Kiri, that is after ~ he has actually tried to kill the Mizukage of“Blood Mist Village,” Yagura, and Kakashi points out in thing 30 that Zabuza is increasing funds for a“second attempt.” This statement suggests that Yagura is tho alive together of the soil of waves arc. However, by thing 317, the Sanbi exists as an entity different from Yagura and also the present Mizukage is revealed to be Mei in chapter 454. This says that Yagura passed away in battle, or rather Kiri would have likely do a new jinchuriki after ~ his death. Yagura’s age at this time is unknown, yet by the end of part I, he would have actually been judgment as Mizukage because that at least 20 years, as Mei to be a participant in the Blood Mist graduation test (Sasuke Shinden chapter 1).Year 80: Gaara i do not care a ChuninNotes: according to the third Data Book, Gaara becomes a Chunin at the age of 14, approximately one year before the events of component II.Year 81: occasions of part II inc. 4th Shinobi War; Sasori, Chiyo, Sarutobi Asuma, Kakuzu, Uchiha Itachi, Deidara, Jiraiya, Uzumaki Nagato, Konan, Hoshigaki Kisame, Shimura Danzo, Yamanaka Inoichi, Nara Shikaku, Hyuga Neji andUchiha Obitoall dieCharacters: Gaara age 15; Rookie 9 age 15-16; Team Gai period 16-17; Suigetsu and also Karin age 16-17; Kankuro, Kurostuchi and also Jugo age 18; Temari and also Deidara age 19; Itachi period 21-22; Jiraiya period 54; Yamato age 26-27; Kakashi age 29-30; Asuma and also Obito period ~31; Kisame period 32; Nagato, Konan and also Sasori age 35; Inoichi and Shikaku period 41-42; Danzo and also Chiyo age 73; Kakuzu age 91Notes: In component II, Naruto comes back when the Chunin exams are in the middle of necessary preparations, presumably also scheduled for July (though they execute take place biannually). Presume Temari’s visit come Konoha is among the last of the preparations because that the exam, Naruto returns to Konoha at some point in so late June (close to the two-and-a-half year space that’s declared in ep. 1 that Shippuden). The Kazekage rescue mission arc takes place over around six days. The Tenchi bridge mission takes ar after second ten days. The Akatsuki suppression mission take away place immediately after over around ten days (two work of rasenshuriken training, 3 days each to seal the Nibi and Sanbi, and an additional 24 hrs + take trip time because that Team 7 to join Team 10. V these missions in mind, it have the right to be approximated that the first three arcs to conclude in ~ the end of July. Despite it’s much less clear just how much time elapses throughout the subsequent arcs (from the Itachi search mission onward) in ~ the climax of the battle in thing 643, Obito notes the it is Naruto’s birthday, ~ above October 10th, marking the approximate end day of the war.Elaboration: Notably, this needs to be October of the same year offered that Kurenai is at least two months pregnant by the finish of the 3rd arc (marked by at least one month come become conscious of it, and also the aforementioned month of missions), and gives bear to Mirai in the loss after the war. Gaara and also Naruto room both provided to it is in 17 by the end of the war but both space at least 1 year younger 보다 Neji so it is presumed that any statements making their periods equivalent space inaccurate; it is also feasible that those eras may apply in chapter 699, which has a time-skip of numerous months come a year.Known conflicts: allied Shinobi forces vs. Madara and Obito (Fifth Hokage/Fifth Mizukage/Fifth Kazekage/Fourth Raikage/Third Tsuchikage’s Reign)Year 81 (Fall, most likely late November): Sarutobi Mirai is bornCharacters: Kurenai age 31Notes: as Kurenai falls pregnant in the spring coming before the war, Mirai is born in loss shortly ~ the battle ends.Year 81-82: Hatake Kakashi named Hokage, Sasuke is pardonedCharacters: Kakashi age 30; Sasuke period 16Notes: Kakashi is named Hokage shortly after the war and also Sasuke is pardoned partially on account that his word. Kakashi does not fully assume the responsibilities and also title until almost a year ~ the war is end (Kakashi Hiden), though it’s not addressed even if it is the pardon is issued before or ~ Kakashi Hiden, because the novel begins with Kakashi currently selected together Hokage and carved top top the mountain. For the purposes of this timeline, I will certainly assume the pardon come pre-Kakashi Hiden.Year 83:NaraShikamaru and also Temari begin dating; Akimichi Choji and also Karui start dating; Sai and Yamanaka Ino begin datingCharacters: Shikamaru, Ino and also Choji period 18; Karui and also Sai period 19; Temari period 21Notes: Shikamaru Hiden takes place before The Last, in which Shikamaru has actually a day with Temari, so he starts dating Temari 2 years after ~ the battle in the Year 83. Choji and also Karui are developed as start a partnership in the beginning of Sakura Hiden, which is a couple of months after ~ Shikamaru Hiden. Sai and also Ino go out on a day at the finish of Sakura Hiden.Year 83-85: Uzumaki Naruto and Hyuga Hinata date and also get marriedCharacters: Naruto and also Hinata age 18-20Notes: The events of Naruto the last (canonized in a light novel) and also Konoha Hiden establish that Naruto and also Hinata obtain together about 2 year after the war. Suspect they gain married as soon as they reach the age of bulk at age 20, they obtain married in the Year 85.Year 85: Uzumaki Boruto is bornCharacters: Naruto and Hinata period 20Notes: It’s presumed the Boruto would be born before Sarada due to the fact that his parents obtain married prior to hers.Year 85: Sasuke returns to Konoha; Sakura and also Sasuke go travelling together and marry; Uchiha Sarada is bornCharacters: Sasuke and also Sakura age 20Notes: Sasuke is still on his trip alone throughout the occasions of Konoha Hiden, however as Sarada and also Boruto are are roughly the very same age, they’re both born within this same year or therefore span. The implication seems to be the Sasuke happen Sakura ~ above the journey was a marital relationship proposal in and also of itself.Year 85: Yamanaka Ino and also Sai marry; Inojin is born; Akimichi Choji and Karui marry; Chocho is born; Nara Shikamaru and also Temari marry; Shikadai is born; steel Lee is bornCharacters: Ino, Choji and also Shikamaru period 20; Karui and also Sai period 21; Temari period 23-24Notes: It appears improbable that this many of Naruto’s friends would obtain married and also have kids in this quick a time frame, given that 2 of these households required the wife’s immigrant to Konoha. However, in bespeak to be the same age as Boruto and also Sarada, every one of these children would have to be born approximately this year.Year 87: Uzumaki Himawari is bornNotes: Himawari is detailed to be 2 year younger than Boruto in the empty Period.

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Year 96: Naruto becomes Hokage; occasions of Naruto Gaiden/Konoha ShindenCharacters: Sarada period 11; Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke age 31; Yamato age 42; Kakashi period 45; Gai period 46; Mirai period 14Notes: over there is approximately a 13 year time-skip in between Chapter 699 and Chapter 700. Thus, this dates Sarada’s age at around 11 throughout both 700 and Gaiden, put those events in prompt succession.Year 97: Boruto and also Sarada graduate; Team Konohamaru takes the Chunin ExamsCharacters: Boruto and also Sarada age 12; Naruto, Sasuke and also Sakura period 32; Kakashi age 46