We created the table linen sizing charts below as a useful tool once you space determining the perfect tablecloth size for your round or rectangle-shaped tables. It is easy to make purchasing decisions and also implement style ideas if you understand how to measure tablecloths the will enhance the format that you are looking for. For these charts, we provided a standard banquet table height of 30 inches. Also, throughout our tablecloth sizing guide you will view the terms "tablecloth drop" or simply "drop." these words describe the size of the tablecloth that will certainly hang under from the tabletop.

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The most common round tables supplied in weddings and special events and the recommended table linen sizes space as follows:


Based on typical banquet round tables through table elevation of 30 inches


The most common rectangular tables offered in weddings and special events and the encourage table linen sizes are as follows:

6 ft or 72 inch rectangular tables- 90 inch x 132 customs rectangle tablecloths or 6 ft rectangular spandex table covers.8 ft or 96 inch rectangular tables- 90 inch x 156 customs rectangle tablecloths or 8 ft rectangular spandex table covers.


Based top top standard rectangular banquet tables through table height of 30 inches


We market high quality spandex tablecloths because that highboy tables. Available are 24 inch,30 inch, 32 inch, 36 inch, 30 x 30 inch and 36 x 30 customs spandex table coversand because that cocktail tables with table elevation of 42 inches. Occasionally though, extra elegant events demand an innovative styling because that these varieties of tables. Instead of the usual stretchy towel table cloths, wedding and event designers choose to usage round tablecloths as highboy table drapes.Before girlfriend go virtual table linen shopping, usage this tablecloth sizing chart that will aid you recognize the ideal tablecloth size for this table that is additionally known together bistro table.

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The figure of her styled cocktail tables will vary, depending upon the product of her table linen. Polyester tablecloths sell matte elegance. Satin linens will paint your occasion that highly-desired soft look. Round pintuck tablecloths promise a an ext sophisticated appeal. The selection is because that you come make.