Many human being think and say the The Incredibles takes place between the 50s and the 60s. However, if you pay attention to some particular details, you have the right to piece together around the time the Incredibles is actually set.

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A tiny fun Fact: The Incredibles to be meant to be collection in a futuristic world, yet Pixar decided against it as it make Syndrome's an innovation seem much less advanced.

The just thing we can really usage as evidence that we see throughout the film is what couple of dates we receive. The many notable gift "15 year Later" in ~ the beginning. However, this doesn't do lot for united state as we have actually no original day to walk off of...

Later, once Bob access time Edna around getting/fixing a suit, she remind united state of her infamous No Capes Policy. Bob, confused, asks why, and also her thinking is that countless Supers met their death via capes. She mentions Thunderhead, a at sight who died in 1958 ~ his cape got captured on a missile. 1958 is what us needed. We know for a fact Thunderhead attended Bob and Ellen's Wedding, and also the Super half was inflicted almost immediately afterwards. We room to assume Thunderhead passed away soon ~ the Wedding.

So simple Mathematics will tell us that 1958 + 15 = 1973.

That's right! You've every been lie to! The Incredibles actually takes place in the mid-70s.


You i think thunderhead dies immediately after the wedding.

We don't know just how long ~ the wedding thunderhead died. The "Process" that banishing superheroes can have taken many years. The documentary to be done in hindsight. A legal fight that far-reaching probably did take it years and also it seemed like there were a lot happening one after the other. There could have to be a 5-10 year procedure of Superheroes getting sued, windy opinion changing, people campaigning on super heroes acquiring banished.

I think we deserve to deduce the the "Latest" the movie sets ar in is 1973 since that would certainly be if thunderhead died the work after the wedding.

I actually favor this time setup very much for a Superheroes movie, since many that my favorite Batman comics space from the 70's.

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It would certainly be cool to watch a sequel top top the 80's or something. Whereby Dash is a teenager, Violet is in College and also Bob and Helen are much more relaxed and comfortable with their instance as Supers.


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