In 1820, Danish physicist Hans Christian Oersted discovered that a existing running with a wire created a magnetic field, kicking turn off the modern study of electromagnetism.

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Moving electric charges create magnetic fields. You can test this by put a compass close to a current-carrying wire. The compass will line up v the induced magnetic field.


To identify the direction of the electrically-induced magnetic field because of a long straight current-carrying wire, use the very first right hand dominance (RHR) by pointing your right-hand ignorance in the direction the positive present flow. The curve of her fingers then reflects the direction the the magnetic field roughly a wire (depicted at right).

You can achieve an also stronger magnetic field by pack a coil of wire in a series of loops recognized as a solenoid and also flowing current through the wire. This is well-known as one electromagnet. You have the right to make the magnetic ar from the electromagnet also stronger by put a item of iron within the coils the wire. The 2nd right hand rule tells friend the direction the the magnetic field because of an electromagnet. Wrap her fingers roughly the solenoid in the direction the positive current flow. Your ignorance will point toward the north finish of the induced magnetic field, as shown below.


Not just do relocating charges develop magnetic fields, yet relative motion in between charges and also a magnetic field can develop a force. The magnitude of the pressure (FB) top top a charge (q) moving through a magnetic field (B) through a velocity (v) is offered by: FB=qvBsinθ

In this equation, θ is the angle in between the velocity vector and also the direction of the magnetic field. If the velocity the the charged fragment is perpendicular come the magnetic field, sin θ = sin 90° = 1, and also the force can it is in calculated as just FB=qvB.


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Because pressure is a vector, it has a direction together well. This direction deserve to be established using the third right hand rule. Suggest the fingers of your best hand in the direction the a confident particle’s velocity (if the relocating charge is negative, suggest the finger of your right hand in a direction the contrary the particle’s velocity). Then, curl her fingers inward 90° in the direction the magnetic field points. Your ignorance will allude in the direction of the force on the charged particle.

Question: an electron move at 2.0×106 meters per second perpendicular to a magnetic ar having a flux density of 2.0 teslas. What is the magnitude of the magnetic force on the electron?



Question: A bit with a fee of 6.4×10–19 C experience a force of 2×10–12 N as it travels with a 3 tesla magnetic ar at an angle of 30° to the field. What is the particle’s velocity?



Question: The air core of the electromagnet is replaced with an steel core. Contrasted to the strength of the magnetic field in the wait core, the stamin of the magnetic field in the iron core is

less higher the same

Answer: (2) An steel core put within one electromagnet strengthens the magnetic field.

Question: The diagram below shows a proton relocating with velocity v about to enter a uniform magnetic ar directed right into the page. Together the proton moves in the magnetic field, the size of the magnetic pressure on the proton is F.


If the proton were replaced by an alpha bit (charge +2e) under the very same conditions, the magnitude of the magnetic pressure on the alpha fragment would be

F 2F F/2 4F

Answer: (2) 2F. Due to the fact that charge is doubled, magnetic force additionally doubles.

When relative motion between a conductor and also a magnetic ar creates a pressure on the charges in the conductor, a potential difference is induced in the conductor. The conductor need to cut throughout the magnetic field lines to develop a potential difference, and also larger potential differences are developed when the conductor cuts throughout stronger magnetic fields, or moves more quickly with the magnetic field.

This phenomenon is what enables you to create usable, controlled electrical energy. Kinetic power in the kind of wind, water, steam, etc. Is used to rotate a coil the wire v a magnetic field, inducing a potential difference, i m sorry is transferred by the electric company to end users. This basic energy change is the underlying rule behind hydroelectric, nuclear, fossil fuel, and wind-powered electric generators!


Question: The diagram at right shows a wire relocating to the ideal at rate v v a uniform magnetic field that is directed into the page. Together the speed of the wire is increased, the induced potential difference will

decrease boost remain the same

Answer: (2) the induced potential difference will boost as the rate of the wire is increased.

Question: The diagram listed below represents a wire conductor, RS, positioned perpendicular to a uniform magnetic ar directed right into the page.


Describe the direction in i beg your pardon the wire could be relocated to develop the preferably potential difference throughout its ends, R and also S.

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Answer: The wire could be relocated to produce the maximum potential difference across its ends, R and S, by moving it horizontally (right to left or left come right).