Of every the stirring moments in silence of the Lambs, one shed itself into the pop society psyche forever.

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In maybe the many remembered scene of silence of the Lambs, serial killer Buffalo bill dances to “Goodbye Horses” through Q Lazzarus. He uses makeup and also videotapes himself dancing naked while his victim attempts come escape.

The “Goodbye Horses” solitary from the silence of the Lambs soundtrack: one few Q Lazzarus images out there

Demme at very first denied being in the music industry. Yet then, together he defined it, “she place on ‘Goodbye equines going with a blizzard, and I said, ‘Oh mine God, what is this and who are you?’”

It’s not hard to check out why he was so impressed v Q Lazzarus. She moody darkwave track is hypnotic and also beautifully performed. And also it’s also lyrically profound.

Transformations and also transcendence

At 27, quiet of the Lambs is a no much less riveting watch. Through Oscar-winning direction and also performances, that remains one of the most transcendent horror movies of all time.

And transcendence is in ~ its heart.

The key character, FBI trainee Clarice Starling (Jodie Foster) is thematically connected to Buffallo invoice in that she wants to leave behind a part of herself the is plagued by traumatic memories involving lambs gift slaughtered.


Starling hopes she’ll escape she nightmares once she find Bill’s victim Catherine. Yet it’s a an enig if she ever before does, regardless of her success.

This is what makes Q Lazzarus’ “Goodbye Horses” such an motivated choice.

Akin to exactly how cunningly Catherine attempts come escape, Clarice deftly circumvents bureaucracy and manipulation. She scales she trappings come both resolve the case and also maintain her integrity.

And the film is also evocative the Demme’s change as a filmmaker. After he won an Oscar for Silence that the Lambs, that went on to do such acclaimed movies as Philadelphia, Beloved, and also Rachel getting Married.

Sir Anthony Hopkins (left) and also Jonathan Demme (right) top top the quiet of the Lambs set

But he never ever forgot his music roots, and gave new definition to songs by musicians he admired.

Sadly, Demme passed away in 2017. Yet he to be fondly mental by the musicians and also actors he operated with for his adventurousness, cooperation spirit and also knack for catching the healing strength of music top top film.

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