The final stage of your scholastic career, whether it it is in high school, undergraduate, graduate school, or a doctorate degree, has lastly come - Graduation Day! Congrats come you; the just thing that is left is to make sure the graduation ceremony goes together smooth and also mistake-free together it perhaps can. ~ all, you’ve made the this far, and we don’t think you desire your entire scholastic experience to be remembered together the one who fell off the phase at graduation. Over there is the genuine reason why girlfriend stumbled upon ours blog - discovering what side the graduation tassel goes on prior to graduation and what side to relocate it to after. We will certainly take a look at every graduation ceremony, as some sides may differ based on what grade you are graduating from.

A fast pro-tip from our graduation professionals is to take into consideration removing your tassel before tossing her hat right into the waiting in celebration. Your tassel can make a good keepsake and remembrance for your graduation day! Also, feel cost-free to inspect out why and when such a time-honored tradition as the cap throwing occasion came about.

What Side have to Your Tassel start on because that a High college Graduation?

Congratulations top top graduating high school! For your graduation, the tassel will begin on the best side of your graduation cap and also stay there because that the beginning ceremony. After ~ you get your diploma and when the speaker instructs friend to, you deserve to move your tassel come the left next of her cap, a symbolic gesture showing that you have actually graduated!

What Side should Your Tassel begin on for an Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree Graduation?

Just like a high college graduate, her tassel should start on the appropriate side of her graduation cap. As soon as you have actually received your diploma, and also once the graduation speaker tells you to, you have the right to move her tassel to the left side of your cap and begin the celebration!

What Side should Your Tassel begin on because that a Master’s, Graduate, or Doctoral degree Graduation?

Here is whereby the placement differs. After all, you’ve worked very hard because that these call degrees and deserve some one-of-a-kind treatment. Also, exactly how fitting because that academics to litter you one critical curveball after having attended high school and also college graduations.

Unlike high school and undergraduate university graduation ceremonies, her tassel will start on the left side of your graduation cap and also will continue to be there. Graduates that a master’s, graduate, or doctoral program execute not move their tassels.

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How come Stand the end At your Graduation

Now the you know the basic procedures of her upcoming graduation ceremony, you can emphasis on making sure you stand the end to her family and friends.

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We administer and room the top manufacturer of all the graduation accessories you might need, including tassels, cords, custom graduation stoles, and also graduation caps. Feel complimentary to contact us today regarding questions around our substantial array that graduation items, and happy celebrating!