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By mr BreakfastPlop, plop, fizz, fizz - oh what a relief the is once advertisers come up through the perfect catchphrase or slogan to sell a product. This is our perform of the most memorable lines ever used to offer a breakfast cereal.Before you read the list, ask yourself, "Got Milk?" because the best slogans not only lug the product to mind, they additionally make you a little hungry because that Incredible, Edible... Breakfast cereals.See if her favorite tagline make the cut.

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The grandaddy of grain slogans is because that Quaker Puffed Rice. The cereal is actually made making use of a process that each other shooting rice indigenous a gun. In 1904, Quaker presented the grain to the fixed public by shooting Puffed Rice from cannons at the World"s Fair. In 1913, one astute advertisement man determined to promote the cereal by exploiting exactly how it"s made and this famous, yet mostly forgotten, slogan was invented.
Tony the Tiger might be the most famed breakfast grain mascot of every time (and feasible the most well known for any type of product). When you listen this slogan, friend know specifically who the tiger is and the product that promotes. Most people automatically hear the musical solder in their head. It"s a triple whammy. You could say, It"s Grrrr... (keep reading).
This slogan for Kellogg"s seed & love husband Crunch to be a study in name reinforcement. When characters in commercials were asked what they were eating, your reply the "Nut & Honey" was misinterpreted together "Nutin" (ie. Nothing) honey." By the moment the human asking determined what was going ~ above (if they ever before did), the name of the grain had been spoken several time - so plenty of times that it"s now in our top forever.
This bold ad campaign would certainly pit total cereal versus best-selling cereals in a battle of nutrition. TV ads would certainly show personalities enjoying their favorite cereal only to it is in told by one off-screen voice that they"d need to eat numerous bowls (usually quantified by an accurate number) of their grain to equal the vitamin nutrition in a bowl of Total.
When Cap"n Crunch cereal was presented in 1963, the idea that a crunchy breakfast cereal was reasonably new. In fact, the grain was produced as a response to a examine that verified children, ~ above average, didn"t care for soggy cereals. This catchphrase (along through the evident implication the the cereal"s name) might be the reason we still host Cap"n Crunch as the standard by which all crunchy cereals room measured.
This one-line jingle because that Super Sugar fresh was yielded with a cool assured swagger through the cereal"s mascot sugar Bear. The voice of street Bear was inspired by crooner and also actor Dean Martin. At sight Sugar fresh was originally referred to as Sugar Crisp. During that time, the slogan went: "Can"t get enough of the Sugar Crisp."
Early crate of Quisp cereal claimed it was "the vitamin it is provided sugary grain for QUAZY energy." in spite of having fairly a quirky and que-ative catchphrase, most human being remember this cereal by a visual acknowledgment of it"s mascot, a pink alien with a propeller poking the end of his head.
... It"s love husband Nut Cheerios. This was the cereal"s most famed tagline throughout the 80"s. A later on line, "nobody can say no to honey Nut Cheerios," may have actually sold part boxes by never resonated in our cumulative memory. The cereal"s current catchphrase, "Bee Happy, punishment Healthy" is a real competitor to do this list in the coming years.
This famed tagline because that Kix Cereal very first appeared in 1978. The grain itself was presented several decades earlier in 1937. According to ads, children liked the fresh corn crunch, if moms chosen nutritional facets of the cereal. Another memorable line to be "Kids love Kix for what Kix has got. Moms love Kix because that what Kix has actually not."
According to the rest of the jingle, "Honey-Comb"s got... A big, huge taste... A big, huge crunch... For a big, huge bite!" The jingle was renowned throughout the late-70"s and early-80"s. In TV ads, it was frequently sung by children in the Honey-Comb Hideout, a plank plank shack where youngsters met to appreciate the size and taste that the cereal.
The idea that Kellogg"s Raisin Bran has "two scoops that raisins in every box" was very first hammered into our brains in late 1960"s. It to be a far an ext effective slogan than earlier efforts choose "the sunniest bran under the sun" or "cereal with fruit". Kellogg"s Raisin Bran an initial hit keep shelves in 1942.
