Visitors in ~ the cool Canyon's Yavapai Point, which is, not surprisingly, in the "Grand Canyon State"

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Now, the VOA distinct English regimen Words and Their Stores.

A nickname is a shortened form of a person"s name. A nickname can additionally be a descriptive name for a person, place or thing.America"s 50 states have some that the many historically exciting nicknames.Alabama is recognized as the "Heart the Dixie" since it is in the an extremely middle of a team of says in the Deep South. Dixie chin is a nickname because that the American South. That started once Louisiana printed notes with the French word for "ten" on them. "Deece," or D-I-X, led to "Dixie."Way up north, Alaska is referred to as the "Last Frontier" for understandable reasons. Close to the Arctic Circle, it to be the final part of the nation to be explored and also settled.Arizona is the "Grand Canyon State" because of the renowned winding canyon carved by the Colorado River. The southerly state that Arkansas is the "Land the Opportunity." The state legislature decided this nickname. Arkansas is affluent in herbal resources and also has become a favorite ar for older civilization to retire.In a renowned Spanish book, a fictional island referred to as "California" to be filled with gold. Sure enough, lot of of the was discovered in the real California, in 1848. This began a gold rush unlike any other in American history in the "Golden State."You would certainly think Colorado would certainly be recognized as the "Rocky hill State." however its nickname is the "Centennial State." that is since it came to be a state in 1876, exactly 100 year after the nation declared its independence.Connecticut is called the "Nutmeg State" after ~ a spice. Connecticut Yankees, as world in this northeast state space called, are known to be clever in business. Therefore smart that it was claimed they could sell wooden, meaning false, nutmegs come strangers.Little Delaware is dubbed the "First State" since it to be the first state -- the an initial to grant the new United says Constitution.The southern state that Florida likes to tell about its sunny days and fine beaches. For this reason Florida is the "Sunshine State." Florida"s neighbor come the phibìc grows few of the sweetest fruit in America.

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Therefore Georgia is the "Peach State."Hawaii, far out in the Pacific Ocean, is the "Aloha State." the is the friendly greeting that way both "hello" and also "goodbye" in the indigenous Hawaiian language. So, aloha because that now.