Choosing the ideal size home freezer is simple with this tips. Read on to recognize what freezer dimension is right for her frugal family.

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Dear dissension Stretcher,Do her readers have any kind of tips or accuse on just how to select the ideal size house freezer for your family? I’m in the market for a freezer, yet trying to decide the size has me in a quandary.DG

How go You pick the best Size residence Freezer for your Frugal Family?

We asked ours frugal reader the procedures they took to figure out what size home freezer come buy. Check out on because that their referrals for selecting the appropriate size residence freezer for her frugal family.

Buy a provided Freezer if Possible

When I had several kids at home and also a big garden every year, I required a big (21 cubic feet) freezer. After the children left home, I offered the large one and also bought a little (9 cubic feet) freezer. It has actually plenty that room for 2 people. The little freezer was bought 2nd hand almost 20 years ago and also is still functioning fine. Everything size girlfriend choose, look because that a provided freezer before you invest hundreds because that a brand-new one.Anita

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Consider What You desire to Freeze

It counts on what you desire to freeze. If you want to freeze a entirety side of beef, climate you might want a 14-cubic-foot freezer. If it is to be strictly an expansion of your refrigerator/freezer, then 5 cubic feet might be enough.

The other aspect to think about is the dimension that will fit. A 10-cubic-foot freezer and smaller have the right to be the depth that kitchen counters. I acquired a 10-cubic-foot freezer due to the fact that it was energy efficient and had two rows of baskets, which ns appreciated because I’m therefore short. That took 2 months because that my freezer come come in this summer, however it was well precious the wait. The new ones space so irradiate weight, too. Conserve money on delivery and also pick that up yourself (with a friend).

If you pick a 7-cubic-foot freezer or smaller and it transforms out come be as well small, the is straightforward size to resell.Merrie


A Chest Freezer is Recommended

The best freezer come buy follow to Consumer Reports is the chest-style freezer. I have actually three freezers. One is the chest type and two are upright. Friends who were moving and did not desire to take it them along provided two of this to us. The most valuable solution because that the upright freezers is for the warehouse of packaged frozen goods. In the event of a strength failure, the upright will not remain cold as lengthy as the chest freezer. Therefore, we save our meats and other much more expensive perishables in the chest freezer. Obviously, the is more difficult to see what is in the chest freezer, for this reason I have actually a compose on/wipe off board on the side. I store track of the components of every my freezers this way.

To make any type of freezer much more energy efficient, if over there is unused space, usage old bleach bottles. They have never broken in all the year we have been making use of them. To fill them around 3/4 complete with water and also put lock in any type of unused space. The freezer will not need to cycle as regularly if the is full. When the an are is essential for frozen food, simply put the bottles next to the freezer for future use.

I likewise keep one old packing blanket for each freezer in a plastic bag on top of among the uprights. I got these because that $1 every at a moving-storage facility. In the occasion of a strength outage, I placed the ceiling over lock to store them cool and to protect against the youngsters from needlessly opened them.

You will find that the chance to share up on revenue items and also being maybe to have a resource of last minute meals will be precious the investment and the freezers will pay for themselves in no time.Linda, Lawrenceville, Ga.

Base Freezer footage on dimension of Household

I have a fairly large upright freezer at my house since my husband walk a lot of large game hunting, and on “slow” years, us buy one-half the a beef or more. I also like to have actually room to take advantage of frozen vegetable and poultry sales and surplus from the garden. (See A grocery Stockpiling Guide: How and also When come Save.)

I have operated at a retail furniture and also appliance save for the last twenty years and this is the details I found.

A cubic foot the freezer room holds about 35 pounds the food. Part manufacturers imply you calculation 1.5 cubic feet of an are for each human being eating in ~ home. For power efficiency, a freezer need to be preserved at least two-thirds full.

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If you space not able to save your freezer 2/3 full, climate you have to freeze water in leftover milk containers. Ns would likewise suggest girlfriend buy a newer version versus one old version from someone. The more recent models are much more energy efficient. The course, it will be as much as you to decide if you like an upright or a chest. I would also recommend a hand-operated defrost. Girlfriend don’t need to defrost an extremely often and also a self-defrost model tends come dry everything out.Sandy


Reviewed august 2020

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