There space a wide range of methods to evolve Pokémon in the games and anime. Right here are all of the Pokémon the evolve utilizing the water stone.

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There space a couple of different evolution stones that have the right to be supplied to evolve details Pokémon. Presented as one of the first evolution methods that was different from a basic level-up, evolution stones have existed due to the fact that the first generation the the series.

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A couple of different stones have been included over the years, however one that the originals is the Water Stone. This glittering blue gem deserve to be used to evolve a little group the Water-type Pokémon, an ext than half of i m sorry are from the first generation. Here"s a list of all the Pokémon that evolve v a Water Stone, in no details order.

Poliwhirl is just one of the lucky couple of Pokémon that actually has an ext than one possible evolution. Interestingly, both evolutions call for the usage of one item. In Generation I, Poliwhirl had actually its first and only evolution: Poliwrath. It will certainly evolve into this Water/Fighting-type when exposed to a Water Stone.

In Generation II, Poliwhirl was provided a second evolution, Politoed. Politoed can be acquired by trading a Poliwhirl that holds a King"s Rock. This two different items deserve to induce 2 drastically various evolutions. Not plenty of Pokémon deserve to boast that!

There room a few different Pokémon in Generation i that begin as a pure Water-type and then acquire an additional type after evolving. Shellder is just one of them, beginning as a Water-type and becoming a double Water/Ice-type when it evolves into Cloyster.

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Like various other Pokémon ~ above this list, in stimulate to do this advancement happen, you"ll need to expose your Shellder to a Water Stone. ~ evolving, the Pokémon will become a defensive powerhouse. Cloyster is in reality tied v a Mega Evolution, Mega Slowbro, because that the highest possible defense stat of any type of Water-type, which makes sense due to the fact that in the anime, a Slowpoke evolves right into a Slowbro as soon as a Shellder clamps ~ above its tail, implying a strong connection in between the 2 Pokémon. In ~ a chuck 180 base defense, you"ll definitely want to discover a Water stone to evolve that Shellder.

another Generation i Water-type the gains one additional form upon advancement is Staryu. This starfish-like Pokémon will gain the Psychic-type after ~ evolving into Starmie, which happens once it"s exposed to a Water Stone. Interestingly, Starmie makes use of this Psychic-typing (presumably) as it sends electrical waves of interaction into an are for an unknown reason.

differing from Cloyster, the critical entry on this list, Starmie excels in distinct attack and speed. It"s a really fast Pokémon, v a base rate of 115. Add a basic special strike stat that 100, and this starfish is walking to fill a wallop real fast when provided properly.

there are right now eight total possible evolutions for Eevee, one of the most iconic and also popular Pokémon in existence. It can be difficult to store track of all of the ways it can evolve, especially because some that them have actually changed, choose Leafeon and also Glaceon"s development methods. Among the advancement methods for Eevee that hasn"t changed, though, is via a Water Stone.

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as soon as exposed to a Water Stone, Eevee will evolve right into Vaporeon, a pure Water-type. This evolution, plus the development into Flareon via Fire rock and Jolteon via Thunder Stone, is among the least complex and least difficult evolutions because that Eevee. Just uncover a Water rock and use it, and you"ve got yourself a Vaporeon; it"s as straightforward as that.

The Lotad family is viewed as a counterpart to the Seedot family. Both are Grass-type (but the Lotad advancement is Water/Grass) and also undergo their very first evolution at level 14. Plus, they"re discovered in comparable places and also often act as variation exclusives in opposite games. While Seedot"s evolution, Nuzleaf, offers a Leaf rock to evolve into its final form, Lotad"s evolution, Lombre, evolves through a Water Stone. ~ evolving, the Pokémon becomes Ludicolo, a dancing Water/Grass-type.

these Pokémon space theoretically based on the Japanese biology Kappa, which filling the food on its head v water. Lombre and its evolutionary relatives have actually the Rain dish ability, which action similarly, in addition to their appearances resembling the kappa as well. Once its resemblance is paired with its typing, it"s no surprise that they attract some type of evolutionary strength from a Water Stone, then.

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couple of Pokémon have drawn much more ire and hatred 보다 the so-called "evolutionary monkeys" of Generation V. This three, Pansage, Panpour, and also Pansear, room widely-hated and considered disastrous Pokémon by many fans. Each represents among the 3 starter types: Grass, Water, and also Fire, respectively. Every will additionally evolve once exposed come the corresponding stone for that is element.

Therefore, Panpour will evolve as soon as exposed to a Water Stone. This development turns it right into a Simipour, a pure Water-type the looks similar to the counterparts with a couple of different architecture elements. These primates are available early in Black & White to aid the player take down their starter"s weakness, which numerous saw as "hand-holding." Regardless, Panpour is the many recent Pokémon introduced to evolve via Water Stone, and it can be the critical if the developers carry out not introduce another.

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