If you reserve movie at 11:59 pm or 12:01 AM, pick them increase in the morning, then return them at 10 PM that night, perform you acquire charged for sooner or later or two?

In general, is it always easy come tell how numerous days you're walking to obtain charged for, because Redbox has clear rules, easily interpreted by everyone, offering the exact details of just how they number how numerous days to charge?


this is not that tough to understand and also has been explained numerous times

"Your rental duration ends at 9:00 p.m. The day after you rent. "

each work starts in ~ 12:00 am and ends at 11:59 pm, return it by 9pm the next day or you acquire charged

each day starts at 12:00 am and ends in ~ 11:59 pm, return it by 9pm the next day or you gain charged

In various other words, if you reserve it in ~ 11:59 PM and also pick that up at 5 pm the next day, it's due earlier 4 hours later in ~ 9 PM. However if friend reserve it two minutes later, at 12:01 AM, climate you have actually an extra day.

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I wonder how many human being wait till 12:01 am to make reservation a disk due to the fact that of the detail.

this is not that hard to understand and also has to be explained numerous times

If it's no that difficult to recognize then why has actually it to be explained many times?

They send girlfriend a article after friend reserve, and after you pick up. The return time is not mentioned. Right here are what they say in them:

Here's what the email says as soon as you reserve:

Important note: your rental period began as shortly as friend completed your reservations. You'll be charged because that today's rental even if it is you choose up your disc(s) or not. If you didn't pick up, we'll release tomorrow so others can rent .

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Here is what the email says as soon as you choose up:

You simply saved major bucks in ~ the Box. Virtual high five! We'll email you a receipt as shortly as girlfriend return the critical disc.

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