Cinnamon toasty apologize Jacks. This catchy solder was famous from the early 80"s every the means through the early 90"s. The remainder of the lyrics changed from commercial to commercial. One ad finished the song prefer this: "Lot"s the crunch in every bite... Just right for your appetite. To apologize Jacks... Apple Jacks... To apologize flavor, that"s wherein it"s at... Cinnamon toasty, apologize tasty... Kellogg"s apologize Jacks!"
These room arguably the 3 most acquainted words in the English language (which pertain to marketing breakfast cereal). Lock were an initial heard in a radio solder in 1932, four years after ~ the grain was introduced. Castle mimicked the sound the cereal made as soon as doused through milk. In 1939, Snap! Crackle! and Pop! also began referring to the cereal"s 3 mascots. That was the year they an initial appeared together on a package. Snap! had showed up years previously as a solo act.
This slogan for Froot Loops continues, "The smell of fruit! where it grows!" The "nose" in question belongs come Toucan Sam, the cereal"s mascot since 1963. When the tagline debuted, the voice the Toucan Sam was listed by Mel Blanc who additionally created voices for Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Barney Rubble.
This slogan for munchy, crunchy, chocolatey Cocoa Puffs was first heard in 1963. The was yielded by Sonny the Cuckoo Bird. In TV ads, the animated bird would go certain bonkers once exposed to the cereal, most often, he would certainly repeat the tagline 3 times in quick succession.
This renowned tagline because that Wheaties debuted in the early 1930"s ~ above a billboard in ~ a minor league baseball game. Wheaties is responsible because that two significant milestones in breakfast cereal advertising. In 1926, it was the first cereal to ever have a jingle. In 1939, it was the very first cereal to ever be advertised on television.
This record phrase because that Life cereal is indigenous the longest continuously running commercial campaigns in television history. It to be 1972 as soon as America first heard, "I"m no gonna try it - you shot it. Let"s obtain Mikey... He no everything." In the end, the finicky young eater liked the cereal. The Mikey personality reemerged in the mid-80"s together a young adult (played by the very same actor, man Gilchrist) in a tribute come the initial commercial.
This tagline was component of a brief jingle that went "Frosted lucky Charms... They"re magically delicious!" It to be sung by lucky The Leprechaun, the cereal"s mascot since Lucky charms debuted in 1964. Happy is responsible for an additional famous catchphrase, "They"re constantly After Me lucky Charms!"
Trix cereal an initial hit shelves in 1954. Four years later, the Trix Rabbit appeared on the box. In his words, "Rabbits are an alleged to favor carrots. However I hate carrots. I favor Trix." Unfortunately, every time the rabbit would get close to eat Trix, some son would appear and also say the famous line. In 1980, basic Mills ran a promo asking kids to poll whether or not the rabbit should get to eat Trix. The nation"s children voted in donate of the rabbit. He acquired to eat one bowl.
Tony The Tiger has been the mascot for Frosted Flakes Cereal since 1952 once it was called Sugar Frosted Flakes. The grain has had actually a couple of memorable taglines over the years, including "They bring out the tiger in you" and also "The taste adults have grown come love." but the most famous line, by far, was Tony"s deep-throated "They"re no good. They"re Gr-r-reat!"
Honorable Mention: "Oh those golden Grahams. Five those gold Grahams." - golden Grahams"It"s what"s because that breakfast" - honey Bunches the Oats"The Taste You can See!" - Cinnamon Toast Crunch"I vant to eat her cereal!" - count Chocula"It tastes prefer a coco milkshake, just crunchy!" - Cocoa Krispies"They"re A-B-C Delicious" Alpha-Bits ""The taste adults have grown come love" - Kellogg"s Frosted Flakes"Bee Happy, punishment Healthy" - honey Nut Cheerios"They"re always After Me lucky Charms!" - lucky CharmsWhat"s her favorite grain slogan? Is there one the you"d prefer to see included to this list? attach with mr Breakfast on facebook or Twitter and let me know.This article was written by grandfather Breakfast (aka Eddy Chavey).

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